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Dijon: the principal of a college threatened with a knife, a student arrested

What happened? at the college Édouard-Herriot, à Chenôve, near Dijon this Friday ? Le Bien Public reports that a teenager was killed. arrested. Update on the case.

Incident at the college Édouard-Herriot, à Chenôve. At around 3 p.m., this Friday, March 15, an older teenager was arrested. 15-year-old was violently attacked the principal of the school which has just over 300 students. As reported by Le Bien public, the young man had just been fired. of a course when, in the middle of an interview with the principal of the college located in in the commune belonging à Dijon Métropole, he allegedly threatened her with a kitchen knife. 

The principal would then have had the right reflex and fled, relays the regional daily. The rector of the Dijon Academy has since made it clear: &agrav; the AFP, of which Le Parisien is particularly echoed, that when leaving from the office, the director would have triggered the alarm. Lefté Alone, the teenager would then have taken the direction of the classroom from where he was sent. he had just been excluded. The alarm bell having been sounded pulled, the classroom door had however been opened. closed &at; key. Police officers on intervention not far from the establishment, for their part, very quickly" was able to go there, said Pierre N'Gahane. A third-grade student would thus have been questioned about the situation. immediately, before a tragedy occurs.

Still according to the rector, the teenager gave a letter, in his own hand, in which he claims his actions. “From what [the principal] said, the student would have made demands in relation to the attacks of November 18, 2015," eac;cis&eac; at Public Property Pierre N'Gahane. For the moment, "there is no terrorist qualification retained”, however indicated' the prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon, Olivier Caracotch, who also mentioned the fact that the young man was "little known to the justice system".

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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