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DIRECT. OM - Benfica: Marseille qualified for the semi-finals!

On penalties and in a feverish atmosphere, Olympique de Marseille eliminated Benfica Lisbon (1-0, 4-2) and reached the semi-finals of the Europa League League où he will meet Atalanta Bergamo.

DIRECT. OM - Benfica: Marseille qualified for the semi-finals!

OM 1: 0 < IMG Alt = "Benfica score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/wnkkcu2q9d6fqpxapy1uusue=/450x/smart/defbd1d02aa340a854f2a394dc33c57/ccmcms- .png " />Benfica Live

DIRECT. OM - Benfica: Marseille qualified for the semi-finals!

Il n&amp ;apos;éwasn't so stupid to prepare for it? all eventualities and to schedule an impromptu penalty shootout at the end of training. Just in case. Jean-Louis Gasset's intuitions are fascinating in that they are often rich in meaning and results. The evening that OM has just experienced can only confirm this.

Because at the end of the night, in a Vélodrome which will have beené &agrav; the height of the event pushing to tear out their vocal cords, it was through the penalty shootout that the Marseillais were disappointed. pass to pave the way to the semi-finals of the Europa League. There, Pau Lopez showed that he had done his homework. While he had dived into the sea, on the good side &agrav; each time and had the chance to see Di Maria starté the session by hitting the base of his left post, the Spanish goalkeeper opposed a firm hand to the cross shot. by Antonio Silva. The Marseille supporters exulted before sinking into collective jubilation when a few moments later Luis Henrique finished the job with a powerful strike beyond the reach of Trubin. The outcome of an evening where the Marseille goalkeeper increased his chances the decisive displays when his partners were suffering create danger in the face of a Portuguese team yet taken to task the throat.

If everything has come to an end, in this exercise where ù the nerves are put à tough test, it's because the Marseillais did not succeed in their victory. give body à their frank domination. Unlike &agrav; On the way there, they immediately increased the intensity. what this type of meeting demands and never released their embrace except on a few sequences like when Rafa Silva then Di Maria forced Pau Lopez &agrav; successfully making a double save in front of his line, or when Cabral escaped from behind. right in overtime and saw his left shot repelled by the basin of the last Marseille rampart.

With a goal behind, the Marseillais knew they had to score. at all costs and it was only in the second period that they succeeded. Noticing the helplessness of his men, Gasset had the good idea to launch Moumbagna and Luis Henrique shortly before the hour mark. These two entries changed the face of Marseille , giving it even more offensive momentum. Above all, they would prove decisive because in the 79th minute, the Cameroonian found himself & receiving a cross from Aubameyang to poke his header between Trubin's legs. The Marseille striker's first goal in the Europa League fell to the net. named point especially since nothing would be marked anymore. then, his Gabonese smuggler failing at the end of his life. register his 11th achievement this season in the competition in overtime, his well-felt lob escaping to the right. For once, the Gabonese would not be Marseille's savior, abandoning this role to the rest of France. Pau Lopez.

Face à Benfica, OM will have gone to search far into its resources,   the image of Veretout crippled by cramps, to prolong a brilliant European campaign in a gloomy season. All that's left is: know what Gasset has planned for the future.

00:15 – An unexpected opponent in the semi-finals

At the end of the draw and if everything went well against Benfica, the Marseillais had imagined themselves facing Liverpool in the semi-finals. It will ultimately be Atalanta Bergamo that they will meet in the next round. Victorious 3-0 last week &eacute; Anfiled, the Bergamasques have certainly fallen; &agrav; home but only 0-1 (penalty goal from Salah in the 7th). Insufficient for the Reds to avoid elimination.

00:01 – The reaction by Pau Lopez

"I'm very happy, especially for the supporters because it's a complicated season for everyone. I am happy with the victory, the qualification for the semi-finals of the Europa League and the work of the team. We gave everything", saidé &agrav; hot one of the heroes of the evening Pau Lopez before adding: "On penalties, this time, we had good luck. I'm happy because it's something we've been working on before. with the other two guards."

