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DIRECT. Roland-Garros 2024: Djokovic reassures himself, black day for the French... scores and results

“DIRECT. Roland-Garros 2024: Djokovic reassures himself, dark day for the French… scores and results”

End of the first round of Roland-Garros this Tuesday, May 28, and the 1st round proves difficult for the French. The serial heads are assured.

The essentials

  • The program for the end of the 1st round of Roland-Garros is once again enticing with yet another Frenchman committed to playing the title. : Barrier facing à Bublik. Popyrin and Kokkinakis play each other in a spectacular duel. 
  • Among the results of the day, the French Cornet and Mladenovic were the winners. eliminated. Cazaux, Mannarino, Lestienne and Mpetshi Perricard also left. Rinderknech avoided the attack. zero point. Sabalenka, validated his ticket for the 2nd round of Roland-Garros. Ruud and Rune also did not tremble, just like Djokovic who pulled away. Herbert. 
  • Follow all the highlights and results from Roland-Garros live.


23:39 – Barrère is à again in danger

Bublik has just obtained two break points. This is a new turning point. 

Thanks to this à a backhand along the line, Kokkinakis got the better of Popyrin (6-4, 6-7 *8/10*, 3-6, 7-5, 3-6). He will see the 2nd round of Roland-Garros. 

23:36 – Bublik makes it!

À wear, and thanks in particular to mistakes by Barrère, Bublik continues his race in the lead in the third round (2-3). 

23:35 – Kokkinakis serves for the match

No doubt that after 4h30 of fighting, Popyrin is doing nothing let go. 

23:34 – Badosa achieves a small feat!

The Spaniard (n°139) got the better of Boulter (n°28) in three sets: 4-6, 5- 7, 4-6. 

23:32 – Bublik fails to à conclude !

It's the fifth tie, and Barrère continues. believe it. 

23:30 – Barrère does not seize his opportunities!

The Frenchman has just lost three chances to break Bublik. 

23:30 – Bublik sticks his head out of the water

Barrère couldn't do anything make on winning serves (40-40). 

23:29 – Bublik cracks!

A double fault offers two break points à Barrère. 

23:28 – Barrère is having a great time!

The Frenchman has just gained seven rank points. He now has an opportunity. on Bublik's serve (00-30). 

23:24 – Barrère shows responsiveness ;silience

The Frenchman has just saved three break points, the last of which thanks to a well-touched lob. Behind, he was finally able to rely on his serve to equalize (2-2). 

23:23 – Boulter is pushed to her limits

The Briton is unable to get rid of Badosa (6-4, 5-7, 4-4). 

23:22 – Popyrin and Kokkinakis still do not leave each other

In the fifth set, the players still cannot manage to win. make the difference (3-3). 

23:16 – Barrère does not admit not defeated

With a strong smash, the Frenchman started again. in the fourth round (1-2). There is no more delay break. 

23:14 – Barrère must not sink

Bublik has just scored a shutout to start the third set (1-0). 


The overloaded calendar does not change the dates of Roland-Garros which takes place from May 20, 2024 with the start of qualifying to Sunday June 9, 2024, the day of the men's final.

If the ticketing system remains as in previous years, tickets will now be 100% digital. . There will be three phases. The first tickets will be sold to club presidents then to licensees of the French Federationç tennis court, before the opening of the ticket office to the general public on Wednesday March 13 & 10am. You need to pay at least 39 € for access to the side courts during the main tournament, and 50 € minimum to have a place in the stands of the Philippe Chatrier court. Resales of places are also planned at the end of the year. as the tournament approaches and during the fortnight.  

The overall allocation for Roland-Garros 2024 has been increased. unveiled on April 25, 2024. In 2024, the overall allocation is up 7.8% compared to the previous year. last year, and rose to a new level. 53.478 million euros according to the press release of Roland-Garros. 

Broadcasters of Roland Garros in 2024,  France TV and Amazon Prime (s'subscribe & ;agrav; Amazon Prime Video) have renewed their contract until 2027. France Tétévisions will broadcast in full daytime matches whileAmazon Prime will broadcast the 11 night sessions from the first Sunday to the last Wednesday of the tournament. Unlike &agrav; Last year, Amazon Prime will no longer have exclusive rights to Amazon Prime matches on Simonne Matthieu.  The two media outlets managed to reach an agreement. They will co-broadcast the semi-finals of the ladies' and gentlemen's singles draws, the ladies' and gentlemen's doubles and the mixed doubles final.

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