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DIRECT. Marseille – Nice: a gem from Clauss for his return, follow the match

Capital match for Olympique de Marseille which welcomes Nice and must win to continue à believe in European places in Ligue 1.

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DIRECT. Marseille – Nice: a gem from Clauss for his return, follow the match

Nice Live

21:37 – Balerdi puts his head above

35 m on the left , Garcia extends his free kick and finds Balerdi at 6 m. The Argentinian imposes himself in the air facing à two Niçois but does not dominate his ball and sends it over.

On a cross from the left, Thuram misses his d& The header is released and the ball spins along the right axis of the surface where it is located. Clauss disembarks, controls the chest and connects with a volley from the outside of the right. On his line, Bulka deviates towards his own goal.

21:31 – Marseille does not combine well

At 20 m, Kondogbia opens à left on Veretout who puts it back at the end of the race for Aubameang behind but it's bad timing.

21:30 – The game is hâch&eac;

For a few minutes, the match has been getting worse. in a false rhythm with numerous stoppages of play due to mistakes à repetition like this poorly controlled charge from Garcia behind Cho's back.

21:27 – Kondogbia touché in the face

In the middle of the field, Kondogbia eyes the ball but receives an involuntary slap from Sanson. The Marseille midfielder remains on the ground and the game is stopped.

21:26 – Veretout falls in the area

Aubameyang follows in the race of Veretout who projects à LEFT. The former AS Roma man is chased by Sanson and feeling short, he explodes in the duel in the area, collapsing. The referee is well placed; and doesn't whistle anything.

21:24 – Moffi crosses too much

Les Ni& ccedil;ois create the gap by breaking the Marseille environment. Sanson launches à right Mendy who crosses in first intention and finds Moffi in the area whose recovery from the inside of the right is too crossed and slips away. left of Pau Lopez's post.

21:23 – Yellow card for Moumbagna

In the duel with Dante, Moumbagna fights to recover the ball and as he sets foot on it, he crushes his crampons on the foot of Thuram who has come to clean the area. Yellow card for the Marseille striker.

Harit hits the axis and leans on Aubameyang. The Gabonese lifts the ball and throws it into the box for the Moroccan. He is ahead of himé by a superb return from Dante who, by throwing himself, at 6 m, clears the ball before the Marseille strike.

21:18 – Bulka full of confidence

On a long Marseille ball, Bulka comes out of his area and performs a superb controlled sequence. the dribble to clear Aubameyang who was coming to the pressing. Nice assurance from the Niçois doorman.

Since its half on the ground, Boga accelerates the movement and strikes, relying on Cho as a pivot in the central circle. The Niçois turns around and takes the ball until he's the opposing surface where Pau Lopez comes out but misses. Behind, Moffi takes advantage from the inside of the right to score in the empty goal.

21:13 – Bulka watches in front of his goal

From 40 m, Veretout d&amp ;eacute;places his balloon on the head of Gigot à right of the goal. The Marseille captain back on the axis but too close to Bulka who catches in the air.

21:12 – Cardboard yellow for Moffi

Author of a big sole on a Marseillais near the central circle, Moffi is logically warned by the central referee.

21:11 – Veretout lobs his partners

The first corner of the match is very poorly taken. by Veretout who lifts his ball too much which flies over the Niçoise surface and ends up outside the goal.

21:09 – Todibo anticipates the pass

Back to goal à On the edge of the surface, Moumbagna wants to provide support and launch a partner into the game. left but Todibo reads the situation well and intercepts.

21:06 – Veretout above

Aubameyang's overthrow is too long for Moumbagna but the ball remains with Marseille and Clauss plays laterally in the area for Veretout who strikes with first intention. His shot goes well over.

Pau Lopez drops the ball & hand and gives to the ground à Kondogbia. With his back to the game, the midfielder sees Sanson spring at his feet and steal the ball à 20m. Unfortunately for Nice, their midfielder pushes too much and the Marseille goalkeeper positionedé high can recover.

21:04 – Sanson misses his check

Side right, Mendy hits and overflows before retreating to Sanson. Alone, the former Montpellier loses his control and the ball escapes behind him. Behind, Thuram commits a foul on a Marseillais.

21:03 – The Niçois keep the ball

Since the start of the match, the Niçois have been rotating the ball but without achieving à progress. The Marseillais are well in place.

Jordan Veretout kicks off the match for Olympique de Marseille.

20:58 – Entry of the two teams

The twenty-two actors of the match between Olympique de Marseille and Nice entered the pitch of the Vélodrome.

20:50 – Nice pas à comfortable at the Vélodrome

By winning last season at the Vélodrome (3-1), Nice put an end to their victory. several difficult years for him in Marseille. Indeed, before that, the Aiglons had lost in their five previous trips.

20 :45 – Nice seeks continuity

Author of a very successful first part of the season, OGC Nice shines with its irregularity. sports in 2024. As proof, in the event of victory à Marseille, the Niçois club would go on to a 2nd consecutive success in Ligue 1, which has not happened to them since. since his series of 4 victories recorded between the beginning of October and the beginning of November.

20:40 – The fortress of the Vélodrome

This, OM has made the Vélodrome an almost impregnable fortress this season. Indeed, the Marseille club has lost only one of its 21 matches in all competitions for 14 wins and 6 draws. It was against PSG on March 31 (0-2).

20:35 – Home rate & agrave; the first leg

During the last match between the two teams, on October 21, Nice inflicted &agrav; OM its home fare of the season with a 1-0 victory. Clumsy &agrav; the image of Aubameyang which had touched the post, the Marseillais had cracked; at the end of the match. For a fault à At the edge of the area, Balerdi received a second yellow card, synonymous with expulsion. On the following free kick, Guessand scored with a header.


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