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Dear Little: what is this Netflix series number 1 ahead of One Piece ?” /></p>
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<p>Since September 7, the series <em>Chère Petite</em> has been available on Netflix. She didn't waste any time, as she ranked first on the platform ahead of <em>One Piece</em>, which until now was a hit. Full of suspense, this production makes you think a lot and captivates the spectators. We tell you everything you need to know about this back-to-school phenomenon on the streaming service.</p>
<h2>What is the story of Chère Petite?</h2>
<p>Lena, Hannah, 12, and Jonathan, 8, are kept in a windowless house. Their ordeal is enhanced by the arrival of their father who distributes the food. As soon as he enters their prison, all three must line up and extend their hands in a very calibrated authoritarian ritual.</p>
<p>One evening, Hannah and Lena nevertheless manage to escape. But the latter is seriously injured in an accident, and the driver flees. The hospital ends up alerting the police and an investigator tries to understand what really happened 13 years ago following the disappearance of Lena Beck. According to subscriber comments, the story of the series is dense and surprising, and you have to hang on because there are many surprises and twists until the end.</p>
<h2>What is the cast of the series?</h2>
<p>The cast of <em>Chère Petite</em> does not contain any big names from the seventh art but a range of experienced actors. We thus find Kim Riedle (<em>Skylines</em>), Hans Löw (<em>In My Room</em>), Naila Schuberth (<em>Bird Box: Barcelona</em>), Justus von Dohnányi (<em>We Are Next of Kin</em>), or even Julika Jenkins (<em>Dark</em>).</p>
<p>About this gallery of protagonists, Julian Pörksen, co-writer and co-director, explained: <em>“They are all damaged characters: people who have been seriously scarred by a crime and who deal with it in very different ways. The perpetrator of the crime is often the focus of these series and is glorified as a mysterious and dark force. This is not the case here. And there is a main character who is extraordinary in every way.”</em></p>
<h2>A successful novel adapted into a series</h2>
<p><em>Dear Little </em> is adapted from the novel by German author Romy Hausmann. It’s a real international literary hit. The public welcomes this fascinating puzzle. Addictive, everyone who starts it generally reads it in one go.</p>
<p>The writer is also full of praise for this production which satisfies her: <em>“J& #8217;hope my readers will feel like me: There will be a lot of familiar things from the book, and at the same time it will seem completely new. There is also, for example, a new character (Aida Kurt), who really excited me because she lives the opposite of the attacker's imagination. It's subtle and incredibly well told. Why didn't I think of that?</em></p>
<p> 14.3M reviews </p>
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