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Denis Coderre wants “a little less laughter” about his candidacy

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir Denis Coderre will undertake a tour of Quebec next week.

Marie-Michèle Sioui in Thetford Mines

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The candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Denis Coderre, announced Wednesday that he is launching a tour of Quebec. He also said he would like to hear “a little less laughter” about his record at Montreal town hall.

“A little less laughter on my assessment of Montreal, that would be nice,” he said in his column on community radio CKVL.

On Tuesday, Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy burst out laughing when asked about Mr. Coderre's record at town hall. She also recalled that Mr. Coderre had been defeated in the race for the highest position in the City of Montreal.

“Okay, noted,” Ms. Rizqy responded after hearing Mr. Coderre’s comment. “He who is not worth a laughing stock is not worth much,” she added.

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In his column, Mr. Coderre announces that he will begin a tour of Quebec next week. His first stop will be in Drummondville, where he hopes to speak with political organizers from Centre-du-Québec.

“I come from a family of truckers and delivery guys,” he said. Neither distances nor weather conditions will stop it, he warned. He called himself the “Terminator” of the organization.

Mr. Coderre also said he intended to lead a media tour in two weeks.

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