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Death after an arrest in Montfermeil: the number of taser shots by the police raises questions

The font font has been changed. seizure after the death of a thirty-year-old man, which occurred in following his arrest à Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis). The officials allegedly used their taser à about ten times.

A thirty-year-old man died following his arrest à Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis). The individual reportedly received around ten taser discharges during the intervention of the police, on the night of Wednesday 3rd. ;agrave; Thursday January 4. He had been admitted à the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital & Paris, Thursday and succumbed to death &agrav; his injuries on Friday. According to the first information provided by the prosecution, the man did not seem to be in his right mind. normal state and appeared  "in a state of overexcitement" and "virulent, aggressive and threateningçant" while he refused to leave a store in Montfermeil.

"A police officer is bitten on the finger"

On Wednesday night à Thursday, shortly after midnight, a shopkeeper from a small grocery store on rue Henri-Barbusse called the police because he could not get through to the police. control an intoxicated man and very aggressive created; of disorder" present in his store. A first patrol from the anti-crime brigade (BAC) went to the scene but the individual “did not calm down”, indicates a source close to the investigation. you at the Parisian. She adds that the police officers on site "talked at length with him, but were unable to reach a conclusion. reason it out. The individual still refuses to leave the store when the police decide to act, a fight then ensues during which a police officer is bitten on the finger and receives a kick in the face, according to this same source.

Reinforcements are therefore called to the scene. In total, 18 officials are present on site. To try to control him, several of them use their pistols. electrical impulse, causing "one, then two cardiac arrests". The man, then unconscious, is immediately transported. &agrav; Piti Hospital Salpêtrière à Paris (13th century), where he died the next morning. Two investigations were carried out. open. The police force, the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), was arrested. seized to shed light on the circumstances of his death. The police have already done so. été heard for "potential acts of violence by person with authority' public", according to the Bobigny public prosecutor's office. At the same time, a judicial investigation into acts of violence against police officers was launched. entrusted to safety territorial of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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