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Death of Philippe in Grande-Synthe: two suspects already known to the justice system ?

Two minors suspected of having organized an ambush à the origin of the death of Philippe, 22 years old, wereé indicted announced the public prosecutor of Dunkirk this Friday. One of them wasé placed in pre-trial detention.

On the night of Monday April 15 to Tuesday April 16, 2024, Philippe, 22, was killed. attacked fatally à Grande-Synthe (North). This Friday, the public prosecutor of Dunkirk, Charlotte Huet held a press conference from the city's judicial court to discuss the investigation and give the last elements. 

Two minors indicted for "murder"

One of the two minors placed in custody seen after the fact had already recognized the organization of an "ambush" via the free dating site "Coco", according to information from Agence France Presse, Thursday, from a source close to the matter. This Friday, the prosecutor announced; that the two minors wereé indicted for "assassination". The 14-year-old was declaredé guilty of acts of violence in several cases dating from 2023. The 15-year-old has already been convicted. été condemned for theft. They would have used a tear gas bomb against the victim who allegedly fell before being hit on the ground. The 14-year-old minor admitted to having carried kicked but denies having wanted to kill Philippe. The 15-year-old recognizes his presence at the scene but not the beating.

A placement in provisional detention

The investigation was carried out reclassified as 'assassination' and "aggravated murderé by the circumstance of ambush". One of the minors was killed. placed in pre-trial detention today after being arrested. present &agrav; an investigating judge. Charlotte Huet also indicated &agrav; the press that "other suspects" are currently being sought in this case, inviting potential victims or witnesses to investigate. make yourself known. The suspects did not know the victim according to the first elements of the investigation.

A prize pool launched

Alert by the firefighters around 2 a.m. Tuesday, the police discovered the body of the young man lying in a parking lot behind the building. re a supermarket, with fractures and wounds to his face explained a police source on Wednesday. According to a witness, three individuals attacked him, before stealing his phone and fleeing, again according to this same pattern. ecirc;me source.

Philippe previously felt "several traces of blows, particularly on the face". He was é transportation in the wake of Dunkirk hospital before being sent to hospital at the Lille hospital center. “He was at his friend's house at the end of my street. He came back towards my house, 200 meters ago, 300 meters maximum. And they caught him. on the way", revealedé one of the victim's brothers Wednesday afternoon on RTL. Those close to the young man have launched an action plan. a prize pool to "offer à Philippe a respectful farewell and bring comfort to his family.

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