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DIRECT. Paris 2024 Olympics: the Olympic flame stranded all day, Marseille must wait

The Olympic flame arrives in France and more particularly in France. Marseille this Wednesday, May 8 before starting its long journey to Marseille. Paris.

The essentials

  • Party day à Marseille this Wednesday, May 8 with the arrival of the Olympic flame in France.
  • On é Olympia on Tuesday April 16, the flame begins a long journey until July 26, the date of the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games. < /li>
  • This Olympic flame arrives in France on Belem. A large parade in the harbor of Marseille will take place from 11 a.m. to 11 a.m. 17 hours before the Olympic flame actually landed on Marseille soil in Marseille. 7 p.m. with Florent Manaudou as the very first porter.


1:00 p.m. – "Wind conditions are good"

DIRECT. Paris 2024 Olympics: the Olympic flame stranded all day, Marseille must wait

The Belem continues its parade in the harbor of Marseille. À on board, Aymeric Gibet, the captain of the legendary sailboat returned to the RMC microphone on this historic moment. "We are as much in contemplation as in action à edge. It's a little marathon this parade (…) All these boats around, çit shows the interest of the people for the flame, for the Belem& quot;, he explained.

While the mistral, this very strong south wind, had risen. this morning, Aymeric Gibet held à reassure the most worried spectators. "The wind conditions are good, all guarantees have been fulfilled. taken to ensure safety. (…) We can't wait to experience this unique moment, said" the one for whom it was one "proud" to be able to take the Olympic flame from Greece to France. "It's a unique adventure that comes to an end", he addedé.

12 :38 – "Everything comes together to make the party beautiful"

From Marseille, Tony Estanguet, the president of the committee; organizer of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games does not hide its excitement in the face of the arrival of the Olympic flame in France. “Everything is going very well, we are excited, delighted to experience this moment that we have been waiting for so long,” he explained. While spectators have been massing in large numbers since Wednesday morning along the Marseille bay to admire the arrival of the Belem, & on board which is the Olympic flame coming from Greece, Tony Estanguet indicated that "everything comes together to make the party beautiful”.

Questioned by our colleagues from BFMTV on Florent Manaudou who will be the first bearer of the flame in France, the former triple Olympic canoe championë slalom indicated&eac; that "[Florent Manaudou] is a bit like the man of the day today. It was important for us to celebrate the return of the Games to our country with an Olympian, and not just any Olympian. À Olympia, his sister, the former athlete Laure Manaudou had been a member of the team. the first French çaise è take over the Olympic flame in Greece on April 16.

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11:32 – The numerous onlookers in the Old Port

DIRECT. Paris 2024 Olympics: the Olympic flame stranded all day, Marseille must wait

On the Old Port of Marseille, the curious are already there. many waiting to see Belem. In total, nearly 150,000 spectators are expected all day to experience the moment of the arrival of the Olympic flame in France. Under a blazing sun, some arrived early in the morning to be in the front row.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">11:02 – Start for the parade

DIRECT. Paris 2024 Olympics: the Olympic flame stranded all day, Marseille must wait

The commander having sounded the brown horn, the maritime parade of Belem, escorted by 1,024 boats can start in the harbor of Marseille, off the coast of Estaque.

After 12 days of navigation on the Mediterranean and its departure from Greece, the Olympic flame is impatiently awaited from many French.

11:00 – The maritime parade à from 11 a.m.

DIRECT. Paris 2024 Olympics: the Olympic flame stranded all day, Marseille must wait

Arrival in North harbor & 9 a.m. this Wednesday, the Belem will then be part of a large maritime parade which will begin at 9 a.m. this Wednesday. 11am. The 1,024 boats and the Belem will take the road towards the South, along the sea wall. À 11:15 a.m., a jousting workshop will take place & Corbières with a demonstration of light sails then traditional rowing at the same time. from 11:30 a.m. & Estaque. Several other events from Marseille boats à Rowing will then be offered at the end of the morning to spectators.

