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DIRECT. Real – Barça: Fermin silences the Bernabeu, follow the match

Well entered in the match but regained by a penalty goal from Vinicius, FC Barcelona catches Real Madrid in a Clasico where ù he can consider himself wronged after the disallowed goal. &agrav; Yamal.

< IMG Alt = "Real Madrid score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/dja5HdfqpjhbcGo4ngrpie=/450x/smart/fb4ef518b45e44359ae6a2f3a6b98494/ccmcms- 5.png " /> real Madrid 1: 2

DIRECT. Real – Barça: Fermin silences the Bernabeu, follow the match

FC Barcelona Live

Leté alone à right, Yamal positions himself and rolls in a left shot. In front of Lunin, Ferran Torres pretends to cut and hampers the Ukrainian who despite his attack all the reflex to push back. At 6 m, Fermin Lopez is there; to put the ball in the back and give back the advantage to FC Barcelona à the 70th minute.

22:34 – Ferran Torres signalé offside

While the stadium is calling for a hand from Koundé on a cross from Vinicius, the Frenchman having deviated of the abdomen, the Barça goes against. Ferran Torres leaves à the edge of offside but is caught by Camavinga. Push&eac; behind his back, the Catalan misses his face-to-face duel; Lunin, crossing his attempt too much. Finally the flag rises to signal offside at the start of the action.

22: 32 – Two changes for FC Barcelona

In the 63rd minute, Xavi continues his coaching to try to change the course of the Clasico. The Catalan technician made two strong choices by removing Lewandowski and Raphinha to send Ferran Torres and Joao Felix onto the pitch.

22:31 – Fermin unscrews

At the entrance to the surface, Fermin inherits a good ball but due to his lack of control, he positions himself poorly and unscrews his shot with the left, well hampered. also by the pressing behind his back from Kroos.

22:30 – The bad lob from Lewandowski

< p>On a long opening from Araujo, Lewandowski is in perfect control and sees that Lunin had left the game. his line to go out &agrav; his meeting. Misaligned, the Pole tries to lob the Ukrainian but misses his move.

New contentious situation in the Madrid area. To the right of the zone of truth, Pedri finds a superb side pass for Fermin. The young Blaugrana midfielder hooks outside and seems to pass but comes up against Write down who puts himself in opposition. The defenderé's gesture is appropriate. delay and clearly obstructs but the referee does not whistle.

22:22 – Vinicius' counter does not succeed< /h3>

on a backheel from Lewandowski with bad timing à Approaching the Madrid area, Bellingham recovers and sends a long ball ahead. Vinicius gets ahead of everyone but shifts slightly as he moves forward. right, push through the withdrawal of Cubarsi and Kound, before hitting hard with the right. It's largely à side.

22:21 – Camavinga does not open up

Yamal quickly gets the upper hand on Camavinga but the Frenchman does not dismount and through his positioning, succeeds in winning the match. stay between the Catalan and his surface before stopping him.

22:20 – Koundé in master's degree

Servi à left by Modric, Vinicius launches and seeks à destabilize Kound&eac; by his support but the French international is solid and anticipates the movements of Madrid well to intervene.

22:18 – Bellingham from afar

After a good job of recovery and projection from Modric, Bellingham uses the call to attack. his left from Vinicius to work his defender, feinting the strike with the right to return with his left foot and roll up 20 m. Ter Stegen captures it easily.

22:15 – A change à the break for FC Barcelona

After having been é forced to bring on Pedri just before the break, Xavi took advantageé returning to the locker room to change his organization and take out Christensen, to launch Fermin.

22:14 – Yamal calls on Lunin

Yamal continues à making Camavinga suffer with his speed. The Blaugrana winger counters and à the right corner of the surface rolls with his left foot. It's too central and Lunin catches it.

The Clasico resumes à Santiago-Bernabeu with Real Madrid relaunching the debates.

It's the break à Santiago-Bernabeu and Real Madrid and FC Barcelona return to the locker room with a draw (1-1). The Catalans started the best with a goal from Christensen from a corner, taking advantage of a missed exit from Lunin. Behind, Cancelo left behind; pass Lucas Vazquez who obtained a penalty for a foul by Cubarsi and Vinicius took care of the penalty. to transform. A hard blow for the Blaugranas who then thought they scored a second goal through Yamal but due to lack of goal line technology and clear images à the video, the referees refused to accept the video. the achievement of the Barcelona winger. A situation that will cause a lot of ink to flow. Finally, just before the break, De Jong wasé forced out due to injury, hité &agrav; the right ankle. A dense first act between two teams at a similar level.

21:56 – Pedri comes on

At 45+6, Xavi is forced to make his first change to finish the first period at the top. 11 against 11. It's Pedri who comes in to replace the injured De Jong.

De Jong got up again& oacute; but cannot exit by itself. The Dutchman is obliged to do so. to leave the lawn on a stretcher, & his great dismay.

21:53 – De Jong injured ?

By wanting to oppose à a shot from Valverde, De Jong suffered the impact on his right ankle and remained on the ground. The Dutchman grimaces in pain and holds his head in his hands. His match seems over.

Christensen stupidly loses the ball 25 m from his goal, pressedé by Bellingham. Vinicius projects himself with it and can go to goal alone. The Brazilian finally plays it collectively by wanting to serve é his left Rodrygo. An error since his service is too soft and allows à Christensen to swoop in and save the day.

21:50 – Additional time: 4 minutes

< p>There will be four minutes of added time in this first period between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

21:49 – Just above for Gündogan

At 20 m in the left axis, Gündogan attempts the direct free kick but his brushed ball misses him. from the right does not fall quickly enough and ends up on the net behind Lunin's crossbar.

21:48 – Modric too much timid

Rodrygo leans on Bellingham but is unable to achieve his goal. take the ball to the shed. This benefits à Valverde who shifts in the axis, & entering the area, Modric whose right shot was curled into the net. and too shy to worry Ter Stegen.

21:44 – Rodrygo too short

< p>On receiving a reversal of play left, Rodrygo brushes a cross from the outside of the right. At the near post, Rodrygo passes in front of Cubarsi and throws himself but is too close to cut the trajectory.

21:43 – Real suffering from a corner

Raphinha curls his corner from the right and no one cuts it at the near post. Behind, Camavinga misses with a header but that doesn't lend itself to an attack. consequences. The Merengues are in great difficulty; on opposing corners.

21:42 – Good exit from Lunin

On a rolled center from Cancelo, Lunin imposes himself by leaving his line and punching his fist in front of Lewandowski. Corner à come for FC Barcelona.

21:39 – Raphinha does not fit

A the limit of the surface à At the right corner, Raphinha takes charge of the free kick obtained by Yamal and sends the ball over Lunin's crossbar.


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