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DIRECT. Ghent-Wevelgem 2024: falls, an edge and the race ignites, follow the Flandrian classic

Preparation for the Tour of Flanders continues this Sunday March 24 with the Ghent-Wevelgem classic where Mathieu van der Poel emerges as the huge favorite. Follow the race live.

The essentials

  • The Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 race has started &agrav; 10:40 a.m. à Ypres in Belgium. Arrival is expected around 4:30 p.m. Wevelgem
  • The favorites are Mathieu van der Poel, Jasper Philipsen and Mads Pedersen
  • The last edition was published in won by Christophe Laporte, absent this season.


13:31 – 29 riders in the first part of the peloton (140km)

The border caused damage in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. 29 riders stood out in the first part of the peloton. van der Poel managed à hold on à this group. 

13:27 – The peloton is coming back strong! (141km)

The gap between the breakaway and the peloton melts like snow in the sun in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. The eight leading runners are approximately 2' in advance. 

13:22 – An abandonment (144km)

< p>An abandonment is à note in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. The rider of the Team Visma team, Jan Tratnik, wasé caught in a fall earlier in the day and gave up. 

13:19 – A edge in the peloton! (146km)

Perhaps a first turning point in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. A border has just taken place within the peloton. Jonathan Narvaez and Jake Stewart wereé involved in a fall at the time of this border. 

13:15 – Let's go for the pav& eacute;s (150km)

The leading group enters the first paved sector. of this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 with a rather comfortable lead even if it weakens. 

13: 07 – The advance melts away (153km)

The eight leading men begin to advance. feel the peloton gradually returning which increases the pace. The escape has only 3'50" ahead in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. 

1:00 p.m. – The sky darkens (161km)

À As we approach the cobblestones, the Belgian sky is very cloudy. and the first drops of rain could fall on this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. 

12:50 – A paved sector ;eacute; in 20 km (163km)

The frontrunners won't be long in coming! attack the first paved sector; of this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. They still have a lead greater than five minutes on the peloton. 

12:47 – The composition of the lead group (167km)< /h3>

Eight men are at the head of this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024: Blume, De Bondt, Houle, Jacobs, Le Berre, Monk, Morkov, O& apos;Brien. 

12:40 – A gap above 5 minutes (168km)

The eight leading men continue to increase their lead in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 and now have more than five minutes ahead of the peloton. 

12:35 – An update on the race (171km)

After soon two hours of racing, eight men break away in the lead with a lead of almost five minutes in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. A Frenchman is present in this leading group with Mathis Le Berre. 

Hello à all and &agrav; everyone and welcome to the Internet user's website to follow Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 live. for almost two hours now. 

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