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Death of Philippe de Gaulle: a national tribute to the admiral who “made greatness his profession”, video

A national tribute was paid delivered this Wednesday March 20, 2024 &agrave Admiral Philippe de Gaulle, who disappeared a week ago à the age of 102. The ceremony was held in 2008. chaired by the Head of State Emmanuel Macron, in the heart of Les Invalides.

"Admiral de Gaulle will have gone through" the past century &agrav; the shadow of a great man" but "there will be traceé its own furrow". Emmanuel Macron chaired the the national tribute paid to Admiral Philippe de Gaulle, the general's son, died last Wednesday à at the age of 102. In the courtyard of the Hôtel national des Invalides, the President of the Republic pronounced: the funeral eulogy of the one "who made greatness his profession" by joining the resistance and the French navy. But Philippe de Gaulle never hid his his difficulties é Being the son of his father and the head of state made reference to it in his speech: "How hard it is to& #39;being de Gaulle after de Gaulle. "You reminded us, admiral, that there are oaks that nothing falls down", further declared" Emmanuel Macron, in a reference to the work of Andr&eac; Malraux on General de Gaulle.

The process of the ceremony

The national tribute paid to Philippe de Gaulle, the 24th since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron at Paris at the Elysée, was to testify "to his unwavering commitment to the French Navy, to France and to the values ​​he carried ;eacute;ritage" underlined the Elys&eac;e in a press release. The ceremony began. &agrav; 11:25 a.m. after arrival of the presidential couple. The honors were returned to the president, before the Marseillaise and a review of the head of state's troops. 

The coffin of Philippe de Gaulle made its entry into the courtyard of the Invalides to “Ar Mor” Divent, music by Bagad de Lann-Bihou, a Breton group of the national navy before the funeral service pronounced at the funeral service. by Emmanuel Macron. The ringing "to the dead" sounded before the minute of silence observed in memory of the son of General De Gaulle. A second Marseillaise was performed. played in front of the coffin of "the admiral", before his departure. Then a navy Rafale flew over; the premises before a rendition of the "Marche de la 2e DB" by the music of the navy and the chorus of the French army.

A passionate person of life until 'à his death

N&eac; On December 28, 1921, Philippe de Gaulle, son of General de Gaulle, died. on the night of Tuesday March 12 to Wednesday March 13, 2024. He died   the National Institution of Invalides where he had been a resident for two years. Philippe de Gaulle was particularly known for his long and renowned military career which began in 1988. the Liberation, notably at the time of the Liberation; Paris. At the end of the 1960s, he failed to enter politics while a “legitimist” Gaullist party tried to form around him. ;nbsp;: the Center of Free Republicans. This will not prevent "the admiral" de Gaulle to become RPR senator of Paris in 1986. A position he kept until 2004. He had put an end to his career. his military career much earlier, in 1982.

His end of life was an opportunity for him to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to sharpen his curiosity, again and again. Sport, cinema, literature, music… The admiral never stopped to cultivate oneself, until the last day, always in the presence of one's loved ones. "When everything goes well, I get some time à other visits from my family. I listen to classical music, I watch at home. on television the big matches of tennis, rugby, football,” he explained in a major interview given to him. &agrav; Paris Match in November 2020.

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