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DIRECT. Flèche Wallonne 2024: the first ascent of the Mur de Huy hurts a lot! Follow the race

The Flè Wallonne 2024 takes place this Wednesday in Belgium. The race is marked by difficult conditions and terrible climbs. Follow the race live.

The essentials

  • A breakaway was formed from the first kilometers of the Flè Wallonne 2024 with two Frenchmen. Lilian Calmejane (Intermarché-Wanty), Alan Jousseaume (TotalEnergies), James Whelan (Q.365), Igor Chzhan (Astana), Johan Meens (Bingoal WB) and Txomin Juaristi (Euskaltel-Euskadi) form the first escape of the day. From the first ascent of the Mur de Huy, the escape exploded. 
  • The big favorite is the Danish Mattias Skjelmose. The British Tom Pidcock (INEOS Grenadiers), winner of the Amstel Gold Race last Sunday, can also claim the coronation at the Mur de Huy. 
  • The Flè Wallonne 2024 starts from Charleroi and ends in the terrible wall of Huy which will be climbed four times during the 199.1 kilometers.


14:37 – Gaudu in difficulty (71.5km)

The peloton is riding very hard and continues to sort things out. After Teuns and Vlasov, David Gaudu is also in great difficulty. 

14:33 – Whelan resumed (73.5km)

The Australian was é released by the leading group and is finally taken over, immediately, by the peloton. They are only three in front with the Frenchman Lilian Calmejane. 

2:30 p.m. – Teuns à the back of the peloton (76km)

Big surprise in the peloton. One of the favorites of this 88th edition of the Flè Wallonne is suffering due to injury. behind the peloton and held on as best he could on the second ascent of the Côte d'Ereffe. 

14:29 – The escape is in the viewfinder (76.5km)

The peloton is not far from catching up with the five leading riders in this Flè Wallonne 2024. It is around thirty seconds behind.& nbsp;

14:22 – Snow coming soon ? (77.5km)

This 88th edition of the Flè Wallonne 2024 is Dantesque. Snowflakes may appear in the final circuit. 

14:21 – The peloton à less than a minute (81.5km)

The escape should be reached soon by a peloton which is riding very hard in this Flè Wallonne 2024. UAE and EF-Education have taken control of the peloton and are setting a hellish pace. 

14:18 – An abandonment! (84km)

TotalEnergies has just announced a withdrawal from the team with that of Frenchman Mathieu Burgaudeau who suffers from ;apos;hypothermia. The conditions are very bad in this 88th edition of the Flè Wallonne. 

14:14 – Romain Gregoire in delicacy (86.5km)

That's it ;apos;one of the French who could have had a card à play in this Flè Wallonne 2024. Romain Gregoire wasé distanced by the peloton and points &agrav; about twenty seconds late. 

14:11 – Jousseaume resumed (88.5km)

One of the two Frenchmen who escaped released to take a rain jacket but the peloton was lurking and swallowed up the TotalEnergies rider. 

14:10 – Runners distanced (89.5km)

This first ascent of the Mur de Huy is already a success. from evil &agrav; some riders like Vlasov or Vansevenant who dropped out of the race. in the peloton. 

14:07 – The peloton comes back very strong (91.5km)

The escape, struggling with the Mur de Huy, could soon feel the breath of the peloton behind. He returns à 1'40" of the six leading runners. 

14:05 – Whelan made the effort (94km)< /h3>

They're back à six &agrav; at the front of this Flè Wallonne 2024. James Whelan made the effort and filled the gap. the delay he had taken before the start of the ascent of the Mur de Huy. 

14:01 – Whelan left behind (95km)

Just before the first ascent of the Mur de Huy, the Australian rider voluntarily went back down to his car to collect a rain jacket. James Whelan is relayed &agrav; about twenty seconds of his escape companions.

13:59 – Here we go for the Mur de Huy (95.5km)

The escape has just started the Mur de Huy. This is the first time of the day that the runners tackle the race. this Wall. 

13:57 – Dantesque conditions (96km)

The rain redoubles in intensity; now in Belgium and conditions are becoming more and more difficult in this Flè Wallonne 2024. 

13:54 – The last 100 kilometers (100km)

There are only 100 kilometers left to go. to race in this Flè Wallonne 2024. The six leading runners see their lead disappear with 3'15" ahead. 

13:52 – Still two French people ahead (101km)

Lilian Calmejane has stalled in the Côte d'Ereffe but eventually returned to height before the ascent of the Mur de Huy.

13:51 – The Mur de Huy is getting closer (102km)

For the first time of the day, the escape gets closer to the Mur de Huy. Runners will have to climb it à four times in this 88th edition of Flèche Wallonne. 

1:45 p.m. – The rain is falling (105.5km)

The rain has just fallen over the runners in this Flè Wallonne 2024. The conditions are getting tougher.& ;nbsp;

13:41 – Let's go to the Côte d'Ereffe (108.5km)

L'échappée arrives in the Côte d'Ereffe with a rather stable lead of 4&apos ;20" on the peloton. Not much movement since the start of this Flè Wallonne 2024. The first ascent of the Mur de Huy in a few minutes could shake things up. 

13:34 – A diminishing lead (113km)

À Approaching the first ascent of the Mur de Huy in this Fl&egrave Wallonne 2024, the peloton accelerates a little and gets closer to the top. 4'15" of the six leading runners. 

13:28 – The Mur de Huy approaches (118km)

The six leading riders approach the first passage of the terrible Mur de Huy in this 88th edition of the Flèche Wallonne. They have a lead of 4'20" on the peloton. 

13:19 – Still two teams at the head of the peloton (124, 5km)

Ineos-Grenadiers and Lidl-Treck are still rolling à at the front of the peloton for their respective leaders who have a great chance of winning the Flèche Wallonne 2024. Pidcock and Skjelmose are on the lookout. 

13:15 – Van der Beken resumed (127.5km)

The Belgian released his effort when he was never able to regain the leading group in this Flè Wallonne 2024. There is therefore no more intercalation ;. The peloton has 4'30" delay. 

13:12 – Fairly cool conditions (129.5km)

It's not hot in Belgium for this Flèche Wallonne 2024. It's a little less than eight degrees in the province of Namur. The wind is light at 11 km/h. 


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