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DIRECT. Paris: the man holed up in the Iranian consulate was arrested and taken into police custody

An individual had taken refuge. in the Iranian consulate à Paris, this April 19. The man said he was armed. explosives and threatened to activate his arsenal. He was finally released. arrested at the beginning of the afternoon and placed on guard &agrav; view.

The essentials

  • A 61-year-old man of Iranian origin was arrested. placed on guard &agrav; view. He surrendered spontaneously after being away for a while. in a building of the Iranian consulate, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, this Friday, April 19.
  • Unlike à his threats, he was not wearing explosives, but a tactical vest and fake grenades.
  • This man is already known to the police. He had been arrested for the fire of this same consulate in September 2023.


22:26 – In images, the important system deployedé this Friday around the Iranian consulate

END OF LIVE – À the time when we close this live, we invite you to review the images of the important police force set up this Friday afternoon around the Iranian consulate. As can be seen in the videos relayed by the CLPress press agency, in addition to the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI), soldiers ;were also present, as were the firefighters who had been there. called on site, in the event that things would have gone wrong.

19:47 – The suspect "veryèegrave;eacute;" by the recent events in Iran

At the microphone of BFMTV this Friday, the Franco-Iranian Mona Jafarian, president of the Femme Azadi association, who met with the suspect arrested at the consulate of Iran à Paris, returned to its personality, but also to the past. painful and traumatic of the individual currently placed in on guard &agrav; view. Éevoking a person "very psychologically fragile, who often has somewhat incoherent comments", Mona Jafarian explainedé that the man suffered a lot because he has victims of the regime in his family, who were killed. murdered by the Islamic Republic. For her, he "had really lost his footing”. And the recent events in the Middle East would not have helped matters. &agrav; that. He was “very upset” by the images arriving from Iran, especially in the last 3-4 days,” she further affirmed.

18:43 – An investigation opened for death threats

The man who had entrenched himself in the Iranian consulate this Friday afternoon was´acute; arrested and placed on guard &agrav; view. The investigation will now continue its course. She was é opened on the charge of "threat of death materialized by the wearing of a fake vest representing explosives", reported the Paris prosecutor's office including RTL echoes. 

18:06 – The perimeter security has just been raised

A few hours after the arrest of the individual, the p&eacute ;security framework around the Iranian consulate, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, has just been lifted. The neighborhood had been destroyed. looped for safety reasons by the Paris police headquarters. 

17:38 – What we know about the suspect < /h3>

According to the latest information, the man is French. Described as a pro-Shah of Iran, he had been disappointed. flee Iran in 1979 and then began to flee Iran in 1979. a university course à Paris in order to become an orthotist.

The individual was é placed on guard &agrav; seen around 2:45 p.m. He is already there. known to the police since he had been arrested for the fire of this same consulate in September 2023. At that time, he was then arrested. judged in immediate appearance and sentenced to &agrav; 8 months in prison with a probationary suspension of two years.

As part of this conviction, he was prohibited from participating à demonstrations and to go to the 16th but as he had appealed this decision and had to appeal Monday to 1:30 p.m., so the bans did not apply.

15:46 – The man is of Iranian origin

According to the first elements of the prosecution, the man behind the explosion threats is âaged& oacute; 61 years old. He would have been born in Iran in 1963. 

14:59 – No explosives found "neither on him, nor on the spot"

While the suspect was é arrested by the Research and Intervention Brigade, his vehicle, with which he arrived at the Iranian consulate, and the premises were also taken into custody. inspected. According to the parquet floor, the parquet floor of Paris, no explosive material was ultimately found. found "neither on him, nor on the spot", unlike " his threats of passage à the act. 

14:57 – Interrupted metro lines

Traffic on line 6 of the metro, interrupted between Raspail and CDG-Étoile stations, as well as that of line 9 between Franklin-D- Roosevelt and Pont-de-Sevres due to security measures", indicates the RATP on its X account. Traffic should resume shortly . 

The individual has just come out of his own free will. of the consulate. The BIS is checking the suspect. Unlike &agrav; his statements, he was not carrying explosives.

14:47 – Venger the death of his brother

According to several witnesses, the individual would have put flags at floor of the consulate and said he wanted to avenge the death of his brother. 

14:46 – The consulate district of Iran is closed; by the police

An intervention by the BRI (research and intervention brigade), a unité police elite, is imminent on rue Fresnel & Paris in the 16th arrondissement when a man was killed. seen entering the Iranian consulate around 11 a.m. wearing an explosive vest.

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