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DIRECT. Attal-Bardella debate: nuclear power, immigration, Ukraine… what to remember from the discussions

Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella faced each other on France 2, this Thursday evening, in a debate centered on on Europe but which has largely spilled over into Europe. on domestic policy issues.

The essentials

  • France 2 organized a debate this Thursday evening between the president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, & just over two weeks before the European elections. 
  • Gabriel Attal attempted to to destabilize his opponent to demonstrate the poor control of the files of the head of the RN list and the incoherence of his program.  He notably denounced  criticism the RN 's reversals on Europe and expressed his "proud&eac;" not to agree on immigration with the far-right party.
  • The two political leaders also disagreed on the “priority” national security, immigration and Ukraine.
  • This duel between Jordan Bardella and Gabriel Attal à A few weeks of European elections has sparked criticism: on the absence of the Macronist head of the list Valerie Hayer, replaced ;e by the Prime Minister, but also on that of Raphael Glucksmann, yet neck and neck with Valérie Hayer in the polls.
  • Following the debate, four heads of the list were put forward. received on set by journalist Caroline Roux: Manon Aubry (LFI), François-Xavier Bellamy (LR), Marie Toussaint (EELV) and Marion Maréchal (R!).


23:52 – Two visions of Europe and accusations

[End of live] This was one of the highlights of this European election campaign. The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, and the head of the National Rally (RN) list, Jordan Bardella, debated for 1 hour 15 minutes, Thursday May 23, on the France 2 set. nbsp;Gabriel Attal has never stopped defending the "vision" by Valérie Hayer. He worked hard to achieve this. &agrav; put in difficulty his opponent on European energy policy, particularly nuclear, on which he accused him of to "talk nonsense", about immigration and the "smoky" of "double border" of the RN, as well as on the links with Russia of the co-founded party; by Jean-Marie Le Pen.

22:51 – Marion Maréchal's reaction to the debate

"They passedé an hour &agrav; your antenna, I'm not going to spend 20 minutes of my speaking time à comment. I do not want this European election to come down to just what happened. these two candidates", explains Marion Maréchal, candidate Reconquête. 

22:38 – Manon Aubry attended "à a lying contest"

"I had the feeling of witnessing ' a lying competition on ecology and social issues. On the issue of immigration, it was a friendly match. This duel is in fact a duet,” commented the LFI candidate after the debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella.

22:21 – "Why did you invite them? them ?" : the critiques of François-Xavier Bellamy

"I'ai hésité &agrav; come. What happened? is testimony to a democratic crisis. Why did you invite them? them (and not the other candidates) ? Why not Valérie Hayer, who is at the head of the list unlike Gabriel Attal ? Why not Raphaël Glucksmann ? It's very kind of you to invite us to comment on this debate", quipped Françoisçois-Xavier Bellamy, LR candidate. 

22:08 – For Marine Le Pen, Gabriel Attal was not &agrav; height

À the outcome of the debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella, Marine Le Pen congratulated the president of the RN who was at the same time the "height", the "only à defend the French.

21:54 – Valérie Hayer denounces the "dangerous vacuum of the RN"< /h3>

After the debate, the head of the Renaissance list at the Europeans Valérie Hayer denounced Jordan Bardella who shone according to her by his "incompetence, his lies". "A great Prime Minister facedé this evening a Jordan Bardella who showedé his incompetence, his lies, his postures. GabrielAttal demonstratedé brilliantly the dangerous void of the RN", she wrote on X. 

"I mean à French youth that no one will take their destiny in their own hands & his place, concludes Jordan Bardella. I mean &agrav; all French people who have a bleeding heart watching their country go to vote."  "I tell young people to choose a responsible vote, of hope. They want to be able to find work that they enjoy. Jobs would become scarce in France with Bardella's program. Then, they want to live in a breathable environment, believes Gabriel Attal.

21:37 – "You don't like Europe", launches Gabriel Attal à Jordan Bardella

"Still looking à bring the subjects back to the national because the reality is that you do not like Europe. You hate her, accuses Gabriel Attal. "Jordan Bardella spends his time à explain that he has already won", declares Attal, questionedé on the possible consequences of a Renaissance defeat in Europe.

21:32 – The links between the RN and Russia mentioned by Gabriel Attal

When discussing the subject of the war in Ukraine, the Prime Minister recalledé the links between the RN and Russia. "Russia needed a party in Europe to weaken Europe from within. And they funded you. And since then, you may have repaid your debt. your debt, you have a moral contract with them, which means that you are not free to vote and make decisions in the European Parliament, accuses Gabriel Attal. 

