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DIRECT. Mali - Burkina Faso: Bertrand Traoré revives the Stallions... follow the match

In master's degree thanks to an own goal from Tapsoba and à an achievement of Sinayoko, Mali conceded; a penalty goal from Burkina Faso. As a reminder, the winner will reach the quarter-finals of CAN 2023.

DIRECT. Mali - Burkina Faso: Bertrand Traoré revives the Stallions... follow the match

Mali 2: 1

DIRECT. Mali - Burkina Faso: Bertrand Traoré revives the Stallions... follow the match

Burkina Faso Live

19:37 – Burkina Faso makes a surprise change (78th)

Scorer on penalty , Bertrand Traoré gave in his place à Ouattara for these last minutes. 

19:36 – The game is broken; in this Mali – Burkina Faso (77th)

The contacts are numerous. There is tension between the actors. A place in the quarter-finals of CAN 2023 is at stake. 

19:34 – Mali makes three changes (75th)

Chelle feels that her Eagles are up to the task. the punishment physically: Haidara, Traor&eac; and Coulibaly leave the field, Samassekou, Koita and Diabaté will finish this part. 

19:32 – Diarra saved Mali (71st)

What a scare for the Eagles' goal! On a clever ball from Bertrand Traoré, Touré was é more prompt &agrav; five meters from the goal. The Mali goalkeeper released the ball, before diving into Badolo's legs. He was é courageous. 

19:30 – Kouyaté recovered well in this Mali – Burkina Faso (70th)

On a dangerous cross from Issa Traor, the central defender pushed back well. danger with a good headbutt. As a reminder, a few minutes ago, the interested party conceded; the penalty which allowed Burkina Faso to relaunch this round of 16 of CAN 2023. 

19:28 – Burkina Faso makes another change (69th)

Orédraogo returns to the bench. Banse will finish this game. 

19:24 – Haidara and Bertrand Traoré remain on the ground (67th )

During a duel in the air, the two players had a head-to-head collision. 

19:22 – Koffi makes a new stop in Mali – Burkina Faso (64th)

Once again, the stallions' goalkeeper was attentive to a distant try from Doumbia. 

19 :21 – Everything is now possible in Mali – Burkina Faso (60th)

This goal from Bertrand Traoré gave back from energy to standards. They move higher up the field.

The captain of the stallions shot on the left. Diarra had dived on the other side. 

Kouyaté was é caught up by VAR. Bertrand Traoré can relaunch this eighth final of CAN 2023. 

19:14 – VAR intervenes in this Mali – Burkina Faso (55th)

Kouyaté touched the ball in the hand. There may be a penalty in favor of the stallions. 

19:11 – Mali wants proceed with a counter-attack (54th)

With a two-goal lead, the Eagles decided to attack to move back their team block. They will focus on the game in transition. 

19:09 – Konaté offers himself an opportunity in this Mali – Burkina Faso (50th)

On a center supportedé came from the right, Konat&eac; placed a header above the opposing goal. It was rather well played. ! 

19:08 – Burkina Faso makes two changes (48th)

Abdoul Tapsoba and Yago leave the field. Nagalo and Badolo will finish this part. 


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