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DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille comes back on track, follow the match

A week after his draw Hamburg, OM are playing their European destiny against Shakthar Donetsk in a Europa League return play-off which promises tension and suspense.

DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille comes back on track, follow the match

OM 1: 1

DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille comes back on track, follow the match

Shakhtar Live

21:37 – Sikan à side

Served in the direction of play by Zubkov, Eguinaldo avoids a Marseille tackle and gives left in the area for Sikan, author of a cross call. The Ukrainian striker has no solution in the center and strikes from the left, à side of Pau Lopez's goal.

21:34 – Mbemba on Riznyk

The Marseillais regained control of the match and its rhythm. This is materialized with more technical mastery and higher full-backs on the pitch. Mbemba gives into space on the right wing & Clauss whose center is deviated in a corner by Azarov's tackle. On the set kick next, the Marseille full-back again finds Mbemba whose header is on target but on Riznyk.

21 :33 – Mbemba out of balance

Merlin rolls an outgoing corner back into the area. Mbemba succeeds in stand out but behind, the Congolese defender fails to achieve his goals. straighten the ball with your head.

21:31 – Kondogbia in the wall

< p>At 25 meters in the axis, Kondogbia takes charge of the Marseille free kick but from the inside of the left, he does not succeed in making it. bypass the Ukrainian wall.

21:30 – Aubameyang in history

En scoring his 7th goal of the season in the Europa League, Aubameyang carriedé its total &agrav; 31 in the competition, of which he became the top scorer in history, a unit in front of the Colombian Radamel Falcao.

21:28 – Clauss misses his cross

Clauss is found in the surface &agrav; the limit of the goal kick on an opening coming from the opposite. The Marseille full-back is in perfect control but gets confused when crossing at the near post where Moumbagna stood out in the competition. behind Azarov's back.

21:27 – Kondogbia from afar

Kondogbia is biting in the pressing and steals the ball from the feet of Bondarenko à 25 meters. The Marseille midfielder asks no questions and hits hard with the left. His tense shot is deflected by Riznyk.

In the 24th minute, Aubameyang brought Olympique de Marseille back to the lead. height of Shakhtar Donetsk. 30 m from the opposing goal, Kondogbia causes Bondarenko to lose the ball. Harit takes the ball and throws himself forward. It then shifts to left in the area Aubameyang who, alone, closes his foot and scores at the near post when Riznyk had anticipated; &agrav; the opposite.

21:22 – Numerous technical errors

The Marseillais are unable to find solutions at the heart of the game where the Kondogbia-Ounahi-Harit trio is too absent. Merlin tries to refocus his pass and loses the ball due to a technical mistake.

21:20 – Marseille does not approach

Merlin sketches the beginning of a climb at the top of the mountain. left and overlooks the wing & Harit who must work hard to succeed in his career. control the ball. The Moroccan is pushed back and the Marseillais are forced to retreat. Since the start of the match, they have been struggling to improve. approach the opposing area.

21:19 – Bondarenko comes out limping

Bondarenko is hit following contact with Gigot. He leaves the field limping. right where he touches his upper thigh, perhaps because of a crutch. The Ukrainians will play a few minutes à one less.

21:17 – Yellow card for Gigot

Gigot compensates for the lack of commitment of his partners with excess on his part. Already &agrav; the limit on a tackle on Zubkov a few minutes earlier, the Marseille captain throws himself with both feet in front to take the ball away. Bondarenko. If he hit it well, the ball first, the hardnessé his intervention earned him a yellow card from the referee.

Sudakov takes his responsibilities and, at the last moment, opens his foot right to take à countered Pau Lopez, who went to his right. After 12 minutes of play, OM found themselves trailing. by Shakhtar Donetsk.

