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What caused the death of the mare Angèle? Her owner suspects a wolf who was baited too close from her home by an outfitter.

Death of a mare: a provider singled out

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Jo -Anne Chevalier, owner of a riding center, claims that her mare named Bailey witnessed the death of her other mare.

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After the death of her mare, Jo-Anne Chevalier, owner of a therapeutic riding center in Val- Rita, holds responsible the owner of the company Kap River Outfitters and his baits which allegedly attract wolves near his center.

Even if the outfitter, known for wolf hunting, can legally place his bait relatively close to Ms. Chevalier's land, she wants regulations to come into force to protect the animals of farmers and breeders.

He has to have laws that protect people in villages. You shouldn't attract wolves and coyotes here.

A quote from Jo-Anne Chevalier, Director of Northern Lights Therapeutic Riding Center

The resident of Val-Rita, west of Kapuskasing, is in favor of hunting and trapping, but not two hundred feet from his land which ends where Crown land begins.

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This pig, used as bait for wolves, is located less than a kilometer from Jo-Anne Chevalier's home.

Two days before Angèle, her 30-year-old mare, was eaten from the shoulder to the nose, she asked Peter Martin, owner of KapRiver Outfitters, to move her bait, because she had seen a wolf in her yard.

The call went unanswered.

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Since &#x27 ;incident, Jo-Anne Chevalier no longer feels safe at home, fearing a wolf attack at any moment. My grandson who lives next door always walked here, she said, devastated.

Since the alleged attack on his mare, the boy has been traveling back and forth by car with his parents.< /p>Open in full screen mode

Jo-Anne Chevalier points out the traces of wolves which have returned to the horse enclosure.

Mme Chevalier is also worried about losing Bailey, her other mare, who would have seen Angèle die in front his eyes.

How to protect Bailey, a vulnerable horse who is alone in the pasture during the day, Jo wondered on Thursday -Anne Chevalier on her Facebook page.

Peter Martin, owner of KapRiver Outfitters, has gained notoriety through the world by offering the opportunity to hunt wolves.

It particularly attracts hunters from Denmark , Russia and all American states.

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Hundreds of Americans have come to know Peter Martin's expertise, as evidenced by the photos in Peter's basement.

Peter Martin's bait is on Crown land, legally, he assures.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is watching me closely, he says -he. I have no flexibility, it has to be all legal.

During hunting seasons , bait used for wolf hunting cannot be placed within a radius of 500 meters from a home, unless written permission has been obtained from its owner, we can read on the provincial government website.

I'm not the one bringing the wolves. This is their [wolves] land, this is their home, that's where they live, said the Franco-Ontarian hunter, raising his voice, finishing his sentence in English.

He adds that Ms. Chevalier's land is in the woods and that the latter knew the risks by settling there.

To say that it's me who brings the wolves, no. It’s false, the businessman defends himself.

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Peter Martin questions the version of facts put forward by Jo-Anne Chevalier.

I have never seen a wolf who killed an animal of [livestock]. I've never heard of that here. It surprises me that Ms. Chevalier's horse was taken down and eaten by wolves, specifies Mr. Martin, skeptical of this version of the facts.

He claims that the mare died due to her advanced age.

Maybe he died of natural causes and then the coyotes came and nibbled on his neck. A wolf would have started to eat it from the belly. […] Within 3-4 hours, he would have eaten almost everything, says the man who has been observing wolves for nearly 40 years.

Sylvain Gagnon, cattle producer in Fauquier, east of Kapuskasing, recognized himself in Jo-Anne's story, which went viral on Facebook .

Last year, two of his calves disappeared and he too blames Peter Martin's bait , who trapped the wolf about two kilometers from his home.

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Sylvain Gagnon and his family raise cows since 1965, he maintains that he has never heard of such a situation generations before him.

There was no blood, but there were wolf tracks. You saw that they had left with the calves, he said.

The farmer didn't never dared to confront the outfitter after the event because he doesn't want to argue any more than necessary.

Crown lands belong to everyone to some extent, but they should definitely be used for purposes that do not harm others either.

A quote from Sylvain Gagnon, cattle producer

Sylvain Gagnon has already had to deal with other trappers in the region who warn him before setting up snares near his home.

Mr. Martin does what he wants when he wants. He doesn't care about everyone, shouts the farmer.

Could I warn them? Yes, I could do that, admits Peter Martin, who does not warn the neighborhood as it is on Crown land.

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Mr. Martin hunts near farms since there are few accessible roads in winter.

A situation that has already persisted for too long on this Trans-Canada Highway corridor.

This is Canada. It is a free country. We relied on common sense, but there are people who don't have common sense, expresses Sylvain Gagnon.

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Angèle, the horse killed, had made an appearance in the French magazine Chez nous.

As for me, these stories of Mr. Gagnon, of poor Jo-Anne, this n&# x27;is not true. I don't see any proof that it's true, adds the wolf hunter.

He believes that Most wolf attack stories are fabricated. He maintains that no attack involving a man and a wolf has been recorded in the country.

They will attack moose in the woods, but not domestic animals, he swears.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Association of Northern Ontario outfitters did not respond to our multiple requests for interviews.

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