At the end of one meeting he will have mastered the game. all along, Olympique de Marseille managed to achieve their goals. come à end of Benfica Lisbon and à validate his ticket for the Europa League semi-finals (3-3 over the two matches, 4-2 tab). Sterile for a long time, the Marseillais waited until the 79th minute to force the Portuguese lock on a header from Moumbagna before having to go through the terrible penalty shootout where Pau Lopez pulled out all the stops, like à a few times during the match.

With a powerful strike from the right, Luis Henrique crosses and scores. Olympique de Marseille eliminates Benfica Lisbon at the end of the penalty shootout.

Pau Lopez leaves once again on the good side and with a firm hand defeats Antonio Silva's cross-law attempt.

04/18/24 – 11:45 p.m. – Balerdi scores (3-2)

Balerdi takes responsibility and with a confident shot from the right, crossed flush with the post, puts the ball out of Trubin's reach.

18/04/24 – 23:44 – Otamendi scores (2-2)

Pau Lopez starts on the right side &agrav; his left but Otamendi placed well; his inside right to equalize.

04/18/24 – 11:43 p.m. – Kondogbia scores (2-1)

Kondogbia curls from the left and raises his ball to deceive Trubin who had anticipated on the good side.

04/18/24 – 11:42 p.m. – Kokcu scores (1-1 )

Kokcu chose to open his right foot and was successful in seeing his attempt passed under Pau Lopez.&nbsp ;

18/04/24 – 23:42 – Correa scores (1-0)

Correa does not tremble and opens his right foot to take à Trubin counterbalance. OM passes in front.

Delaying his dash as if he were hesitating, Di Maria rolls from the left and find the base of the post. First failure for Benfica Lisbon.

After a sterile and painful extension for the bodies, the Olympic of Marseille and Benfica Lisbon did not manage to achieve this goal. will have to go through the penalty shootout to determine who will go to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

04/18/24 – 23:33 – Additional time: 2 minutes

There will be two minutes additional time in this second period of the extension.

04/18/24 – 11:32 p.m. – Veretout can't take it anymore

Veretout grits his teeth but the body says stop. The Marseille midfielder has his muscles so tense that he can no longer run and barely stand up. The Marseillais will finish à 10.

04/18/24 – 11:30 p.m. – Joao Mario repelled

Di Maria opens from the left and finds Joao Mario in the area. The latter cannot turn around and is chased away. by the good pressing behind his back from Kondogbia.

18/04/24 – 23:28 – Veretout comes back into play< /h3>

Taken care of by the trainers, Veretout finally gets up and finds his place on the field, gritting his teeth for the last 5 minutes.

04/18/24 – 11:27 p.m. – Trubin étires Veretout

On a distant free kick from Lafont, Veretout drops to the ground in the 6 m, cramped. The action continues and it is Trubin, the Benfica goalkeeper, who stretches the Marseille midfielder to help him get the ball into the net. get up.

18/04/24 – 23:24 – Aubameyang too short

< p>Shift &agrav; left, Veretout strives to curl his center just a little too high for Aubameyang. Behind, Antonio Slva pushes the danger away with his head.

18/04/24 – 23: 23 – Professional debut for Lafont

After Daou, it's the turn of Lafont (17 years old) to experience his first in the OM jersey. He replaces Harit à the 110th minute.

Cabral, entered; in play &agrav; the pace of Rafa Silva à in the 101st minute, is senté in depth and sees his center back rebound on Kondogbia who had thrown himself. The ball returns to the Benfica attack which continues from the left but Pau Lopez makes another decisive save.

04/18/24 – 11:20 p.m. – Taken à three on Harit

Harit hits à right and slides the ball between the legs of Aursnes but behind, Joao Neves arrives in second to accompany the ball out of the goal.

The second period of the extension begins under the leadership of Benfica Lisbon.

While Moumbagna imposes himself physically on the scoreboard. right facing &agrav; Aursnes, its technical limitations prevent it from achieving the expected center. The referee whistles. the end of the first period of extra time during which Aubameyang almost found the opening with a nice lob. Marseillais have a quarter of an hour left to avoid penalties against Marseille. the Portuguese who are tiring.

18/04/24 – 23:13 – Faible head of Moumbagna

On a well-worked centeré by Luis Henrique from the side left, Moumbagna goes to the duel with Aursnes and imposes himself physically. Unfortunately, his head back lacks intensity. to worry Trubin.


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