Terrible error by Clauss who concedes the penalty to the 10th minute. After Ounahi lost the ball, Bondarenko opened the game in the center near the central circle for Sudakov. The Ukrainian midfielder gives in front à left &agrav; Eguinaldo. The Brazilian is surrounded; by two Marseillais and takes advantage of a space to turn around and enter the area where the Olympian full-back mows him down. The referee immediately points to the penalty spot.

On a long through ball for Zubkov, Meit& oacute; regrowth of the head in the axis. Entering the Marseille area, Sikan volleys from the right. His strike fuses à level with the ground and forces Pau Lopez à relax &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash; horizontal. The Spanish goalkeeper gets up quickly and comes, like a handball goalkeeper, to close the corner. Eguinaldo.

21:06 – Leg in the clouds

Clauss rolls up his corner, shot from the right, and deposits it at the far post at the right. the angle of 6 meters. Free from any markings, Gigot rushes but fails to reach the goal. dominate the ball, which bounces on the top of his skull and passes widely to his head. side.

21:04 – Clauss gleans a corner

Clauss sends into the depth à right Moumbagna. The Cameroonian makes the effort and finds his full-back whose center is deflected. in corner.

21:02 – Meité header

Sudakov takes care of curling in the corner from the left. The trajectory is re-entrant but at 6 meters, Meit&eac; places his head to clear his camp.

21:01 – Eguinaldo already has dangerous

Zubkov leaves the zone and comes to lend his support to left où Eguinaldo combines with him. On the left of the area near the corner, the Ukrainian delivered from outside the left into the Brazilian's race. In the zone of truth, he opens his right foot but Gigot is well positioned; and puts himself on the trajectory to deviate for a corner.

The Marseillais kick off the Europa League return play-off against to the Ukrainians from Shakhtar Donetsk.

20:57 – Entry of the two teams

Players from Olympique de Marseille and Shakhtar Donetsk entered the tournament. on the lawn of a full V&elodrome and already there! rumbling with fervor. Everything comes together for a great match! the occasion of this Europa League return play-off.

20:55 – Fifteen years later< /h3>

Olympique de Marseille has unpleasant memories, to say the least, of its previous opposition to Shakhtar Donetsk. In April 2009, the Marseillais were barred from reaching the semi-finals of what was still called the UEFA Cup. On the way to Ukraine, Mandanda, Niang and others lost by conceding goals from Hübschman and Jadson (0-2), without managing to win. take advantage of the expulsion at the end of the match of Ischenko (81st). The return, a week later, to the Vélodrome was hardly a surprise. no longer a success, Fernandinho reducing to dashing Marseille's hopes from the 29th. Ben Arfa equalized before the break but in stoppage time, Adriano sealed the fate of the double confrontation (1-2).

20:50 – Dam Specialist

Shakhtar Donetsk has developed in recent years a real science of Europa League play-offs. Indeed, the Ukrainians have reached the milestone in their last three appearances at home. this stage of the competition. Last season, they had difficulty getting out of Rennes. As of February 2021, this had been resolved. simpler since they had dominated Maccabi Tel-Aviv both à the first leg (2-0) and the return leg (1-0). The previous year, the Dombass club had eliminated at the same stadium Benfica Lisbon, winning ' home à the first leg (2-1) before securing a draw in Portugal (3-3). His last failure in the play-offs dates back to 2008. 2019 où he had drank on Eintracht Frankfurt (2-2, 1-4).

20:45 – Marseille passes almost all the time< /h3>

Marseille qualified 14 times out of 15 after having drawn a match away in the first leg in UEFA competition, the last time against the Slovenian club Domžale in the qualifying play-off for the ;Europa League 2017/18 (1-1 away, 3-0 at home). Their only elimination came against Benfica in the round of 16 of the 2009/10 Europa League (1-1 away, 1-2 &at home).

20:40 – Not a good omen for Shakhtar ?

The Ukrainian club has never qualified; after a 2-2 draw & home à winning the first leg in his four previous attempts, the most recent of which dates back to 2008. a 16th final of the 2018/19 Europa League against à Eintracht Frankfurt (1-4 away).


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