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DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille goes in front, follow the match

A week after his draw Hamburg, OM are playing their European destiny against Shakthar Donetsk in a Europa League return play-off which promises tension and suspense.

DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille goes in front, follow the match

OM 2: 1

DIRECT. OM – Shakhtar: Marseille goes in front, follow the match

Shakhtar Live

On a long ball from the Marseille defense, Aubameyang tries to control with the tip of his right foot behind Rakitskyi's back. The ball escapes him but behind it, Sarr emerges and with a volley from the right scores the goal at the near post. In the 74th minute, the Vélodrome burst into flames while OM took control of the return barrage.

22:33 – A free kick for nothing

At 45 m, Clauss refuses to lie down in the opponent's area and gives à Harit position his back to the goal à 25 meters. The Marseille midfielder plays à left on Kondogbia who brings out the ball for Merlin. The latter goes into the area but it's too deep and Rynik imposes himself in the air.

22:31 – Nobody does not cut

Face &agrav; Stepanenko on the right à on the edge of the surface, Veretout adjusts a dangerous center to level with the ground. Sarr is short to cut at the near post and Aubameyang can only watch as Matviienko clears in front of his goal. The Gabonese had not followed.

22:29 – Zubkov above

Côté right, Clauss hits the ball at Eguinaldo's feet but gives a chance à Zubkov, who in the area continues with a powerful left strike. Fortunately for OM, the Ukrainian's shot was unscrewed. and escapes into the air.

22:28 – Double entry for OM

In the 63rd minute, Gasset proceeds à his first two changes. He recalls Moumbagna and Harit to the bench to start Sarr and Veretout. The latter makes his return à the competition after a month of absence.

22:25 – Matviienko from the tê te

Ounahi shifts to right Clauss whose center is returnedé by the head of Matviienko. Behind, Merlin arrives launched; but his shot from the left ricochets off the foot of the Ukrainian central defender.

22:24 – Mbemba far from the frame

Arrival launched &agrav; 25 meters away, Mbemba takes advantage of the absence of marking to trigger a right-footed shot. The Congolese crosses his attempt too much, which escapes him and largely misses the mark. left of the opposing goal.

22:23 – Gigot intercepts

The Ukrainians are going out more and posing a threat. Zubkov hits à right and gives in the axis à 25 m à Sudakov. Without control, the Ukrainian midfielder distills a pass into the area in front of him for Bondarenko but Gigot appreciates the trajectory and intercepts.

22:21 – A yellow for Matviienko

To avoid a quick counter from OM, Matviienko does not return the ball directly and sends him further into touch. This anti-gambling gesture is punishable a yellow card à the 57th minute.

22:20 – Meité face &agrav; Zubkov

In the axis à 30 meters, Eguinaldo transmits à right &agrav; Zubkov who tries to outflank Meit&eac;. The Marseille defender does not throw himself and accompanies the opposing attacker whose cross shot from the right he deflects for a corner.

22:16 – Moumbagna on Riznyk

Merlin works his corner well with his left foot and finds Moumbagna at the far post whose the header is strong but too much on Riznyk who catches on his line.

Merlin hits the axis and finds support with Harit &agrave ; the entrance to the surface. The former Schalke 04 does not look back and gives à right &agrav; Clauss who from the right triggers a dry strike with first intention. It takes Azarov's back to divert the ball from its trajectory which led to the goal. Corner à come for OM.

At the near post, Konoplia gets rid of Merlin and manages to win. head the corner hit; from the right. The Ukrainian full-back pokes her head but crosses it too much and she just goes past. right of Pau Lopez's post.

22:11 – Meité covers

With a ball over the top, Sudakov sends a magnificent pass to Konoplia à right of the surface. The full-back heads back but Meit&eac; grows back. The ball is returned à Bondarenko à right which gives &agrav; Zubkov who plays in the back for his full-back in the area. The latter gets a corner.

22:10 – Konoplia narrowly escapes

< p>On a side pass that wasn't strong enough, Konoplia managed to score. get ahead of Ounahi &agrav; enters its surface and can clear its camp as best it can. The Marseillais came back with the same intentions and put a lot of pressure on the Shakhtar Donetsk players.

Shakhtar Donetsk launches the second period of this Europa League return play-off.

Olympique de Marseille can continue to believe in their chances of qualifying for the round of 16 of the Europa League. After a more than delicate first ten minutes which saw him conceded; a goal from a penalty, OM recovered head in the wake of Gigot and Kondogbia. More sharp and convinced, the Marseillais imposedé their rhythm and effective pressing which resulted in à the equalizer from Aubameyang, who became the top scorer in the history of the competition. Behind, the locals have grown. but missed narrowly in the last gesture.

Once again the images are reviewed to establish whether the contact between Moumbagna and Rakitskiy is legal or not and once again, the ;apos;video assistance believes that this is not enough to whistle penalty in favor of OM.

On a long ball, Aubameyang wins his aerial duel and extends with his head towards the surface where Moumbagna is in a duel with Rakitskiy. The Ukrainian defender is caught and touches the Cameroonian who collapses. In the process, Harit presents himself and beats Konoplia to strike with the right. His attempt does not fall and goes over Riznyk's crossbar.

21:49 – Yellow card for Konoplia

Pau Lopez plays quickly after the Ukrainian free kick and restarts à the hand very far à left on Moumbagna. The Cameroonian goes into action but in his withdrawal, Konoplia sweeps his legs. the Ukrainian full-back is logically warned. He will be suspended for Shakhtar Donetsk's next European match.

21:48 – Eguinaldo stings too much

Offset &agrav; left of the Marseille surface, à 25 meters, Zubkov curls the Ukrainian free kick. In front of the first post, Bondarenko extends and allows the ball to reach Eguinaldo at the far post. There, the Brazilian pokes his head too much. His attempt loses all speed and Pau Lopez catches it.

21:46 – Additional time: 4 minutes

< p>There will be four minutes of added time in this first period between Olympique de Marseille and Shakhtar Donetsk.

21:45 – Eguinaldo takes a yellow

Côté right, Clauss plays with his shoulder to take the ball from Eguinaldo's feet. The Brazilian wants to catch up and throws himself, knocking the French international to the ground. A poorly mastered tackle which earned him a warning. The Marseille free kick does nothing.

21:42 – Technical error by Sudakov

Sudakov misses his throw-in and Rakitskyi cannot prevent the corner. On it, Moumbagna places his head beyond the from the far post but it rebounds on his defender. The ball comes back to the Cameroonian who cannot reach the goal. hit properly.

21:41 – Sikan removes Clauss' center

OM's distant free kick is played short by Harit on Clauss. The Marseille full-back feints the center and accelerates violently at high speed. right to put down his defender. It is applied to center in the surface where it is located. Sikan signals with his head by extending the ball, which a Marseillais eyed behind.


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