Early in the afternoon, from 1:15 p.m. 3:30 p.m., the maritime parade will take place in the South harbor with an entry planned at l'&here lot Gaby. Là Furthermore, several activities and demonstrations will be offered in front of the Corniche and the Olympic Marina as well as in front of the Corniche and the Olympic Marina. Red Point. Finally, the Belem will enter the Old Port of Marseille & 7 p.m. before the first Olympic torch relay à 7:45 p.m. on the Quai de la Fraternité.

10:46 – How to see the arrival of the flame< /h3>

If the maritime parade surrounding the arrival of the Belem in the Bay of Marseille should amaze young and old, many will surely want to see the mythical Olympic flame. To have a chance to see it, you can go to the Old Port under the Ombrière, on the Quai de la Fraternité, there. whereù the Belem will be moored à from 7 p.m. On site, the entire Old Port was renovated. pi&eac;tonnis&eac; for the day and giant screens installed to allow as many people as possible to see the show at the time of the show. Florent Manaudou will light the Olympic cauldron à 7:45 p.m.

But several other points of view will allow you to follow the ceremony from a little further away. This is the case on the esplanade of Saint-Victor Abbey which overlooks the Old Port and offers a panoramic view of the entrance to the port. À Notre-Dame de la Garde, located at At an altitude of 150 meters, the famous Marseille building will allow you to admire the parade from start to finish. the end, although a good pair of binoculars should be necessary to see the Olympic flame. Finally, Fort Saint-Jean, the Mucem or the Esplanade de la Tourette are other places that will allow you to follow this historic moment while getting away from the crowds of the Old Town. Port.

10:32 – The best places to see the maritime parade

So many people want to see the arrival of the Olympic flame in Paris. Marseille, you still need to have the best view. Thus, to admire the maritime parade of hundreds of boats surrounding the Belem, five viewpoints were created. arranged. These are located à the Mistral space à L'Estaque, in the Pharo garden, à the Porte de l'Orient on the Corniche Kennedy, on the Corniche island (at the height of the Oriol valley), and at the Memorial of returnees from Algeria located in also on the Corniche.

09:59 – Hundreds of boats to escort the Belem

While the Belem is currently off the coast of Marseille, hundreds of boats must escort the sailboat & the occasion of a maritime parade. In total, 1,024 hand-picked boats will participate in this event. this spectacle which is already announced grandiose.

Concerning the boats which will not participate à the parade, the latter will be prohibited from anchoring and navigation in several areas. Concerning navigation, from  9 a.m. à 3:30 p.m.  North harbor will be prohibited, as will the cove and around the Catalans from 5 p.m. & 7 p.m. As for anchorage, all vessels will have to comply with this requirement. a ban from 3:30 p.m. à 7 p.m. in the main North harbour, and from 5 p.m. à 7 p.m. in the cove and around the Catalans.

09:50 – Benoit Payan: "We are going to offer something giant"

"There is this tension, this reckoning à countdown which is launched, and the arrival of the flame will be the apotheosis. The Games kick off with Marseille is May 8. We are going to offer something giant and extraordinary. We are going to do something beautiful, grandiose, sober and popular at the same time. To go see the opening ceremony at Paris, çwill cost up to ’à 2,700 euros per place. For us, it will be free from the morning until the evening concert, for everyone. We started from the principle that the Games are for everyone, that the Games cannot be reserved for everyone. those who have money and can afford very expensive tickets" explainedé the mayor of Marseille in an interview à l'AFP.

09:30 – Florent Manaudou happy to carry the flame

"Carry the flame after my sister, who has already had this honor à Olympia in Greece, and do it in a city &amp;amp;egrave; to which I am very attached, Marseille, has an even stronger meaning for me, to savor the swimmer, also a candidate to be one of the two tricolor flag bearers. be in the Old Port and celebrate, with the public, the return of the Games to France, 100 years later!"

