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DIRECT. Amstel Gold Race: place for the favorites, follow the race

The 58th edition of the Amstel Gold Race is entering its finale and the favorites are all there to battle it out to succeed the winner. Tadej Pogačar.

  • After almost 150 km à Ahead, the four escapees of the day were captured. taken over by a platoon launched &agrav; high speed. A new race will begin.
  • Winner of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, Mathieu van der Poel is the big favorite when the Frenchman Benoît Cosnefroy &amp ;eacute;margin among the outsiders. Many contenders are absent at this time. start with Tadej Pogacar, the 2023 winner in full preparation for the Giro, but also the injured Roglic and Evenepoel.
  • The 2024 edition of the Amstel Gold Race has been completed. routed between Maastricht and Berg en Terblijt, for a total of 253.6 km. through Dutch Limburg, and 33 bergs & climb including the Loorberg (1.2 km & 5.6%), the Gulperbergweg (1.0 km & 5.2%), the Kruisberg (0.6 km & 8 .5%), the Eyserbosweg (900m &9.3%), the Fromberg (700m &4.5%,) and the Keutenberg (1.1 km &6. 8%, km 225.1). In the final, the peloton will not escape the triptych Cauberg (800m at 7.4%), Geulhemmerberg (900m at 6.2%) and Bemelerberg (800m at 6.2%) ; 5.3%).


15:33 – The peloton is getting closer (50 km)

50 km from the finish, the three leading men became exhausted and saw their savings fall by half. The peloton is only '' 9 seconds and continues to crumble from the back.

15:30 – Van der Poel well placedé (53 km)

The three leading men managed to achieve this goal. spin and &agrav; give yourself a margin of around twenty seconds over a platoon which is losing units from behind. Van der Poel is vigilant and remains well positioned; &agrav; the front.

15:28 – Fall in the middle of the peloton (57 km)

< p>On a road which narrows slightly, the peloton widens in its center and on the right, several riders including Russo falling in the hedge which borders the roadway. The fall takes place à low pace and only involves a few runners including Kron or Canal. Everyone leaves.

15:23 – Vervaeke returns there (60 km)

Louis Vervaeke does not disarm and launches a second attack. This time, the Belgian receives the support of Dane Honoré and the Frenchman Lapeira. The three men manage to escape. create a gap of 10 seconds but remain in sight of the peloton.

15:21 – Vervaeke attacks (63 km )

Thanks to a falsely rising road, Vervaeke toughened up his pace and broke away with two other riders, soon followed by the Frenchman Pacher. No time to really believe it as the peloton, taken away, by the Lidl-Trek, takes them back.

15:20 – Hermans picks up (63 km)

< p>After falling, Quinten Hermans manages to escape. glue &agrav; at the back of the peloton, at the same time as Eenkhoorn.

15:18 – Un very strong peloton (65 km)

The Lidl-Trek took the lead at the head of the peloton with the Frenchman Julien Bernard. The peloton still has very many elements.

15:11 – Fall & the back of the peloton (69 km)

Five riders were involved in a fall on the right of the road. Among them, we find in particular van der Poel's teammate Quinten Hermans, but also Pascal Eenkhoorn and Arthur Kluckers.

15:06 – It's over! for the escape (73 km)

Leaving at km 35, van der Sande, Hajek, Kyffin and Leijnse will have covered approximately 150 km &agrav; ahead in this 58th edition of the Amstel Gold Race before being caught up by the peloton. The race goes on now changes its physiognomy.

15:02 – L'escapée en reprieve (76 km)

Van der Sande announces à his escape companions that he is done with it. forward and rises after tightening the handle. the hands of the three other runners in his company since km 35. The peloton is just behind.

15:00 – Serial attacks (77 km)

At the foot of the Geulhemmerberg, Hajek places a accelerates within the escapement but fails to achieve any acceleration. self-isolate. Just behind, within the peloton, Honor&eac; attack à his turn without, there à also, achieve à shake off your opponents.

