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DIRECT. France - Spain: Les Bleues broken by a second sumptuous collective action, follow the match

France faces Spain this Wednesday à the occasion of the final of the League of Nations for women. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. France - Spain: Les Bleues broken by a second sumptuous collective action, follow the match

France 0: 2

DIRECT. France - Spain: Les Bleues broken by a second sumptuous collective action, follow the match

Spain Live

20:37 – Dali and De Almeida don't understand each other (80')

Another lost ball for the Blues. Dali provides offensive support and projects but cannot find De Almeida who had stopped. 

After more than an hour of waiting, the French finally appear dangerous in this France – Spain. De Almeida is at the far post and tries to take over with an unacademic volley but çit narrowly goes over Coll's cages. < /p>

20:33 – A double change for the Blues (76')

Hervé Renard makes a double change for the last quarter of an hour of this France – Spain. Bacha and Diani come out and are replaced by Dufour and Majri. 

20:31 – Paredes regains momentum ecirc;te (74')

What freedom! for the former Parisian on this corner. Irene Paredes regains her lead after being defeated left alone but Peyraud-Magnin wins in two stages. 

20:30 – A second& th change (72')

Athenea gives up her place in this France – Spain and is replaced; by Eva Navarro for the last 20 minutes of this Nations League final. 

20:28 – New yellow (71')

Tess Olofsson has a heavier hand in this end of France – Spain and distributes a new yellow card after a foul by Aleixandri. 

20:27 – Athenea misses her counter& ocirc;le (70')

La Roja takes advantage of the spaces left by the Bleues to try to punish on the counter but Athenea moves forward ;does not hurt the leather and allows the return of Mbock. 

20:25 – A change for Spain (68')

Montserrat Tomé made a first change in this France – Spain. The first decisive passer Olga Carmona is replaced by Oihane. 

20:23 – Diani takes yellow (66')

The winger of the France team receives a yellow card after a rough sole on Codina Panedas. 

20:22 – Lots of waste (65')

Everything can go very well It's fast in football but this France – Spain is a long ordeal for the Blues who can't manage to get through it at all. find yourself. 

20:19 – Spain insists (62')

< p>Despite their lead of two goals, the Spaniards continue to push to put themselves even further ahead. shelter in this France – Spain. New corner &agrav; follow for La Roja. 

20:17 – Hour of play (60')

The equation is now very simple in this France – Spain. The Blues must give everything to try to cast doubt on La Roja, which leads by two goals and is getting closer to the coronation in this League of Nations. 

20:15 – Hervé Renard reacts (58')

The Blue coach is not waiting any longer to make a change in this France – Spain. Henry and Katoto give up their place to Cascarino and Dali. 

20:13 – Batlle warned (56')

The referee of this France – Spain issues the first warning of the evening after a foul in the match. delay of Batlle on Bacha. 

Another textbook action from the Spanish who continue to dominate the Blues in this France – Spain. The center back finds Caldente who succeeds in his goal. deceive Pauline Peyraud-Magnin with an unstoppable cross strike. 

20:06 – De Almeida d& evisse (49')

The defender of the France team inherits a poorly pushed ball but his shot is completely unscrewed and does not worry Coll. The Blues return with better intentions in this second act of France – Spain.  

20:05 – Katoto cannot continue (48 ')

What work from Diani who wins in front of Paredes. The French winger's cross found Katoto in the area but the Parisian was unable to reach the target. strike after hand control that had not been achieved sanctioned. 

20:03 – From the world à warm-up (46')

Tactical moves could intervene quickly in this second period. Dali and Cascarino heated up during the break. 

The second half kicked off. my period of this France – Spain has just been given ! Les Bleues are leading and it is perfectly logical after a first act dominated by the opposition. by Roja. Mandatory reaction!

19:53 – Statistics without appeal

À At half-time of this France – Spain, Spanish domination is materialized with the numbers. La Roja shot five times and framed twice. For their part, the Blues didn't even shoot. only once. We will have to react in the second act to try to secure the first title for the French team. 

< p>France has its back to the wall à halftime of this Nations League final. The Blues suffered enormously and fell 1-0 after Bonmati's goal on a perfectly executed move. Aleixandri was close to giving the Spaniards the break on La Roja's last corner but Henry saved. his camp. 

19:45 – One more minute (45')

< p>The additional time of this first act of France – Spain is known and it is of little consequence

19 :43 – Mbock pushes back (44')

This time, the defender of the French team is well placed ;e on the center of Carmona to repel the danger in this France – Spain. 

19:40 – Carmona trè s active (40')

The Spanish side is omnipresent in this first act. His decisive pass is only the culmination of his excellent first act. 

19 :37 – The French reaction (37')

Les Bleues try to raise their heads after this Bonmati opens the score in this France – Spain but Diani's cross is captured by the Roja goalkeeper. 


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