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DIRECT. Ivory Coast - DR Congo: the Elephants in the final, follow the match

At the end of a mastered match, and thanks to à a goal from Haller, Côte d'Ivoire defeats the Democratic Republic of Congo and secures its place in the final of " sa" CAN.

DIRECT. Ivory Coast - DR Congo: the Elephants in the final, follow the match

Ivory Coast 1: 0

DIRECT. Ivory Coast - DR Congo: the Elephants in the final, follow the match

DR Congo Live

23:15 – Faé's reaction

"I don'not have the words, I'm still having trouble ' achieve. It’s an immense joy. The players have been amazing since we were here. drafted. They had a great match against a very good Congolese team. We have been é looking for a place for "our" final", said Emerse Faé &agrav; hot on the microphone of beIN Sports just after the qualification of Côte d'Ivoire in the final of the CAN, before returning with satisfaction to the manner. " Our round of 16 and our quarter left us in awe. a bitter taste because'à each time, we reacted. We had to fight and whip to get equalizers at the end of the match. It took a lot of energy. We wanted to win with more control, by taking control of the match, that's what we did well", analyzedé the Ivorian coach.

23:05 – A 5th final for Côte d'Ivoire

Winning face à In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Elephants of Côte d'Ivoire qualified for the 5th CAN final in their history. Until'à Now they have gained some. two (1992 and 2015) and lost two (2006 and 2012). On Sunday, they will meet Nigeria to compete for the continental title.

In the jubilation of the Alassane Outtara stadium, Côte d'Ivoire validates its ticket for the final of "sa" CAN. At the end of a semi-final which they mastered, the Ivorians had the opportunity to win. of the Democratic Republic of Congo. All it took was one volley. rebound from Haller to win. For its part, the DRC lacked access. moves to worry the host country and once again fails to do so. this stage of the competition.

22:56 – Bamba takes a corner

Côté right, Singo sees the call from afar in Bamba's axis and gives it at the right tempo behind the Congolese defense. The former Lille driver bypasses Mpasi, exit à his meeting. He tries to cross in the middle but Inonga deflects his header for a corner while Amani and Boga trail behind.

22:54 – The swinging free kick

40 meters to the right, Singo sends his free kick wide. the entrance to the surface for Krasso. In an offside position, the Ivorian attacker lets it pass.

22:53 – Inonga tackles cleanly

Leaving behind, Amani thinks about presenting himself alone in front of him. Mpasi but he is caught by the excellent tackle of Inonga.

22:52 – Additional time: 5 minutes< /h3>

There will be five minutes of additional time in this second period between Côte d'Ivoire and the Republic of America ;democratic Congo.

22:51 – Faé made two changes

In the 89th minute, Faé offers an ovation à Haller and Gradel. They are replaced by Krasso and Boga.

22:50 – Côte dé pledge

Kalulu overwhelms Bamba & right and rolls up a center that Bongonda extends with his head. At the penalty point, an Ivorian defender clears his camp.

22:49 – Mbemba balances in front

Mbemba jumps midfield whereù there is no solution for alerté Banza but in the air, he is beaten by Ndicka. The ball finally lands in the arms of Yahia Fofana.

22:45 – Amani crosses too much

Konan clears wide and in front of the halfway line, Haller diverts behind the leg for Amani. The Ivorian midfielder projects himself, goes around Boly and from 25 meters unleashes a right shot. It goes à left of Mpasi's goal.

22:43 – Gradel restrained

Ndicka overthrows à right but his ball is taken by Masuaku. The latter is dispossessed of it. by the outpouring of Singo. The lateral overflows and enters the surface to the right. Gradel, who has his back to goal, does not manage to score; turn around, perhaps held back by a Congolese. The referee says nothing and à At the other end of the field, Konan makes a very good return to avoid a dangerous situation.

22:42 – Adingra exits

Héhero of the quarter-final, Adingra gives up his place to the 80th minute. It's Bamba who will play the last minutes of this match.

22:41 – Gradel en é fail

From his side right, Gradel transplants à inside and unleashes a powerful shot which Inonga intercepts with his head.

22:40 – Fifth Congolese change

In the 77th minute, Desabre makes a new substitution, his fifth, with the exit of ;apos;Elia and the entry of Silas.

22:39 – Elia crosses too much

At the entrance to the area, Elia takes a bell-shaped ball with first intention. His pivot flight is well balanced but too crossed and passes to the left. left of the goal kept by Yahia Fofana.

22:37 – A first

He is à note that this is the first time since the opening match of the competition against Guinea-Bissau that Côte d'Ivoire opens the score.

22:36 – Cool break

So While there is only a quarter of an hour left in this second period of the semi-final, the players observe another cool-down break.

On a long ball from Ndicka, Kalulu misses his header and gives an almost decisive pass to the goalkeeper. Haller in the axis. At 25 meters, the Ivorian striker saw Mpasi advancing; and attempts a clever lob. His inspiration comes to nothing. right of the Congolese post.

22:32 – Triple change for DR Congo

Following the Ivorian goal, Desabre launched all his forces into the battle and proceeded to attack. a triple replacement. Bakambu, Pickel and Wissa leave the pitch, replaced by Banza, Mayele and Tshibola.

At the near post, moving back, Haller takes the best on Inonga. His cross header passes just above the crossbar, falling onto the net.

22 :29 – Moutoussamy above

The Congolese attempt an immediate reaction but from the right corner of the surface, Moutoussamy sends his left shot above Yahia Fofana's goal.

In the 64th minute, the Alassane Outtara stadium exploded. Side right, Gradel overtakes Masuaku with a two-step acceleration. Behind, he shoots his cross to the far post where Kalulu is short from the head. From behind, Haller takes off with an unacademic volley and with the rebound, he lobbies Mpasi to open the score.

22:24 – Ndicka doesn't fit

Côté right, Masuaku brushes his corner beyondà from the second post where Ndicka comes to place his head. Genên&eac; by Gradel, he does not straighten his ball enough as it passes à side of the goal.

22:22 – Double Ivorian change

In the 60th minute of game, Faé proceeds & a double tactical adjustment with the exits of S&eac;ri and Seko Fofana. They are replaced by Amani and Sangar.


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