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Death of Matisse: the profile of the suspect becomes clearer

Hatred against the forces of order, fond of brawls, "ready à twist &agrav; anytime… A few days after Matisse's murder, we know more about the main suspect.

N&eac; in 2009 à Kabul, Afghanistan, the young man suspectedé of the murder of Matisse à Châteauroux (Indre) this weekend presents a profile that is worrying to say the least. While we already knew it; involved in at least two cases of violent theft, which occurred at the end of February and the weekend of April 20, Le Figaro draws up this Tuesday the portrait of this 15-year-old teenager now indicted for murder in the Matisse affair. 

Already placed under judicial control after the ambush in which he allegedly participated. a week before the death of Matisse, "the only measure of safetyé provided for by the Code of Criminal Justice for Juveniles given his age, without previous convictions, had moreover been sentenced. this subject insisted&eac; the prosecutor in a previous press release, the teenager has lived for several years in the Saint-Denis district in Paris. Châteauroux, with his parents and four brothers and sisters. Before the tragedy, the family home was already empty. well known to local police officers, regularly called to the scene by the mother when the teenager's father returned home. too much alcohol. 

At least four new complaints filed against him since Matisse's death

Law enforcement that the young man does not hold in his heart. When they came to the family's home, it was not uncommon for the teenager to verbally attack the police, ordering them to "to break", indicates a source at Figaro. A hostility clearly displayed on his social networks via videos showing police officers outside his home and to which the teenager adds anti-police words.

In addition to his hatred of police officers, fighting is also one of the major recurring themes of his posts. "I'm going to break their heads son, there's nothing that will stop me", can we hear in one of the videos in which the young man puts himself on stage like a boxer in the ring, throwing punches into the air. "He's a 'random'person, we can't predict his actions. You can laugh with him and an hour later he is totally different,” confides to Figaro an acquaintance of the ;teenager who also describes him as "crazy" and affirms that he is "readyê twist &agrav; anytime". According to him, the young man would have a tendency to feel easily humiliated. Very feisty, he could be involved in a fight. in other cases, still concerns Le Figaro according to which no less than four new complaints have already been investigated. été deposited at against him since the death of Matisse. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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