14:59 – Alpecin-Deceuninck in control (78 km)

After the first shock within the peloton, the Alpecin-Deceuninck took back the lead and will perhaps already be moving forward. agrave; started the spinning of the peloton in this final circuit of the Amstel Gold Race.

14:58 – The é cart reduces (79 km)

At the first crossing of the finish line, the peloton was only 20 seconds behind the four escapees. We enter the final circuit that the runners will cover à two more times.

14:57 – It comes back up (80 km)

< p>The small group of around ten runners who got a little ahead of the peloton dugé a slight hole but everyone looks at each other and gets up. The peloton immediately picks up once the Cauberg has passed.

14:56 – Attack in the Cauberg (81 km)< /h3>

In the Cauberg, Bob Jungels places a first acceleration on the right of the road. Axel Laurence chases him. First movement within the platoon.

14:47 – A teammate of van der Poel abandons (85 km)

Dé ending in the successes of its leader at the Tour of Flanders and beyond. Paris-Roubaix, Gianni Vermeersch set foot à land à 85 km from arrival. Van der Poel thus loses one of his lieutenants.

14:34 – EF-Education EasyPost leads the way (87 km)

On the left of the road, the very identifiable pink jerseys of EF Education-EasyPost lead the peloton which occupy the entire width of the road . Under their leadership, they brought back everyone &agrav; 1'30'' of the four escapees.

14:33 – Cosnefroy believes à an early attack (100 km)

Questioned by Eurosport before the start of the Amstel Gold Race, Benoît Cosnefroy imagines van der Poel attacked; from afar to wring out his opponents. "I think he'll attack early. The best thing for him is to get into a physical match early. he will therefore attack to reduce the group and put us in inferiority. digital", explainedé the runner of Décathlon-AG2R.

14:19 – The peloton is getting closer (105 km)

With the chain of difficulties, the escapes begin to increase. weaken. The gap has just narrowed again and there are only 3 minutes left between the two groups.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">14:19 – The escapees hold up (110 km)

Van der Sande, Lijnse Hajek and Kyffin continue their escape at the head of the Amstel Gold Race and manage to win. contain the return of the peloton, still pointé &agrav; 3'30''.

14:12 – Vos wins on the line, Wiebes' ball< /h3>

What a mistake by Wiebes. Like Alaphilippe à LièBastogne-Liège in 2020, The SD Worx sprinter believed she had made the difference by showing off her power in the sprint. Arms crossed, all à her joy, she celebrates her victory but too soon. Indeed, only glancing at the On her right, she does not see on her left, at the level of the barriers, Marianne Vos who breaks away and throws her bike to give her victory. A huge blunder which therefore benefits the 36-year-old Dutch legend for whom this is the second success in his career. the Amstel Gold Race after 2021.

2:00 p.m. – Soon the end for women

While the men still have 114 km on the program, the women are in the final and have crossed the Cauberg for the last time. Niewadoma attempted to her luck but the Pole did not succeed é to defeat her opponents, no more than the Frenchwoman Juliette Labous. Victory will be decided in a sprint for a group of around twenty runners.

2:00 p.m. – Two Frenchmen at the palmarès

Only two Frenchçs succeeded&egrave; have established themselves in the Amstel Gold Race since its creation. The first was Jean Stablinski in 1966. He had to wait 15 years to find a successor in the person of Bernard Hinault in 1981. Since then, only one French rider has managed to achieve his goal. get on the podium: Benoît Cosnefroy (2nd in 2022).

13:46 – Un écart & agrave; the drop (127 km)

At the halfway point, the four leading men begin to advance. weaken compared to the peloton which got closer &agrav; 4 minutes. There are still 127 kilometers left to go. browse from here to the finish.

13:45 – Van der Poel remembers with é motion of 2019

The Amstel Gold Race remains a great memory for Mathieu van der Poel At home, the King of the North looks back on the race which led him to victory. revealed to the general public in 2019. "This victory is one that I will never forget. The scenario left its mark. spirits, and what's more it was my first real big victory on the road. These are moments that we must cherish", remembers the world champion. Five years ago, he surprised the competition and took advantage of the competition. with a marking à before the race, to snatch victory by coming back from nowhere.


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