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DIRECT. France - England: the Blues overthrow the Crunch... follow the match

It's off to Groupama Stadium for this France – England. Despite a double by Lawrence, the band &agrav; Galthié regained the advantage thanks to à a try from Fickou (30-24).

< img alt = "score France" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/d-mpwuqsugviq2mz1wywgzyqszc=/450x/smart/cf7e2f061608455ab5f81e9c24942691/ccmcms-linternaute/42651870. jpeg " /> France 30: 24

DIRECT. France - England: the Blues overthrow the Crunch... follow the match

England Live

22:37 – France is à the fault (74th)

Romain Taofifenua kept the ball on the ground. Ford releases the ball into the 22 French meters. éfailure (72nd)

The ball passedé on the right of the poles. 

22:34 – Freeman is taken à the fault (71st)

The winger committed a voluntary forward move. Ramos can take a break. It is in the corner, on the left, à 35 meters. 

22:34 – Alldritt leaves the pitch (70th)

He is replaced by Boudehent. Meanwhile, Ramos found himself a touch in the 22 English meters. 

22:32 – The English are à the fault (70th)

The maul carriedé French was taught &eac;collapseé in an illicit manner. 

22:28 – Galthié continues his coaching (67th)

Le Garrec and Ollivon return to the bench. Lucu and Roumat are now on the pitch. 

22:27 – Atonio leaves the pitch (65th)

Colombe will finish the meeting. The French bench is making a difference. 

22:27 – Ford ram& continues the game in the French team (64th)

The English flyhalf takes the ball out within 40 meters blues. 

22:27 – This Crunch turns à the strategic battle (68th)

For a few minutes, the two teams have been observing each other with some footwork.&nbsp ;

France is six steps ahead! The spectacle is magnificent! 

On a throw too far from Dan, Ramos hits a volley. Penaud is the fastest. The winger resisted the attack. &agrav; an English tackle, before serving Fickou came à height. France regains the advantage! 

22:21 – Galthié makes a change (60th)

Depoortère leaves his place to Moefana. 

22:19 – Ramos closes the gap the mark (58th)

France is only one point behind. 

France has decided to to take the axis with the fronts in tune. After setting the defense, the Blues carriedé the ball outwards and Ollivon gave away a try. Léo Barré. 

22:15 – Ramos and Smith get annoyed in this France – England ( 54e)

The rear of the XV de la Rose was unbalanced. the Blues opener in the air. 


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