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DIRECT. Giro 2024: a crazy race and Sanchez ahead of Alaphilippe on the wire, follow the 6th stage

This 6th stage of the Giro 2024 delivered its verdict this Thursday. Pelayo Sanchez won the match after a super fast race where runners had legs. Julian Alaphilippe finished second.

The essentials

  • The 6th stage of the Giro 2024 smiled brightly. the Spaniard of Movistar Pelayo Sanchez. Julian Alaphilippe finishes à 2nd position just ahead of Lucas Plapp. 
  • Tadej Pogacar retains his pink leader's jersey. 
  • The rest of this Giro 2024 is this Friday with the 7th stage and the first time trial of these 3 weeks of tour. 


Pelayo Sanchez beats Julian Alaphilippe and wins the 6th stage of the Giro 2024. The first kilometers are a long explanation between the peloton and the riders who try to create a & escape. And this mano a mano gives a particularly high racing pace. Very quickly, the peloton grouped together. arrives in the first difficulty Listed of the day with Volterra. In this pass, the French put on a show. Valentin Paret-Peintre, Ewen Costiou and Lilian Calmejane set the scene on fire. before the race. It is at the very top of the Volterra that the first escape finally takes shape after a little over 80km traveled. Julian Alaphilippe, Aurélien Paret-Peintre and Filipo Fiorelli manage to achieve this goal. become detached. This trio will ultimately not hold out and leave room for à a larger group a few kilometers later. Alaphilippe is still in it. And this stage, which resembled a mini Strade biancha, rockedé when passing on these white paths with a very different surface. The breakaway broke up and the peloton, also divided, gained enormously ;ment of time. But ultimately, a leading trio emerged with Alaphilippe, Sanchez and Plapp and this group succeeded in winning. take a nice lead over the peloton. While the latter seems to be returning, the leading men manage to escape. resist and victory is at stake. three. While Julian Alaphilippe launches the sprint, it is ultimately Sanchez who beats him in a breathtaking end to the stage. 

17:13 – Images of the sprint

Discover or rediscover the final sprint of this 6th é stage of the Giro 2024 and the victory on the wire for Pelayo Sanchez ahead of the Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe. 

17:07 – Alaphilippe déçu but fair play

Despite disappointment, Julian Alaphilippe held on to congratulate Pelayo Sanchez: "I can be happy with the race I did because I had fun and I felt good. But it hurt to come so close to victory. He was fresher and he did the perfect sprint. I tried to save money but I had to give everything. He was stronger."

17:03 – A first victory in a grand Tour

The emotion was intense for Pelayo Sanchez in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. The Spaniard has just signed the third victory of his career ;re and his first success in a Grand Tour. 

HOW CRUEL IT IS FOR THE FRENCH WHO HAS LANCÉ THE SPRINT. Sanchez finishes with more legs and is ahead of Julian Alaphilippe in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. 

Alaphilippe plays for victory and is accompanied ; by Plapp and Sanchez! Will the Frenchman imitate Benjamin Thomas, winner yesterday ? 

16:56 – Piccolo comes out of peloton (2km)

Bardet's attack has reduced the peloton and Piccolo tries, & his turn, to join the three leading men à less than 2km from the finish of this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. 

In delicacy since the start of this Giro 2024, Romain Bardet is the first to take part. attack in the peloton. 

16:53 – Alaphilippe accelerates! (4.2km)

While the peloton tries to come back, Julian Alaphilippe accelerates to the next level. ahead of the race but made no difference in front of Plapp and Sanchez. 

16:52 – Plapp turns around (4.8km)

Australian champion turns around as cars pass lead group . The peloton accelerates drastically and is at full speed. 33" late. 

16:51 – The last five kilometers and the terrible slopes (5km)

This is the decisive moment of this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. The leading trio, who have a one-minute lead, enter the high percentages that could create a stage winner. Julian Alaphilippe is in the mix. 

16:46 – Ça still holds for the tê te (8km)

The stage victory should be decided between the three leading men while the peloton stagnates & agrave; 1'10". Be careful despite this everything à the end of the rugged journey with, à five kilometers from the finish, steep slopes. 20%. 

16:43 – The last ten kilometers! (10km)

One minute late for the peloton à 10km from the end of this 6th stage of the Giro 2024 which remains so undecided. The suspense is &agrav; its climax. 

Sanchez opened the road but made a mistake in a roundabout. Julian Alaphilippe has a good reflex and does not fall but the two men lose time on Plapp. 

16: 38 – What a pace the peloton has! (14km)

While the leading trio certainly thought they would no longer be caught in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024, everything is in challenged. The peloton is riding very, very hard and will fall under a minute's delay. 

16:36 – Ineos has taken the lead (16km)

There is a lot of wind in this third gravel sector and Ineos is trying to keep up ;pull the peloton. Be careful of the edges. 

