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DIRECT. France - Mali&nbsp ;: the Bleuets are heading to the final of the U17 World Cup! The summary

Trailing, the Bleuets finally qualified for the final of the U17 World Cup and will face Germany this Saturday.

DIRECT. France - Mali: the Bleuets advance to the final of the U17 World Cup! ;summary

France 2: 1

DIRECT. France - Mali: the Bleuets reach the final of the U17 World Cup! The summary

Mali Live

4:30 p.m. – News from the final

The final of the U17 World Cup, pitting France against France. Germany, will take place on Saturday December 2 in Paris. 1 p.m., at the Manahan stadium at Java, capital of Indonesia which is organizing this World Cup. The day before At the same time, the small final will see Mali and Argentina compete for the bronze medal.

16:15 – Les Bleuets decisive on free kicks< /h3>

Set pieces saved the game the French team today, in particular thanks to quality foot of Ismael Bouneb. Number 10 of the Bleuets delivered a superb cross for Titi on the equalizer, before setting the sights himself with a direct free kick a quarter of an hour later. A formidable weapon, but one that may not be enough to defeat the enemy. it alone against Germany, which showed once again its effectiveness and his qualities on the counter-attack, scoring three goals against Argentina this morning (3-3, 4 tab to 2).

16:00 – France back in the final.. 22 years later

France only reached the final of the Under-17 World Cup. only one repeat. It was in 2001, where the generation of Florent Sinama-Pongolle and Damien Le Tallec won the championship. won the competition by beating Nigeria 3-0 in the final. Florent Sinama-Pongolle scored no less than 9 goals in the competition, of which he is still the record holder. On Saturday, the Bleuets have the opportunity to win. to succeed Brazil and win a second world title in this U17 category.

3:45 p.m. – See you against Germany!

3:45 p.m. – See you against Germany! h3>

In the final, France will face Germany, who defeated Argentina in the other semi-final. The Germans won. on penalties (4 to 2) after an epic match, which saw the Argentinians, dominant but less effective, equalize in the last seconds to snatch a 3-3 draw. The Mannschaft had eliminated Spain in the quarter-final (1-0) thanks to a penalty, in a match where; she already had Summer dominated from start to finish.

The Bleuets, quite predictably, suffered greatly from the Malian attacks in the first period. Paul Argney kept his team at the same level; flow by winning three face to face; face with Ibrahim Kanaté (3rd, 10th and 34th), found each time deep behind the French centrals. Mali showed all his technical mastery, and the Bleuets often seemed to be in control. facing the breakthroughs of captain Ibrahim Diarra and Mahamoud Barry next to him; left.

But France also had some chances, thanks to a formidable Mathis Lambourde at the forefront with his handovers and his ball retention. Tidiam Gomis was very lively but lacked narrowly in his choices and in the last gesture (9th, 13th, 19th and 32nd). Ultimately, it's a poorly repelled center; with both fists by the one who was preparing to attack. To be the hero of this first period, Paul Argney, who before the break offered the opening score to the Malian captain, Ibrahim Diarra, who only had to score. push the ball into the empty goal (45th+4).

At the restart, France still seemed a notch below its opponent, even conceding a big break opportunity missed by Ibrahim Diarra (50th). But, In the 53rd minute, Souleymane Sanogo was scored. expelled for a very dangerous sole on the shin of the French full-back Aymen Sadi, who was also late but without being guilty of a reprehensible gesture. A clumsy foul with terrible consequences, since the free kick resulting from the expulsion offered the equalizer to France, thanks to Titi's head, left behind alone at the far post and found by a good center from Bouneb.

And it was this same Ismael Bouneb, number 10 of the Bleuets, who gave the advantage to the players of Jean-Luc Vannuchi. On a free kick Entering the surface, he curled his shot perfectly to the right side. opened and surprised the Malian goalkeeper, who did not lie down. quite quickly on his left. The end of the match was long and very tense, but the Malians, in inferiority; digital, have lacked inspiration and energy. The Bleuets still had a few scares, and were defeated. saved by Paul Argney who deviated from the a superb free kick from Makalou on the bar (88th). France, somewhat miraculous once again, is in the final of this World Cup.

France wins 2-1! The Bleuets overthrew the match following the expulsion of Souleymane Sanogo. The two goals from free kicks from Titi and Bouneb offer France a place in the final of the U17 World Cup. The Bleuets will face Germany, who defeated Argentina this morning (3-3, 4 tab to 2).

15:04 – Tincres offside (103' )

Ferro recovers a ball and crosses, it is taken by Gomis who gives to Tincres who only has more to do push into the empty goal. But the scorer was well offside.

15:03 – Corner for Mali (102')

Tidiam Gomis against a cross from the side; ral Malian right and concedes the corner. Sékou Koné is served at enters the area but his shot flies away.

15:02 – Corner for France (101')

The Bleuets take the corner two and keep the ball. The Malians are tired but continue to fight. press tirelessly.

14:59 – The rhythm is choppy; (100')

The game is very choppy; and the free kicks followed one another in favor of the French, first in their camp then in that of the Malians. But the Bleuets surrender the ball too quickly.

14:57 – France a little more serene (97')

The French finally get their foot back on the ball. Tincres, who keeps up front, and Amougou, who has a big strike in the midfield, are valuable.

14:54 – Les Bleuets tremble (93')

The French team suffers despite the defeat its superiority digital. The Bleuets let the Malians get close to Paul Argney's goal too easily, and scare themselves with each incursion from the Aiglonnets.

14:53 – Changes for France (92' )

Tachptchet and Ferro replace Bouneb, scorer, and Sylla. The French move on to five behind, to try to keep the score.

14:52 – 13 minutes of added time! (91')

There will be 13 extra minutes, due to the numerous stoppages in play.

Magnificent free kick from Makalou who unleashes a very floating shot ;s powerful, and Paul Argney deflects magnificently onto his crossbar! The French were hot.


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