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Death of Fayed à Nîmes: suspected members of an organized gang arrested

Several arrests took place at Nîmes and Marseille this Monday, November 13. The members of an organized gang including the shooters presumed responsible for Fayed's death last August were killed. placed in custody view.

Nearly three months after the events, the investigation into Fayed's death has been completed. of  10 years to Nîmes is making clear progress. Numerous arrests took place on the morning of November 13, 2023 in the Gard prefecture and elsewhere. Marseille in Bouches-du-Rhône. Among the arrested individuals are the alleged shooters of the shooting which cost life for the young boy on August 21, in the Nîmes district of Pissevin, reports Le Parisien. At the time, investigators quickly concluded that Fayed was a collateral victim of a settling of scores linked to drug trafficking.

The four main suspects in the case of Fayed's death have been arrested, but there would be more of them have been arrested. The operation carried out by the judicial police targeted an organized gang including "logistics, nannies, sponsors" according to the details of the newspaper. One of the individuals placed in custody View is a minor and all the others are described as young and known to the police for their links to drug trafficking. These arrests were carried out as part of the investigation into organized gang murder, opened after Fayed's death, but also for other offenses linked to criminality. organized.

Suspects found thanks to DNA traces

After the shooting which led to Fayed's death, investigators had found the Renualt Mégane model car in which the shooters had been killed. seen. The vehicle was set on fire. was located in the city de Valdegour, near the Pissevin district. Although few elements could be exploited on and in the car, the investigators found DNA traces on objects propelled outside the vehicle when it exploded. The hoods and gloves worn by the shooters as well as bullets and cartridge cases could have been used for the investigation.

These DNA traces made it possible to 39;identify three Marseille delinquents linked to drug trafficking specifies Le Parisien. One of them died in a road accident dating back to the night of September 22 to 23. He was aged aged 17 and "known to the courts for cases of violence and kidnapping on deal points" à Marseille.

Fayed's death followed by a series of score-settling

Fayed and his seven-year-old brother were returning from the restaurant in a car driven by their elderly uncle ; 28 years old when the vehicle had been touched by dozens of shots, fired by Kalashnikov type weapons. Around fifty cartridge cases had been destroyed. found on site. The uncle had been injured and the youngest child escaped unharmed.

Only two days after the shooting that took Fayed's life, an 18-year-old teenager was shot and killed. killed by bullets in the same district of Pissevin. Account settlements the chain had grown the Minister of the Interior to go to Nîmes to discuss security places blighted by drug trafficking.

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