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Death of Thomas in Crépol: who are the three people indicted ? First confessions ?

Nearly four months after the death of Thomas, 16, you died. during a brawl à Crépol, 11 people wereé arrested as part of the investigation. Among them, three wereé indicted and placed in provisional detention.

His death had created; emotion. On the night of Saturday November 18 to Sunday November 19, young Thomas, 16, succumbed to death. his injuries after being injured dagger during a brawl the end of a communal ball Crépol (Drôme). Almost four months after the events, the Valencia public prosecutor's office requested this Thursday, March 14, the indictment of three of the eleven new suspects in this case. Their placement in provisional detention was also carried out. required, announced&eac; the prosecution in a press release. All are subject to the charges of 'voluntary homicide" and "attempted intentional homicides by an organized gang", reports France Bleu.

Among the suspects, six “wereé released on the decision of the investigating magistrates with regard to the results of the investigations concerning them, reports France Bleu. As for the last two, they are currently still placed in custody. view, before possible prosecutions decided by the investigating magistrates.

The perpetrator of the fatal blow not clearly identified

Monday March 11 in the morning, eleven people, including a minor, were arrested. arrested é their home in Romans-sur-Isère, and more precisely in the Monnaie district, revealed France Bleu Drôme Ardèche. According to the local media, they are all of nationality: French, and the majority of them would already be there known to the police. During their custody à view, the majorityé The suspects admitted their presence at the scene on the evening of the tragedy. If among them, some admitted to investigators having carried blows à Thomas during the fight, everyone clarifiedé never having used with a bladed weapon, reports Le Parisien. "Suspects explainedé that they saw knives during the brawl, without being able to specify who was holding them, explained a source close to the case.

During the searches which accompaniedé These arrests, clothing, undoubtedly worn on the evening of November 18, 2023, as well as at least three bladed weapons, were ;eacute;té recovered by law enforcement. History does not yet say if one of the weapons is involved in the death of Thomas, specifies Le Parisien. Several telephones were also damaged. seized in order to be appraised. À this day, and while nine people have already été indicted as part of the investigation, doubts still remain as to what happened. identity of the author of the fatal blow inflicted on him to the young rugby player.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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