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DIRECT. Quevilly – Saint-Étienne: the Greens are pushing to secure a promotion to Ligue 1, follow the match

38th and final day of Ligue 2 this Friday. AS Saint-Étienne has the best chances on the lawn of Quevilly Rouen Métropole and could move up to Ligue 1 in the event of a goal.

DIRECT. Quevilly – Saint-Étienne: the Greens are pushing to secure a promotion to Ligue 1, follow the match

Quevilly 0 : 0

DIRECT. Quevilly – Saint-Étienne: the Greens are pushing to secure a promotion to Ligue 1, follow the match

Saint-Étienne Live

21:35 – The situation in the ranking à the break

À At half-time of this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne the situation in the standings is the same as before the start of the 38th day of Ligue 1. The Greens are 3rd à two lengths from Angers who was also held in check against Angers. Dunkirk. 

Marc Bollengier whistles the end of this first period of Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. Still no goal &agrav; Robert-Diochon despiteé the biggest opportunities for the Greens. QRM also scored but the goal was refusal for an offside position. 

21:27 – The good tackle from Cissokho (43')

The defender from Quevilly makes a superb tackle in the feet of Cardona who was trying to take the leather to face Leroy in a duel. 

21:25 – The setting slips away (42')

Jason Pendant is in a closed corner; in the penalty area and tries to deceive Green's vigilance but QRM's shot from the side is missed. 

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">21:23 – Bouchouari does not fit (39')

The Saint-Étienne midfielder tries to score his first goal of the season but his rollé does not return as part of Leroy. The Greens still lack precision in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. 

21:20 – The good intervention of Briançon (36')

The Greens defender is impeccable on this powerful center from Camara. He manages to achieve this. steal the leather and à then relieve his defense in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. 

21:17 – The first carton (33')

Marc Bollengier lives for the first time in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. Moueffek gets ahead of Gbelle in surprise. The latter tackles and does not touch the ball. 

DECISIONÉTHE THREAT IS BEING CLARIFIED ! Sissoko tries his luck in the pivot but his shot is repelled by Coulibaly who makes a heroic comeback. Leroy was perhaps on the trajectory but nothing is certain. 

It was the 1-0 ball!! Cardona is launched &agrav; the edge of offside by Chambost, eliminates Leroy and pushes the ball but Cissokho saves his side in front of his line before Cisse replaces him once again against the ball. Cardona. 

21:11 – Leroy rushes a little (27')

< p>The Quevilly goalkeeper tries to put some rhythm into this meeting but his quick restart does not find a target. Jean-Louis Garcia's players lost the ball very quickly in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. 

21:10 – It's a failure! for Yade (26')

The QRM winger returns to the axis and connects with his left foot but it is largely missed ;. 

21:08 – Still no goal à Angers (25')

À Angers, no goal was scored registered between the SCO and Dunkirk. If ASSE opens the score in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne, the Greens would then provisionally move to the top of the table. second place. 

21:06 – Cardona ose (22')

On a long opening, the Stéphanois winger attempts a gesture to Van Basten with a first-intention volley from a tight angle. He has less success than the former Dutch striker. 

The Saint-Etienne defender recovers and then offers a solution but his cross is controlled; in touch. On the throw-in, Nadé is &agrav; receiving a cross and attempts a recovery but Leroy lies down well on the leather. This is the first opportunity for the Greens in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. 

21:02 – Chambost's unscrewed recovery (19')

The Greens' midfielder is completely missing in this Quevilly – Saint-& ;Eacute;tienne. On a ball that is lying around, Chambost volleys but his attempt is unscrewed. 

21:01 – Petrot's cross (16')

Chambost launches Petrot into the left lane. The latter crosses hard at the near post but Leroy beats Sissoko who was waiting for the leather. 

20:59 – Le petit pont de Cisse ( 15')

Superb gesture from the QRM side. He allows himself a brilliant little bridge over Chambost which was unable to do anything. 

20:57 – The Greens are in control (13')

After almost a quarter of an hour of play in this Quevilly – Saint- Étienne, the Stéphanois have the ball and are trying to settle into the halfé of opposing territory. However, the biggest thrill was for the Greens who conceded their victory. a goal refused. 

20:55 – Sissoko tries his hand (11')

The Saint-Etienne striker has an interesting free kick in front of him. play à around twenty meters but Sissoko's shot is slowed down by the wall and ends up in the gloves of the Leopards goalkeeper. 

20:53 – Bouchouari is opposed; (9')

After a nice recovery from Mbuku, Bouchouari tries his hand at the corner of the repair area but his attempt is repelled by the Norman defense in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. 

THE GREEN ARE PUNISHED! But an offside position saves them. Coulibaly had left too soon. Maçon had stoppedé and almost got punished. 

20:48 – Sangaré misses himself (4')

The Quevilly midfielder tries to speed up the game with a powerful pass towards Coulibaly but & ccedil; fled the former Nantais. 

20:47 – The first strikes! (3')

Cardona is the first à try your luck in this Quevilly – Saint-Étienne. He cuts into the axis and continues with his right foot but his attempt passes over Leroy's cages. 

20 :46 – A first failed restart (1')

Etienne Green who replaces Gautier Larsonneur in this Quevilly – Saint-É tienne completely unscrews his very first raise of the evening. 

Marc Bollengier gives the kick-off of this meeting of the 38th and final day of Ligue 2 between Quevilly and Saint-Étienne. The tension is immense with this struggle à distance between Les Verts and Angers. 


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