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Death of Thomas in Crépol: who are the suspects arrested by investigators ?

Four months after the death of Thomas & Crépol, 11 arrests took place this Monday, March 11. Here's what we know.

On the night of November 18 to 19, almost four months ago, young Thomas, 16, succumbed to death. his injuries after being injured dagger during a brawl that occurred at the end of a village ball organized by in the town of Crépol, in the north of Drôme. This Monday, March 11 in the morning, 11 people were arrested. arrested, revealed France Bleu Drôme Ardèche. According to local media, among the 11 arrested, there was one minor. The other people would therefore all be over 18 years old. They would all be of nationality French. Finally, the majority of them would already be there known to the police for minor crimes. 

The people arrested were arrested. arrested Monday morning at Romans-sur-Isère, and more particularly in the Monnaie district, hence; éwere already there. originating from the nine people aged 16  à 22 years old previously recently indicted, or even, for six of them, placed in provisional detention, in as part of the investigation into the fatal brawl at Crepol. At least one person would also have been killed. arrested in a neighboring town. Le Parisien relays that, during the searches which accompaniedé These arrests, clothing, undoubtedly worn on the evening of November 18, 2023, as well as at least three bladed weapons, were used as evidence of these arrests. té recovered by law enforcement. History does not yet say whether one of the weapons was involved in Thomas' death.

While the author of the stabbing that killedé Thomas didn'a, à this day, it seems, not yet clearly identified, France Bleu reports that the 11 people arrested this Monday were arrested. arrested because they were present at the scene of the tragedy, but also because their name, their pseudonym or their physical description would regularly be income in the testimonies of some 104 people questioned just after the tragedy. remain discreet, giving very little information on these arrests. However, he announced, via a press release, that 11 people had indeed been arrested. arrested, as part of criminal information. Their custody à view could last until 'à 96 hours, he further indicated. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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