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DIRECT. Real Sociedad – PSG: Mbappé’s flash of genius puts Paris on the right track, follow the match

PSG travels to Real Sociedad this Tuesday. the occasion of the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League. The capital club has a two-goal advantage but is not yet calm. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Real Sociedad – PSG: Mbappé’s flash of genius puts Paris on the right track, follow the match

Real Sociedad 0: 1 < img alt = "PSG score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/9pn-v-b1t3x8l4bbvjdiq74ciew=/450x/smart/ee61b83b8064498e837f5251219bc87e/ccmcms-lintern ng " /> PSG Live

21:35 – Paris retreats (35')

For a few minutes in this Real Sociedad – PSG, the Parisians hunker down a little more to manage this advantage and wait for the first period with a considerable advantage. 

The Spanish goalkeeper is uncompromising on his line and kicks out the first intention strike from Kylian Mbappé close to double. PSG is not far from the break. 

21:29 – Mendes warned (28')

The Portuguese international is the first informed player of this Real Sociedad – PSG. He interrupts the counter-attack by Take Kubo. 

21:27 – Les Basques sans solution (26')

Real Sociedad have been very uninspired since the start of this round of 16 second leg. Imanol Alguacil's men multiply the through balls. Becker's speed does not disrupt the Parisian defense. 

21:23 – Paris continues its momentum ;e (23')

This Real Sociedad – PSG is, for the moment, dominatedé by Parisians. Mbappé's goal has, it seems, calmed the Basque ardor. 

21:21 – Cooled atmosphere à Anoeta (21')

Mbappé's goal hurt the Basque supporters very badly in this Real Sociedad – PSG. It is the 750 Ultras of the capital club who are making themselves heard. 

21:18 – Mbappé brokeé the net (18')

Remiro's nets shook and even more in this Real Sociedad – PSG. 

WHAT GOAL TO LAUNCH THIS Real Sociedad – PSG. Kylian Mbappé is in the penalty area gets back on his right foot and deceives Remiro with a curled ball. sublime. 

21:15 – Zaïre-Emery écrase (15')

The young French international has a boulevard in midfield to accelerate and takes advantage of it to enter the opposing area in this Real Sociedad – PSG. He then crushes his shot. 

21:13 – Kubo misses his pass (13')

The Japanese accelerates, moves back into the center and tries to find Oyarzabal but it's behind the back of the Real Sociedad captain . 

21:12 – Hernandez obstructs (11')

Becker gains speed in the left lane but Lucas Hernandez gets in the way of the Real Sociedad winger. 

The first& This is a huge opportunity for Real Sociedad – PSG for Barcola! Mbappé makes the difference on the sideé left and center towards the former Lyonnais who comes up against Remiro à point blank. 

21:09 – The Norman takes the lead (8')

The Spanish defender again imposes himself in the opposing area but his header is too axial to deceive Donnarumma. 

On a cross at the far post towards Take Kubo, Nuno Mendes unscrews his head which is close to deceiving his doorman. 

21:06 – The first strike of Mbappé (5')

The former Monegasque is in the right mood in this Real Sociedad – PSG and lights the first goal ;che of this meeting. Ça goes over after a stint with Fabian Ruiz. 

21:03 – The first& ;egrave;re incursion (4')

The first foray of this Real Sociedad – PSG is for the Basques. Traoré center but gets lost and çgoes out of goal. The former Rennais suffers from a shoulder injury but remains on the pitch. 

21:02 – Oyarzabal misses his throw (2')

First ball for the Basque captain who misses his throw on the side. LEFT. The Real players have intentions at the start of the match. 

Michael Oliver kicks off this Real Sociedad – PSG. Paris must maintain its two-goal advantage acquired in the first leg to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League. 

20 :52 – The mood rises!

À Anoeta supporters start à give voice and prepare a wonderful tifo for the entry of the two teams for this Real Sociedad – PSG. The kick-off will be given in less than ten minutes from now on. 

20:44 – Anoeta succeeds é Real Sociedad

If the record of the Basques à home is mixed Lately, in the European Cup things have been different. Indeed, Real Sociedad has not lost in 13 of the last 19 matches played against them. Anoeta (6v, 7n, 6d).

20:37 – Kimpembe made the trip

The French defender, injured for more than a year, made the trip to encourage his team to win. the occasion of this Real Sociedad – PSG. 

20:30 – Zaïre-Emery in history

Holder à On the occasion of this Real Sociedad – PSG, Warren Zaïe-Emery will reach the mark of 10 matches played in the Champions League and therefore becomes the youngest French player in the Champions League ;apos;history &agrav; reach this bar. 

20:23 – Mbappé aims for a nice figure

If Kylian Mbappé mark in this Real Sociedad – PSG, he will score his 45th goal in the Champions League. À 25 years and 76 days old he would become the second player in history & achieve this feat after Lionel Messi. 

20:16 – Luis Enrique still relies on youth

The Spanish technician decides to discount on youth for this Real Sociedad – PSG. Beraldo, Zaïre-Emery and Barcola start as usual. on the way there. During the meeting three weeks ago three players under the age of 21 had started. for the first time since March 2014 in the Champions League. 

20:09 – PSG faces &agrave ; Spanish adversaries

À less than an hour from the kick-off of Real Sociedad – PSG, let's take a look at the capital club's record against Madrid. to the Spanish teams. He's not famous. The success of the first leg was only the fifth victory out of the sixteen clashes against the Russians. Iberian formations (5v, 3n, 8d). 


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