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Death of Matisse: new elements on the attack in Châteauroux

What happened? Saturday à Châteauroux ? While Matisse, aged 15, died; In the evening following her injuries, a mother and her son were attacked. arrested.

Matisse, a 15-year-old apprentice chef, was dagger Saturday April 27 in the town of Châteauroux (Indre). A 15-year-old young man and his 37-year-old mother have since been arrested. arrested and placed in custody view. They were é present é an investigating judge this Monday. An investigation into attempted homicide had initially been initiated. opened. After Matisse's death, which occurred on Saturday evening, she was taken into custody. reclassified as intentional homicide. Monday evening, several areas of vagueness persisted, in particular on the facts which are accused of the mother of the family.

On Saturday, it all started with an argument between the two teenagers who were taking part in the game. a "battle" freestyle rap in the Saint-Denis district. According to information from Parisien, "racist remarks" held by the young Matisse à The encounter with the other teenager of Afghan origin would have triggered a fight. According to BFMTV, the suspect confidedé during his custody &agrav; view êbe passedé in front of Matisse and being insulted of "son of Bin Laden, son of Afghan", the young man enjoining him even  "return[r ] in [his] country". A confrontation would then have taken place. Matisse would have gained the upper hand, putting a punch à the other teenager and making him bleed, reports Le Parisien. The insults and the blow have since been followed. confirmed by several testimonies and investigation elements, note BFMTV.

The young Afghan, qualified of "fragile" by one of his relatives who claims that he is being followed psychologically, then allegedly went to his house to retrieve a knife. Followed by his mother à his return à outside, he then allegedly stabbed her. Matisse à two times. One of the shots would have hit someone. the heart, believes it knows Le Parisien. Matisse would then have tried to to escape before collapsing. Emergency services arrived quickly on site, around 6 p.m. Still alive, Matisse would have been transportation &agrav; He was rushed to the hospital before dying of his injuries in the evening. An autopsy was carried out. requested by the prosecution, relays Release. The suspect had been arrested. stopé immediately, around 7:15 p.m. on the evening of the events.

What role did the suspect's mother play ?

Described by relatives as "unstable" but also "vindictive", still relays Le Parisien, the mother of the suspected teenager. for having killedé Did Matisse play? a role in this affair ? The versions differ. Some witnesses assure that she did nothing to calm her son and that she even slapped him. Matisse after his son stabbed him. Others, on the other hand, claim that she would have tried to kill her. to resuscitate him.

The main person concerned would have asserted that in custody &agrav; view not having worn suddenly &agrav; the teenager. According to information from BFMTV, she would have explained having tried to separate the two teenagers. In a regular situation, she has "no criminal record", had specifiedé this weekend in a press release the prosecutor. À note that the young man's father is also in a regular situation.

The suspect is already there known to justice

The teenager today accused of for having killedé Matisse is already known to the police and justice services, report several media, including Le Parisien. His name thus comes up in two cases. A few days before the altercation with Matisse, on April 22, he had been arrested. indicted for "aggravated thefté with violence. He is also involved in in a meeting theft case which dates back to February 27. In both cases, it involves theft of a cell phone at knifepoint. 

On April 22, he had been arrested. placed under judicial control, & know the "only measure of securityé provided for by the Code of Criminal Justice for Minors, for a minor of his age, without previous conviction and indicted for acts of a criminal nature" , had &agrav; this specific subject prosecutor Agnès Auboin in a press release.

The Call of Matisse's Father

At the microphone of RTL this Monday, the father of the deceased teenager died. Saturday estimatedé that "no one knows what happened' "I hear about everything and nothing, so don't believe what is being said everywhere, wait until the end of the investigation, we will know, çit is already moving forward", he warned, calling é be careful à what we can read. "Be careful à all sides, from the right or elsewhere, who appropriate this kind of thing, added the grieving man also inviting you to "do not go into hatred or violence". And to conclude: "For Matou, who was a real nice guy, be the same."

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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