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Did Netflix really use AI for its new documentary ?

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While The 3-Body Problem is the new event series from Netflix, the platform Don't forget fans of “true crime”, these documentaries on very real criminal investigations. This genre is particularly popular, so much so that Netflix does not hesitate to enrich its catalog with this content, from the disappearance of little Grégory to that of Maddy McCann, to the murders perpetrated by a serial killer who first attacked to kittens or by the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer.

Just recently, Netflix released Jennifer's Truths. Another “true crime” documentary. Maybe. But if this new release is getting people talking, it’s not really because of its quality or the horrible story it covers. Indeed, Netflix is ​​accused of having used images generated by artificial intelligence.

Fake photos in Jennifer's Truths on Netflix ?

Jennifer's Truths focuses on Jennifer Pan, convicted of orchestrating the murder of her parents in Canada in 2010. With the complicity of her partner at the time, the young woman ordered the assassination of her father and mother in order to receive the money from their life insurance amounting to several thousand dollars. The story is, of course, much more complex than that but you get the gist.

As is usual in these crime documentaries, one of Jennifer Pan's former friends is questioned. The latter recalls their years in high school, describing her as a “bubbly, happy, self-confident and sincere” person. Several photos of the young woman, showing her smiling, illustrate the words of her former comrade. This is where things get stuck, precisely.

Did Netflix really use AI for its new documentary ?

© Netflix

As ~60 points out ~em>Futurism, Jennifer Pan's photos look like they were generated by artificial intelligence. Several elements strongly suggest this: one of his teeth is abnormally long, his fingers and hands are strange, certain features of his face are distorted… There is reason to seriously question this. Because even knowing that the photos date back around fifteen years, it's too big to simply blame questionable quality.

Did Netflix really use AI for its new documentary ?

© Netflix

If Netflix has not commented on these accusations, it is very likely that the platform did not have a lot of photos available and relied on artificial intelligence to have a little more material to illustrate The Truths of Jennifer. Bad luck, some spectators have sharp eyes.

This possibility raises a problem that is frightening. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to manipulate reality as we wish. The progress of AI is dazzling. It is increasingly essential that content generated by artificial intelligence is systematically indicated.

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