21:24 – Emmanuel Macron has "jeté add fuel to the fire" concerning Ukraine, estimates Jordan Bardella

After immigration place à Ukraine. For Jordan Bardella, France's role "is to have a ébalanced" position. Emmanuel Macron has "threwé added fuel to the fire by raising the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. "I am opposed to &agrav; this measurement". "The risk of escalation is major, I am not playing myself as general-in-chief of Europe. Emmanuel Macron took risks, says the RN candidate. 

21:17 – Immigration, a subject of discord between the two debaters

< p>The president of the RN, Jordan Bardella defends the “double border”: “the systematic refoulement of illegal boats” quot; and that "free movement in the Schengen area be limited to European nationals". Ppur Gabriel Attal, the land border controls desired by the candidate for the European elections are impossible at all. put in place, due to the number of French cross-border workers. "Your program is a banco. There are lots of promises, but when you scratch, there is nothing behind."

21:11 – "A prideé for me not to agree with you on immigration, judge Gabriel Attal

"France has moved awayé more than Germany illegal migrants,” responds Gabriel Attal to Jordan Bardella's arguments. "We will never agree on immigration and that's a source of pride. for me not to be. Listening to you, we have the impression that behind every foreigner, there is a delinquent or a potential terrorist. It's revolting", deplores the Prime Minister.

21:07 – Jordan Bardella d& ;eacute;states mass immigration in Europe

The head of the RN list denounces the recently adopted Immigration Asylum Pact, which, according to him, will "accelerate the& immigration" into the European Union. "We now have de facto, accomplished, compulsory immigration, which you want to impose on the French", argues Jordan Bardella. He also points out the weak execution of the OQTF (Obligation to leave French territory) by France, “with very concrete consequences”. We discuss the lives of the French, particularly their security.

21 :00 – "Bans without alternatives are killing our farmers", says Jordan Bardella

"We must stop putting our farmers in competition with products that come from the ends of the world and which do not respect any of the economic, social and health standards that are imposed on them. French farmers", declares Jordan Bardella, who denounces Mercosur, CETA, and free trade agreements which, according to him, threaten the existence French sectors. "Bans without alternatives are killing our farmers and our sectors".

20:52 – Éheated exchanges between Attal and Bardella

"The RNé method is to say: we are against everything", believes the Prime Minister, citing the example of the will& ;eacute; RN's decision to leave the EU. “Fortunately, Madame Le Pen’was noté éelected in 2017 because ’before you changed your mind, we would have left the euro and left the European Union". & nbsp;"Stay elegant Mr. Attal", replies Bardella. “I'm a little embarrassed" for you,” he adds. "It's for you that I'm embarrassed", retorts Gabriel Attal before asserting that he’ It's not enough to be young to embody hope. 

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Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella will face each other on the France 2 set this Thursday, May 23 à from 8:15 p.m. The 2nd channel expects achieved very good audiences for the occasion. A time cited to co-broadcast the debate, TF1 will ultimately not be involved. The match will be lively by journalist Caroline Roux in her show "L'évéénement".

European campaign obliges, Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella will be invited to the event. discuss their program for the European Union and the major issues that animate the European Parliament. According to Le Parisien, the debate will be organized around three major themes: economy and ecology, immigration and asylum , war in Ukraine and European defense. 

Yet at the elbow à elbow with Valérie Hayer in the polls, the head of the list of the socialist party and Place publique did noté invited é Caroline Roux's broadcast on May 23. France 2 has chosen a duel between the two favorite camps, which has the gift of annoying Raphaël Glucksmann. His ally, the boss of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure, also described ' Arcom à this subject this weekend, asking the audiovisual regulator to “implement [its] regulatory power to ensure compliance with the ;pluralist expression of political debate.

"Do you find it normal for the public service to organize, &agrave? fifteen days of the European election, a debate (…) between the right and the far right, excluding the left. nbsp;?" Deplored Raphaël Glucksmann Sunday May 12 on France 3. The latter denouncedé a will to "permanently reestablish this false duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen."

Strange choice of poster à two weeks of the European elections: if Jordan Bardella is indeed the head of the National Rally list for this election, Gabriel Attal, for his part, does not appear on the list of the Macronist camp . Valérie Hayer, head of the official Renaissance list, will therefore be the other big absentee from this long-awaited evening. Let us remember that the Euro MP has already debated with Jordan Bardella on May 2, a face-to-face which did not seem to affect the campaign dynamics of the two camps. This time, it is the Prime Minister himself who will come to defend the record of Emmanuel Macron and his European project. 

"I also find it abnormal that Ms. Hayer is made invisible and replaced by the Prime Minister, who is not a candidate in the elections Europeans", at the pointé Raphaël Glucksmann on France 3. "It's a disavowal of the Hayer list, that it is not her", confirms Julien Odoul. But for the spokesperson of the RN, “given the experience of the debate she had with Jordan Bardella, they are obliged and forced to send the Prime Minister."

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