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Death of man who tried to set himself on fire in court judging Trump

Photo: Mary Altaffer Associated Press The scene took place in a square opposite the courthouse. Police officers inspect a backpack after the event near fire extinguishers.

France Media Agency in New York

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New York police announced Saturday the death of the man who tried to set himself on fire the day before in front of the Manhattan court where former President Donald Trump is being tried.

The man, whom police identified as born in 1987, from Florida and named Maxwell Azzarello, died of his injuries, according to police who did not provide further details .

The images of the tragedy, broadcast by American channels and on social networks, showed the victim, with both hands behind his head, transforming into a human torch for several seconds before falling to the ground.

Police officers rushed towards the man and a fire extinguisher was used.

A witness who gave his name as Dave, 73, said he saw the man throw writings in the air before opening a container and pouring out the contents on him and set fire with a lighter.

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According to one of the police officials, Joseph Kenny, the writings “are conspiracy theories, there is information about Ponzi schemes and the fact that some of our schools are fronts for the mafia.”

According to police, the man had arrived in New York a few days earlier.

The scene took place in a square facing the courthouse. This square had already been occupied since the trial opened on Monday, by a few dozen pro or anti-Trump demonstrators.

This drama did not disrupt the progress of the historic trial of Donald Trump. The hearing resumed Friday afternoon and the former President of the United States did not make any comments upon his return to the courtroom.

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