16:35 – The intercalated groupé resumed (16.5km)

The peloton launches its last sector of white path and takes over the group of hunters in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. The peloton is &agrav; 1'35" of the head group à a little more than 15km from the finish. 

While the leading group begins the third ;th gravel sector, a big fall took place in the peloton. No information yet on the identity of of those who fell. 

16:31 – Novak gets angry (18.5km )

It's the UAE team that rides at the head of the peloton and the one that leads the peloton, Domen Novak is unhappy because Magnus Sheffield, from Ineos , wanted to join him at the head and passed by. through the inside of the road. 

16:29 – 20 kilometers remaining ( 20km)

The leading group has just passed the last 20 kilometers of this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. Plapp, Sanchez and Alaphilippe have 1'35" ahead of the chasing group and 2'20" on the peloton. 

16:25 – The last gravel sector is approaching (22km)

It will be an even different surface for the third and final gravel sector in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024. This could be more trapping than the first two. 

16:17 – Plapp heads into the lead the intergiro (27.5km)

The leading group passes to the intergiro of this 6th stage of the Giro 2024 and Lucas Plapp takes 3" bonus. The Australian is still in the race to take the pink jersey à Tadej Pogacar in less than an hour. 

16:14 – Alaphilippe is unhappy (29.5km )

The former world champion explains himself to Sanchez who had attacked him while the Frenchman was drinking. The Spaniard got up again. finally quite quickly and seems to apologize. 

16:10 – Honore is out (32km)

The Norwegian, who has a broken rib, performs a heroic race and leaves the peloton again to try to catch up with the chasing group . Çit's not going to be easy while the Norwegian is up for grabs. 45" behind the four men chasing the leading group. 

16:06 – The é carts à 35km from the finish (35km)

Alaphilippe, Sanchez and Plapp are at the ready. the front and have 30" ahead of Vendrame, Groves, Fiorelli and Trentin intercalated; between this leading group and the peloton which is pointing ahead. 1'30" of the group of three leading riders in this 6th stage of the Giro 2024 with the outcome still very uncertain. 


The Giro classification

Results powered by FirstCycling.com

The Giro d'Italia will follow the spring season and depart on May 4. The finish is scheduled for three weeks later, &agrav; know May 26. 

The start of the Giro 2024 took place at Venaria Reale in the suburbs of Turin, near the Juventus Stadium. Arrival will be at Rome. Here is the list of steps:

  • 3rd stage, May 6: Novara-Fossano, 165km
  • 4th stage, May 7: Acqui Terme-Andora, 187km
  • 5th stage, May 8: Genova-Lucca, 176km
  • 6th stage, May 9: Viareggio-Rapolano Terme, 177km
  • 7th stage, May 10: Foligno-Perugia, 37.2km (time trial)
  • 8th stage, May 11: Spoleto-Prati di Tivo, 153km
  • 9th stage, May 12: Allezzano-Naples, 206km
  • Day of rest, May 13
  • 10th stage, May 14: Pompei-Cusano Mutri (Bocca della Selva), 141km
  • 11th stage, May 15: Foiano di Val Fortore-Francavilla al Mare, 203km
  • 12th stage, May 16: Martinsicuro-Fano, 183km
  • 13th stage, May 17: Riccione-Cento, 179km
  • 14th stage, May 18: Castiglione delle Stiviere-Desenzano del Garda, 31km (time trial)
  • 15th stage, May 19: Manerba del Garda-Livigno (Mottolino), 220km
  • Day of rest, May 20
  • 16th stage, May 21: Livigno-Santa Cristina Val Gardena (Monte Pana), 202km
  • 17th stage, May 22: Selva di Val Gardena-col Brocon, 154km
  • 18th stage, May 23: Fiera di Primiero-Padua, 166km
  • 19th stage, May 24: Mortegliano-Cima Sappada, 154km
  • 20th stage, May 25: Alpago-Bassano del Grappa, 175km
  • 21st stage, May 26: Rome-Rome, 126km

Here is the route map for this Giro 2024:

DIRECT. Giro 2024: a crazy race and Sanchez ahead of Alaphilippe on the wire, follow the 6th stage

© Giro d'Italia

What are the winners of the Tour of Italy ?

Here are the results of the last 15 years of the Giro d'Italia, called the Giro d'Italia. Giro d'Italia. 

  • 2023: P.ย Roglic
  • 2022: J. Hindley
  • 2021: E .Bernal
  • 2020 : T. Geoghegan Hart
  • 2019: R. Carapaz
  • 2018: C. Froome
  • 2017: T. Dumoulin
  • 2016: V. Nibali
  • 2015: A. Contador
  • 2014: N. Quintana
  • 2013: V. Nibali
  • 2012: R. Hesjedal
  • 2011: Mr. Scarponi
  • 2010: I. Basso
  • 2009: D. Menchov
  • 2008: A. Contador
  • 2007: D. Di Luca
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