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DIRECT. Lens – PSG: Paris more than ever leader of Ligue 1, match summary

In the absence of having been é brilliant, the Parisians were é of cold realism to dominate Lens & Bollaert (2-0). With this precious success, PSG takes off in the rankings where previously they are still in the lead. he is 8 points ahead of Nice.

DIRECT. Lens – PSG: Paris more than ever leader of Ligue 1, match summary

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23:20 – Good night

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow the live comment&eac; between RC Lens and Paris Saint-Germain. See you soon for new meetings on linternaute.com.

DIRECT. Lens – PSG: Paris more than ever leader of Ligue 1, match summary

It is often said that assassins are cold-blooded at the moment to commit their crime. The Parisians have confirmed; that such a fluid flows in their veins and showed, if it was still necessary, that it was necessary to finish them off when possible because they would not mess up. We would not hesitate to do them when the opportunity presents itself. Lens learned it à it depends on him for not having known how to deal the blow.

As the match had just started, Wahi took advantage of Maouassa's percussion work to seize the ball in the area. Turning around and seeing the former Montpellier tumble, Danilo threw himself and mowed him down. Without hesitation, the referee pointed to the penalty point amid Bollaert's growl. Frankowski was offered a golden opportunity to launch his team ideally but he opted for a dry strike in the axis. Donnarumma didn't move, closed his knees and turned the ball away. Lens had just missed his chance and was going to regret it. Leaving the ball and the choice of tempo à Paris, the northern club ran after the ball all evening and ended up breaking on a lightning action.

In his camp, Danilo, excellent in his positioning and his safety. technique, will recover in front of its surface. Two passes later and after a relay from Mbapp, Barcola went to deceive Samba with a flick of the right. After half an hour, PSG took control and never let go, especially since before the break, as fate would have it, Gradit was sent off for a foul on the same Barcola, untenable & left où he brought dynamism, percussion and speed to an accomplished performance. A red which originally had the color yellow but which the referee transformed after watching the slow motion, the constant as the last defender.

Paradoxically, the balance of power was not upset; and if PSG continued to confiscate the ball methodically, they struggled to achieve success. appear dangerous. We had to wait until the last quarter of an hour for the debates to come to life. While Ruiz missed the inevitable à right of the goal, &agrav; point blank, the Lensois were attacked believe it with the contribution of Fulgini, Thomasson and Saïd, coming off the bench. The atmosphere was rising and Bollaert took to the task. believe à a return of his own but following à a controlled strike from Frankowski, Mbapp&eac; took charge of extinguishing Artesian hopes.

At the origin of the counter, he sent Demb&eac;l&eac; &agrav; right then proposed himself in the area whereù his accomplice gave him a perfect pass. Crossing his shot from the right, he put the ball out of Samba's reach. Surgical. Failing to have enthusiasm, PSG used of a cold realism and establishes its authorityé in a Ligue 1, which he blithely dominates with à are now 8 lengths ahead of Nice, defeated the day before. Rennes (0-2). A year after the slap received here, the Parisians have learned the lesson well.

23:05 – Barcola's reaction

Scorer in the first half to open the scoring, Bradley Barcola took the time to stop at the microphone of Prime Video to deliver his analysis of the meeting."In the first half, we put a lot of intensity into the game. from the start which allowed us to score. Afterwards, we lowered the price. rhythmically, which means that we have conceded; lots of chances but overall it's a good match", summed upé the former Lyonnais, decisive in the North.

22:55 – Paris takes off

By imposing à Lens, Paris Saint-Germain took advantage of missteps from Niçois and Mon´gasque the day before, to stand out even further at the top of Ligue 1. The Parisians have &egrave; ;agrave; are eight steps ahead of OGC Nice, after 18 days.

22:46 – Danso's reaction

"We started off very well. We had a penalty and he missed. than the goal. Against a team like Paris, if you don't score when you can, you get punished", explainedé Danso at the microphone of Prime Video.

At the end of a match ;icir;trisé From start to finish, Paris Saint-Germain was able to rely on great realism to defeat a determined but too limited Lens. (2-0). The Parisians were able to take the advantage through Barcola before managing in superiority. digital and seal the fate of the match in the final moments thanks to the inevitable Mbappé. Reduced to 10 just before the break, the Northerners lefté miss their chance at the start of the match when Frankowski missed his penalty.

