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Death of Shemseddine in Viry-Châtillon: four young people indicted for murder, what we know

Four people were arrested. placed in provisional detention after the violent attack on Shemseddine, 15, who lost his life last Friday at Viry-Châtillon. "A judicial investigation is opened into the counts of assassination" &agrav; against them.

Four young men were arrested. indicted for assassination on the night of Sunday April 7 to Monday April 8, 2024 after the death of Shemseddine, a 15-year-old teenager, violently attacked; last Thursday April 4 in front of his college in Viry-Châtillon announced; the Evry parquet floor. He had succumbed to death. &agrav; his injuries the next day. Two of them, including a 20-year-old, were arrested. Nuts. The other two, minors, were arrested. provisionally incarcerated before an adversarial debate scheduled for this Wednesday, as indicated in the press release of the Evry prosecutor, Grégoire Dulin.

"A judicial investigation is opened into the counts of assassination" &agrav; against them. They are accused of "voluntary abstention from preventing a crime' the meeting" of the victim indicates the public prosecutor. The cause of death was head trauma leading to severe injuries. a subdural hematoma reveals the autopsy. It also makes it possible to highlight for the victim, an "absence of defenses on their hands and forearms" indicates the press release; parquet.

A passage à tobacco related &agrav; a minor girl

Last Friday, the Evry prosecutor's office announced the arrest and custody of the accused. view of five people. A 17-year-old minor, arrested Friday late afternoon, as well as a 15-year-old girl, two 17-year-old teenagers and a 20-year-old adult, rulings as to them in the early evening. According to the first elements of the investigation, Shemseddine would have been killed. past &agrav; tobacco by this group of young people, including two brothers as part of a dispute linked to tobacco &agrav; their sister on "subjects relating to & sexuality.

These two brothers had learned that their sister corresponded with people of her age on subjects relating to life. sexuality. "Fearing for his reputation and that of their family, they had ordered " several boys no longer have contact with her. They then learned that the victim boasted of being able to speak freely with their sister, having not yet had to do so. being pressured by them" concludes Grégoire Dulin.

The broken skull box

Shemseddine would have beené violent for long minutes, à punches and kicks according to information from Le Figaro, before being left behind. for death in an alley in Viry-Châtillon. His "saggy skull" and "several bruises and redness" left him little chance of survival according to a police source from the daily.

Thursday, the two brothers, aged 17 and 20, went to the front of the Sablons college before coming across the victim. "The tone was raised; and blows had been carried out. worn causing the victim to fall" indicates the press release. The 20-year-old suspect alerted him to rescue services while giving false information to the police, mentioning “several young hooded people running away” foot". The attackers, for their part, had already reaches their home. The 15-year-old minor was not at the scene of the attack. at that moment. The prefect of Essonne, Fr&dérique Camilleri explains "that'no alert, no warning sign&quot ; was not visible before the transition to the act.

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