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DIRECT. France - Canada: very pale Blues, follow the match

Face &agrav; a harmless Canada, the France team is struggling to win. to be dangerous and still looking for an opening à Bordeaux.

DIRECT. France - Canada: very pale Blues, follow the match

France 0: 0

DIRECT. France - Canada: very pale Blues, follow the match

Canada Live

22:37 – Mendy authoritarian

Buchanan continues to sow discord à right and on an overflow, he forces Ferland Mendy to engage frankly and actively; tackle powerfully to prevent him from passing.

22:36 – Saliba saves the corner

Long balloon à right for Buchanan who strips himself to avoid the goal kick. Followed by Saliba, he tries to get the corner but the Arsenal defender makes the effort to clear into touch at the last moment.

22:35 – Giroud too fair

After a reversal à left on Griezmann, the ball returns à right for Demb&eac;l&eac; which adjusts a center à level with the ground in front of the goal. Giroud gets ahead of Crépeau by throwing himself before the first post but misses the mark, well embarrassed; by the Canadian goalkeeper.

22:33 – Thuram surrounded

Griezmann sees space à left and gives in the course of Thuram. Inter Milan's scorer fails to score sowing its defender and by transplanting inside, it allows it to Eustaquio to come and close his shooting window.

22:31 – Foul on Jonhston

The corner is played; quickly by Girezmann with Demb&eac;l&eac;. The Frenchman delivers a well-felt cross from 6m. Giroud tries to head but misses the ball which Johnston finally catches before being hit.

22:30 – Griezmann scratches a corner

The center of Dembélé is controlled but returns to the feet of Kound&eac; which serves à low to the ground Griezmann in the area. The Frenchman tries to dribble past Cornelius but Eustaquio comes to his aid. his defender. The Atlético de Madrid player does not give up and causes the Canadian captain to lose the ball and obtains a corner.

22:29 – Giroud de la tΓͺte

On a free kick from Griezmann on the right, Giroud deflects his header in the area but not enough to knock the ball down and put the Canadian defense in difficulty.

From about twenty meters out, Millar unleashes a sharp shot that crashes against Maignan's crossbar. Big alert on the goal of the French team.

22:24 – Hernandez out the break

Didier Deschamps made a change at half-time by taking off ThΓ©o Hernandez to give Ferland Mendy some playing time.

Giroud starts the second half for the French team, who will look to find the fault against Canada.

The referee sends the 22 players back to the locker room with a scoreless draw. If they found the bar by Thuram at the start of the match, the Blues struggled to beat the bar. &agrav; really endanger a timid and fairly harmless Canada at the moment. Everything remains &agrav; to do in this second preparation match.

22:06 – Canadian pressing

The Canadians remain shy but Larin and David attempt pressing on Upamecano then on Saliba who must return to the bell à Maignan, obliged to clear a volley as best he can.

22:05 – Additional time: 1 minute

There will be one minute of additional time in this first period between Canada and France.

22:05 – Johnston above

At the near post, Griezmann extends with a header and sends the Canadian corner wide. entering the area on Johnston who tries his luck with a header but goes over the French goal

22:03 – Corner for Canada

Buchanan overflows & right and strength Hernandez à deflect for a corner. Canada has the opportunity to be dangerous.

22:01 – Johnston clears his camp

Théo Hernandez controls in the area by pushing Buchanan. The Canadian hampers him in his overflow and in the second blade, Johnston pushes back the tricolor center.

22:00 – Yellow card for Camavinga

In the central circle, Camavinga lets his sole drag on the foot of a Canadian. An uncontrolled and late intervention which earned him a warning.

21:58 – Returned by the defense

Collé &agrav; the sideline &agrav; left, Griezmann rolls his ball from the right into the area of ​​the first post towards Camavinga and Thuram but it is a Canadian header which returns the danger.

21:56 – Yellow card for Johnston

On a reversal of play, Hernandez fixes Johnston and waits for him to throw himself to try to overwhelm. The French full-back is broke; by the Canadian who receives a warning. Dangerous free kick à varnish &agrav; 20 m on the left.

21:55 – Upamecano above

Sur a corner from the right, Thuram deflects to the near post and at 6 m, Upamecano imposes himself in the air but takes the ball from the top of the skull. It goes over the top for the French defender.

21:53 – Canada keeps the ball< /h3>

Canadians observe a conservation sequence in half of the world from French field. They do not progress and finally lose the ball.

21:46 – Koundé comes out

On a cross from Buchanan, Koundé intervenes and allows the Blues to break free.

21:35 – Griezmann calls on Crépeau

From a distance, Griezmann controls the ball and chooses to strike. It's framed; and this forces the Canadian goalkeeper à relax and enjoy put in a corner with your fingertips.

21:33 – Hernandez crosses too much

On a corner shot from the right, Hernandez inherits the ball surface entry and weapon. His shot is too crossed; and passes &agrav; side of the Canadian goal.

In the Canadian area, Thuram cuts off a cross from Griezmann at the near post. With a reflex, Cré deflects the ball onto its crossbar. Big opportunity for the Blues.


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