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De grace (Arte): why this French series has everything to be a hit

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This is not the most cited series for 2024, but we would be wrong to forget it. From January 31 on Arte.tv and during the same month on the television channel, the series De Grâcewill be broadcast. We tell you why she has serious assets to seduce the public.

What's it about ?

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According to the synopsis revealed as part of the SeriesMania festival, De grace presents “the tragic story between lies and redemption of the family of a trade unionist confronted with drug trafficking in the docks of Le Havre”.

This family is that of Pierre Leprieur, an experienced trade unionist who, on the evening of his 60th birthday, learned terrible news: his son, Simon, was arrested at the wheel of a car in which a kilo of cocaine was found on the edge of the chassis.

The power of the port of Le Havre

This series has indeed was filmed at the port of Le Havre, confirms France Info, enough to magnify “its darkness and its industrial side“. In addition to this atmosphere that we can't wait to see transcribed on screen, we find a very solid casting with the seasoned Olivier Gourmet in the role of Pierre Leprieur.

Quant to his son Simon, he is played by the comedian and actor, Panayotis Pascot, who spoke about his character during an interview with the public media: “Simon Leprieur He’s a little idiot at first, but in fact, he’s a little idiot who is very strong, who is very courageous, who goes out of his way for others. He's a little idiot looking for the truth. So in the end, he's not a little idiot. And from the moment I understood this flaw in this character, I fell in love with him.

Very positive reviews

The first feedback from everyone who has already seen the series is very positive. We can notably cite Première which salutes in particular:

Dans this impressive setting overflowing with symbolism, De Grace tells both a family drama against the backdrop of a scathing thriller, while also providing a commentary on trade unionism and the construction of a community to resist the modern world.

Same story from Cineserie: &#8220 ;The first two episodes of De Grâce, with total mastery, augur an exciting new Arte series. The great strength resides first and foremost in a casting in tune with Olivier Gourmet, at the top of his art. We may hear about it in a few months…”

All we have to do is wait a little before being able to form an opinion on this series which seems particularly successful.

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