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DIRECT. Bordeaux Bègles - La Rochelle: disjointed match with breakage, follow the shock!

This evening, UBB receives La Rochelle in a shock à wickets closed during the 23rd day of Top 14. Since the start of the match, a Bordeaux player has been released for concussion protocol. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Bordeaux Bègles - La Rochelle: disjointed match with breakage, follow the shock!

0: 0

DIRECT. Bordeaux Bègles - La Rochelle: disjointed match with breakage, follow the shock!

After verification é the video to see if there was any forward, the test is confirmed. Maxime Lucu misses the transformation.

After numerous shifts and a desire to improve to come out quickly, Jalibert takes Luca's place to pass around the leather. The ball arrives in the hands of ego Boniface who powerfully flattens it in the left corner. 

21:31 – Leyds unscrews

After a kick from Bielle-Biarrey, Leyds finds himself behind. reception. The rear is clear but it is unscrewed. Throw for the Bordelais in the opposing camp.

9:30 p.m. – Jalibert précis

After the mail ;e, the Bordeaux conductor Matthieu Jalibert finds a superb touch in the opposing camp. 

21:29 – Throw not straight

After a hot situation in favor of the Bordelais, annihilated by a forward from Buros, Thomas clears his camp. In the process, the Rochelais scratch the ball and are rewarded. The throw into touch that follows is not straight.

After a Bordeaux foul, Antoine Hastoy presents himself in front of the poles to the first time. In the middle, the La Rochelle opener's attempt passes through the net. side.

21:19 – Rhythm à Chaban-Delmas

The two teams return blows. After a superb tackle on Atonio, the Rochelais chained passes after contact but finally lost the ball after a misunderstanding between West and Thomas.< /p>

21:18 – Precious Danty

After a beautiful inspiration from Jalibert, Penaud recovers the leather on his right wing. The Rochelais were finally rewarded for their defense after a Danty Contest. Hastoy clears into touch.

21:17 – Buros' 50:22

< p>After a bad touch, Buros recovers the ball in his half. He clears and scores a 50:22.

21:16 – Concussion Protocol

À At the request of the Bordeaux doctor, Ben Tameifuna is forced to go out. He gives up his place to Sadie.

9:15 p.m. – No cardboard

Mitigating circumstance for Quentin Lespiaucq-Brettes who did not have time to correct the trajectory of his tackle. Penalty for UBB. Matthieu Jalibert finds a throw into touch within the opposing 22 meters.

21:13 – Video refereeing< /h3>

On a double tackle, Tameifuna is tackled; by Lespiaucq-Brettes on the face. Mathieu Raynal calls on à the video.

21:12 – Danty under pressure

After a recovered ball, by UBB, Depoortere plays the occupation at the foot but it is countered. Penaud recovers and pushes straight ahead. Jonathan Danty takes time to get hold of the leather. 

21:11 – Depoortere imprécis

Tackled, Nicolas Depoortere attempts the pass after contact but it is imprecise. The ball ends directly in touch.

21:10 – Buros plays quickly

Apr&amp In an exchange of kicking play with Thomas Berjon, Romain Buros quickly plays the key for himself and finds the hands of Dillyn Leyds on the foot.

21:09 – First complicated reception

After the kick-off, the Rochelais come under Bordeaux pressure but Berjon clears.

Matthieu Jalibert kicks off ;apos;shipping. Let's go for 80 minutes!

21:07 – Entrance of the players

To the cheers of the supporters present at Chaban-Delmas, the players enter the pitch. Kick-off is imminent.

9:05 p.m. – Players in the corridor

< p>The participants in the meeting cross the long corridor of Chaban-Delmas. Kick-off is near.

9:00 p.m. – A tight first leg

The first leg à Marcel-Deflandre had been very tight. If the Bordelais had ledé from a point à At half-time (8-9), the Rochelais finally won. (25-21).

20:55 – O'Gara is confident

At a press conference, Gregory Alldritt highlighted the work carried out in this area. by the group &agrav; dawn of the final sprint: "You have all seen the matches. During the week, the team does not look for excuses, it analyzes, opens its eyes and sees the shortcomings that we still have. It's great. In addition, we have really changed; our way of working, we do it more like the start of the season, while we are at the start of the season. the end, because we need it". For his part, Ronan O'Gara remains confident about & agrave; end of season: "We already have won two titles in the European Cup but çthat is not enough, even if some think that çwas enough. I'm a liar if I say that everything is good because everything is not good. In the Top 14, it's in the crisis that you find something that you don't know about your team…"

In search of points in this sprint towards the phase final of the Top 14, La Rochelle can count on its strong men this evening:  15. Leyds;  14. Thomas, 13. West, 12. Danty, 11. Favre; 10. Hastoy, 9. Berjon; 7. Botia, 8. Alldritt, 6. Cancoriet; 5. Skelton, 4. Lavault; 3. Atonio, 2. Lespiaucq-Brettes, 1. Kaddouri.  

20:45 – Match odds

At the Stade Jacques Chaban-Delmas, UBB is favorite against à La Rochelle according to online sports betting sites:  

  • Betclic : Bordeaux-Bègles: 1.28/Draw: 22.00/La Rochelle: 3.40 
  • Bwin : Bordeaux-Bègles : 1.30/Draw: 16.00/La Rochelle : 3.10 
  • France-pari: Bordeaux-Belgium: 1.28/Draw: 21.00/La Rochelle: 3.35 ;
  • Unibet: Bordeaux-Belgium: 1.27/Draw: 20.50/La Rochelle: 3.30 nbsp;

20:40 – Update on the ranking

Before tonight's opponent clash Bordeaux-Bègles à La Rochelle, here is the ranking of the Top 14:  

  1. Stade Français: 67 points
  2. Stade Toulousain: 65 points
  3. RC Toulon: 59 points
  4. Bordeaux-Bègles: 58 points
  5. Racing 92: 57 points
  6. La Rochelle: 56 points
  7. Section Paloise: 55 points
  8. Castres: 54 points
  9. Perpignan: 53 points
  10. Clermont: 51 points
  11. Bayonne: 48 points
  12. Lyon OR: 47 points
  13. Montpellier: 40 points
  14. Oyonnax: 30 points

20:35 – How to follow Bordeaux-Bègles – La Rochelle in streaming ?

If you want to watch the clash of the 23rd day of Top 14 between UBB and Rochelais on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you will need to subscribe & ;agrave; a subscription on MyCanal. 


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