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Deprived of Internet for 1 year ? This is the experience of these SFR customers

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Today, it is almost impossible to do without the Internet. For information, entertainment or work, we spend our time online. A doubt about the spelling of a word ? Want to know the weather outside ? Want to check the route you will take a little later in the day&nbsp ;? Taking out our phone has become a reflex for a large majority of consumers. Imagine that you had to do without it… This is the case of Michèle and Emmanuel Marie, a couple who live in Carentan-les-Marais, in Manche.

This couple has had to live without the Internet for several months now. Everyone is passing the buck because no one wants to take financial responsibility for this problem. Result: the Marie family is deprived of an Internet network. It's particularly annoying, especially since it drags on.

Who's to blame ?

Michèle and Emmanuel Marie have been customers at SFR for some time. Thanks to the Internet service provider, the couple took advantage of optical fiber. For this connection, a wire crossed the Périers road. But everything changes when, in March 2023, the pole is damaged. Annoying, but not yet fateful. The problem intensified last June. A tractor passes on the road and accidentally tears up the wire that was lying there. Since then, the Maries have had to do without an Internet connection.

Fortunately, Carentan-les-Marais is not in a white zone. Thus, SFR customers can count on 4G. Moreover, their ISP provided them with a small 4G box to tide them over in the meantime. But months pass and nothing is repaired. Manche Fiber, SFR… Everyone is passing the buck and no one wants to be responsible and pay for the work necessary to resolve the problem encountered by Emmanuel and Michèle Marie. Relaunch after relaunch after relaunch… And still no Internet network!

Despite the 4G box provided by SFR, the couple had to subscribe to more expensive telephone subscriptions to allow him not to be completely deprived of an Internet connection. This breakdown hampers their professional and personal lives given that they also have to take time off to accommodate the technicians who sometimes come without being able to resolve their problem.

These kinds of incidents are not uncommon. Indeed, many residents of more isolated municipalities experience a similar fate across the four corners of France. Last year, the village of Gorge was without Internet for several months and Orange only postponed its intervention until the following week and so on. The problem is even worse when it takes place in a white area, where 4G is too weak to take over.

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