22:39 – Medina à côté

Fulgini wraps his corner and sees Medina cut the trajectory before the near post. His head is not crossed enough and passes to the back of his head. side.

22:38 – The Lensois get in trouble

On a cross coming from the right and deposited by Sotoca, Saïd controls the chest but is unable to follow up with a volley, embarrassed by Sishuba. The latter takes the ball but also misses his sequence to the right. point blank.

22:36 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of added time in this match between Lens and PSG.

One minute from the end of normal time, PSG ends to the suspense and hopes of Lens. After a controlled strike from Frankowski, the Parisians launched the counterattack from the left. 3 against 1. Mbappé sends Demb&eac;l&eac; in space à RIGHT. The latter takes his time and finds a perfect pass to return the politeness à his partner who made the call towards him in the area. From a tight angle, he crosses his right shot and deceives Samba. Bollaert is silent.

22:33 – Sishuba against

Mbappé has the ball stolen near the Lens area. The Northerners launch a counter and Sishuba is sent. in depth &agrav; LEFT. The new entrant carries the ball up to the surface and strikes at a tight angle. Donnarumma intervenes.

22:32 – Last change for Lens

In the 86th minute, the Lens staff made their final tactical adjustment with the exit of El Aynaoui in favor of the very young Sishuba, not yet 19 years old.

On the other hand, Mbappé awaits the rise of Vitinha and puts him in the race LEFT. The Portuguese, followed by a defender, delays and returns the politeness to the player. his attacker. The latter follows up with a dry strike which forces Samba to take action. stand out on your line.

22:28 – Mbappé does not fit

In the middle of four Lensois defenders, Mbappé quickly goes into action and triggers the right to 20 meters. His strike à low ground is too crossed and does not worry Samba.

22:25 – Fulgini misses frame

The new arrivals bring dynamism and desire to the Lensois offensive front. At 20 meters, in the axis, Fulgini fires with the right but crosses too much his shot which goes wide. left of Donnarumma's goal.

22:23 – Ruiz misses on the counter

The Lensois corner is pushed back. fists by Donnarumma. Paris plans to counter and Mbappé shifts to left Ruiz in the box. The Spaniard lacks promptness by not hitting. His lateral delivery is poorly done technically and breaks the dynamic. Mbappé gets annoyed because there was the annoyance the opportunity to take a break à 77th.

22:22 – Lens gets a corner

Côt&amp ;eacute; left, Fulgini combines with Thomasson who offered to join in front of him &agrav; the edge of the surface. The new entrant crosses but is controlled; by Maqruinhos, who deflects for a corner.

22:20 – Triple change for RC Lens

In the 73rd minute, the Lensois staff decided to make a triple change. Diouf, Pereira Da Costa and Wahi leave the pitch and leave their place à Fulgini, Thomasson and Saïd.

After an exchange in a small space between Mbappé and Barcola à At the left corner of the area, Zaïre-Emery is served at the penalty point and slides in. his right &agrav; Ruiz. The former Naples player fakes the strike and hooks Chavez who bit. Wanting to follow up from the right, he takes the ball from the outside and unscrews it completely. 6 meters.

22:16 – El Ayanoui à reception

After setting &agrav; left, PSG changes side and shifts Demb&eac;l&eac; &agrav; RIGHT. The latter accelerates to deposit Chavez and crosses well back where he finds the foot of El Aynaoui.

22:15 – Mbappé contré

Around the surface in the axis, Vitinha transmits short à Mbappé. Not attacked, the captain of the France team strikes with the left but is controlled. by Danso.

22:12 – Danilo commits the foul

The corner bott& oacute; by Vitinha is imprecise and while Lens wants to restart with Danso, Danilo holds the defender by the shoulders.

22:09 – Paris puts pressure on

Lens is cornered in his camp and fails to succeed; relaunch. Frankowski loses the ball à 30 meters. Ugarte immediately gives à Mbappé which extends &agrav; right for Demb&eac;l&eac;. The former Barcelona player chooses to place his cross between the defenders and the goal. This forces Danso à tackle and &agrav; put in a corner.

22:08 – Exit of Soler

In the 62nd minute , Soler, warned 10 minutes before, leaves the pitch, replaced; by Ruiz, back à the competition.

22:06 – Hernandez charges Wahi

C&amp ;ocirc;té left, Chavez overflows and manages to reach wrap a nice center. At 6 meters, Wahi seems best placed; to put his head but he is charged in the back by Hernandez. A gesture that does not make the referee flinch.


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