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DIRECT. Senegal - Gambia: the start of the Lions' great meeting! Follow the match

The defending champion enters the fray in this CAN 2023. Senegal begins with a match against Senegal. Gambia this Monday, January 15 & on the occasion of the first day of the group stage. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Senegal - Gambia: the start of the Lions' great meeting! Follow the match

Senegal 1: 0

DIRECT. Senegal - Gambia: the start of the Lions' great meeting! Follow the match

Gambia Live

15:37 – A problem during the hymns (37')

Before the transmission of the match was interrupted, this Senegal – Gambia had been marked by sound problems during the national anthems. Supporters of both teams were disappointed; intone &agrav; capella their team anthems. 

15:33 – A global problem (34')

If this Senegal – Gambia continues, the broadcasts of the meeting are, for the moment, interrupted. We don't yet know when the images will reach us again. Still 1-0 for the Lions. 

The vagaries of live take over. The stadium signal has apparently been interrupted. lost and the images of this Senegal – Gambia are no longer arriving at the moment. 

15: 28 – Transmission problems (28')

The images have difficulty à reach from the Ivory Coast and the retransmission of this Senegal – Gambia is sometimes interrupted. 

15:25 – Sowe crosses too much (25')

It was rather t lonely on this corner but Ali Sowe does not manage to à adjust his head shot which is ultimately largely off target. 

15:24 – Minteh does harm (24')

The Feyenoord winger does damage on his side ; and Niakhaté is obliged to to concede a corner in this Senegal – Gambia. 

15:23 – Adams takes risks (23')

The Gambian midfielder takes risks in the recovery with the heavy pressing of the Senegalese but manages to succeed. get out of it. 

15:21 – Mané is too long (20')

The former Liverpool Red tries to throw Jakobs deep but the ball from Sadio Mané flees the AS Monaco side. 

15:19 – Gaye plays quickly (19')

The Gambian goalkeeper wants to set the pace in this Senegal – Gambia and alerts his attackers with a quick but too long restart. Edouard Mendy can grab the leather. 

15:16 – Barrow's shot is off target ( 17')

With his right foot Musa Barrow tries to return the ball to the frame but the frame slips away for the Gambian striker. 

15:15 – Dangerous free kick à follow (15')

Abdou Diallo commits a handball near his penalty area after good work from the young 19-year-old winger Yankuba Minteh. Edouard Mendy could have work. 

15:12 – Both teams plan quickly (12')

This Senegal – Gambia starts on a rather high base. The two formations do not hesitate to do so. move forward quickly and take advantage of the spaces. 

15:09 – Abdou Diallo warned (9')

The Moroccan referee is already in trouble. in this Senegal – Gambia after a big mistake by the former Parisian on Adams. 

This start of Senegal – Gambia is difficult for the Scorpions who are overwhelmed by the opposing offensives. Lamine Camara had entered the in the area before serving Habib Diallo but the recovery of the former Strasbourg player is not on target. 

Quel Start of Senegal – Gambia for the title holders! After a failed relaunch, Mané offers a goal ball to Marseillais Pape Gueye who perfectly adjusts the opposing goalkeeper. 

15:03 – Diatta's center is evasive (3')

The Monegasque applies himself but the cross from Krépin Diatta does not find a taker because Sadio Man&eac; is a little too short. 

Start of the canon meeting of the Gambians in this Senegal – Gambia with a long shot from Manneh. Edouard Mendy moves intelligently. 

Jiyed Redouane kicks off this Senegal – Gambia! The title holder embarks on this CAN 2023 facing à Gambians who present themselves as the little thumb of this group C. 

14:55 – Both & eacute;teams are on the pitch!

À five minutes from the kick-off of this Senegal – Gambia, the two teams entered the game. on the lawn of the Charles Konan Banny stadium in Yamoussoukro and sing their national anthems. 

14:49 – A long streak of invincibility

Before this Senegal – Gambia, the Téranga Lions did not concedeé oacute; setbacks in official competition since January 18, 2023. For their part, the Gambians did not like the game. to success since June 14, 2023 even if they have not played only three official matches after this date. 

14:42 – A clash of extremes

This Senegal – Gambia is also the opportunity to attend a meeting which opposes the 20th world nation & the 126th. In this CAN 2023, it is quite simply the second best nation against France. the last if we refer to the FIFA rankings. But the truth is The pitch is often very different and the Scorpions surprised in 2021 by reaching the quarter-finals of the competition. 

14:35 – The difficult mission awaiting Senegal

In the history of the CAN, the Defending the title still promises to be just as complicated. Indeed, only three nations have achieved this feat of winning two CANs in a row. The Lions of Teranga could become the fourth team in the world. do it after Ghana, Cameroon and Egypt. 

14:28 – The Gambia almost fell the drama

Before this Senegal – Gambia, the Scorpions had a traumatic experience. Indeed, while the Gambians were going to Côte d'Ivoire to compete in this CAN 2023, their plane was destroyed. forced to turn around because the oxygen was starting to run out. miss. "We were afraid of dying, the whole team, if the flight had lasted long" thirty minutes more, we would all be dead, à 100%,” saidé coach Tom Saintfiet. 

14:21 – More convincing debut ?

If the Lions of Teranga woné At the last edition of the African Cup of Nations, their group stage was played out. rather disappointing. Indeed, the men of Aliou Cissé had not scored; only one small goal and had earned a victory. only one success. 

The team compositions of this Senegal – Gambia are known! Aliou Cissé has tenuredé two Marseillais including one who will support Sadio Mané in attack. Indeed, Pape Gueye and Ismaila Sarr start the match. The Teranga Lions

Opposite, the Scorpions will count Messin Ablie Jallow in their ranks. The Gambians XI: Gaye – Janko, Gomez, Colley, Touray – Adams, Manneh – Barrow, Darboe, Minteh – Sowe.


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