09:22 – 150,000 spectators expected

After a journey in Greece completed on April 27, the Olympic flame took the road to France & aboard the legendary Belem, a 58 meter long three-master. À on board, in addition to the crew of the sailboat, are around fifteen young scouts from all over France and designated to watch over the meadow. heavenly flame during its crossing over the Mediterranean. All must be welcomed in the morning by nearly 150,000 spectators.

09:10 – The mistral, a danger for Belem

The mistral, this very strong wind that southerners know very well, could disrupt the arrival of the flame. If the forecasts do not go in this direction, "&from 25 knots,  the Belem will not enter the Old -Port" explains the maritime prefecture because the boat could become uncontrollable.

08:50 – A concert will conclude the day ;e

After the first steps of the flame à Marseille, a floating stage will be installed facing the Old Port, along the Quai de la Fraternité à 9 p.m. for a major concert by Marseille artists Soprano and Alonzo which will conclude the evening and will last approximately three hours.

08:30 – Florent Manaudou first carrier

If his sister Laure wasé the very first French torchbearer in Greece, Florent Manaudou will be the very first torchbearer on French soil. He will run a few dozen meters on a floatable athletics track before lighting the Olympic cauldron around 7:45 p.m. in the presence of the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

08:10 – Escape game, concerts.. Many festivities< /h3>

On the Old Port, accessible to pedestrians for the occasion, a giant escape game will be organized. from 11 a.m. à 5 p.m. in partnership with associations. A handi-basketball demonstration is planned from 2 p.m. to 2 p.m. 4 p.m. before a demonstration of breakdancing, an Olympic sport for the first time this year. A "festive fanfare" and a DJ set are also on the program.


Discover the latest news on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has been at the heart of discussions since the presentation of the project. It will be held on Friday July 26, for the first time outside a stadium. Along a six-kilometer route on the Seine, the 10,500 Olympic athletes will parade on more than 150 boats. The ceremony should last approximately 3.5 hours. The script for the ceremony, produced by choreographer Thomas Jolly, wants to be kept secret. was kept until the last moment by the Committee. organization (Cojo). In detail, the start should be given around 8:30 p.m. at the Pont d'Austerlitz, with the departure of the Greek delegation, for the arrival of the French boat, the last of the procession, around midnight, at the I'na bridge. But this opening ceremony promised by the Paris candidacy could not see the light of day, in the event of too great a security risk. In any case, that’s what M's said. a few days ago Emmanuel Macron, during an interview BFM. The president spoke in particular about a plan B at the Trocadéro, or even a plan C at the Stade de France.

For safety and organizational reasons, the spectator gauge has also been increased. reviewed by the State. If 600,000 people, including 500,000 free places, had been admitted, announced at the start of the application, the gauge was increased. greatly reduced. The Minister of the Interior recently announced that 326,000 people could attend   the opening ceremony, including 100,000 paid seats. The prize for this Games event is ranges from 90 € à 2700€. The public will be distributed in around twenty fixed zones, with it being impossible to join to move along the quays. 80 égiant screens are provided all along the route, ;eacute; animations and artistic performances.

The committee organization revealed from the end of 2021 the first visuals of the opening ceremony with a show that promises to be historic on the Seine. Here are the images : 

The closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games will take place at the Stade de France & the end of the competitions. For the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, around 65,000 people would be expected to depart from the Champs-Elysées and the Concorde où The athletes will parade on August 28, 2024. 

À what date do the Paris 2024 Olympic Games start ?

The Committee Organization of the Olympic Games (COJo) indicated in February 2019, that these 2024 Paris Olympics, which were initially scheduled to begin on August 2, will finally take place from July 26 to August 11 ;ucirc;t 2024. It is obviously a little early to know the dates of the events, the daily schedule and the TV program for this sporting fortnight. These topics will be à the study once the list of sports and the sites selected are official.

Download the calendar for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games 

Download our Paris 2024 Olympic Games calendar in PDF with all disciplines and dates.

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