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DIRECT. Senegal - Ivory Coast: the bite of the champion, follow the match

Thanks to à Habib Diallo, Senegal took the lead in their round of 16 but Côte d'Ivoire is far from having said its last word. Follow the meeting live on the website linternaute.com.

DIRECT. Senegal - Ivory Coast: the bite of the champion, follow the match

Senegal 1: 0

DIRECT. Senegal - Ivory Coast: the bite of the champion, follow the match

Ivory Coast Live

Put into orbit by a splendid transverse from Ndicka, Pépé presents himself alone facing each other. Mendy but loses his duel against à the former Chelsea goalkeeper, author of a beautiful flight on the Ivorian's curling shot.

22:34 – Ivorian double change

In the 72nd minute, Faé continues to regenerate his team with the additions of Haller and Kessi, & the place of Krasso and Sangaré.

22:33 – Yellow card for Camara

Côté right, Aurier protects his ball with his back to the game and is jostled by Camara, who in passing puts a sole on his heel. The Senegalese environment has been warned.

22:32 – Camara à side

Essential for its activity harassment in the middle, Lamine Camara also stands out in front of goal. Taking advantage of a little space in front of him, he took a wide shot. level with the ground & 25 meters. It's too crossedé and ça passes à left of the goal of Yahia Fofana who had accompaniedé the diving trajectory.

22:30 – Mendy in the air

Seri gets rid of Jackson's pressure and sends a perfect dive ball behind the Senegalese defense. Aurier grabs the ball with his chest but pushes it a little too much. This allows à Mendy to impose himself in the air before being hit by Seko Fofana, who was late and made the mistake.

22:29 – Habib Diallo leaves

Senegalese striker Habib Diallo leaves the pitch the 66th minute. It is replaced by Jackson.

22:28 – The frame escapes

After two Ivorian recovery errors, Diallo tries his luck from 20 meters but is blocked. by a partner unintentionally on the trajectory. The ball returns to Man&eac; who achieves à give à left for Jakobs. The latter refocuses but does not reel in his right shot enough. It goes à side.

22:26 – Double change for Côte d'Ivoire

In the 64th minute, Emerse Faé made its first choices with the releases of Gradel and Diakité. He sends two other offensive players onto the field: Adingra and Pépé.

22:23 – Too quickly ahead

Way out of place by Koulibaly, Diatta seeks verticality with Ismaïla Sarr but his pass is behind the back of his compatriot who does not manage to achieve the goal. take it away with a pigeon's wing. Ball quickly lost by Senegal.

22:22 – Camara close to finding Mané< /h3>

Camara intercepts an Ivorian transmission à left and immediately wants to send Man&eac; in the back. His pass is well read by Seri who then resists the attack. his dry cleaning.

22:21 – Yellow card for Habib Diallo

In an aerial duel, Habib Diallo extends his arms and puts his left hand in the face from Ndicka. The Senegalese attacker is warned for this gesture.

After long minutes, the assistance video ;eacute;o believes that the real contact between Kossounou and Ismaïla Sarr is not pronounced enough; to whistle penalty. The game will resume. We are &agrav; the 57th minute.

On the counter, Ismaïla Sarr shows her speed and accelerates to move up the entire field. He takes the advantage over Kossounou and enters the area from the right angle where he collapses, possibly hooked by the Ivorian defender. The referee requests à Please ensure that the images are consulted to determine if there is a penalty.

22 :16 – Across the surface

Side law, Diakité continues to make miseries &egrave; Niakhaté and wraps up a dangerous center. In the center, Krasso cannot cut because of the duel with Koulibaly. The ball crosses the Senegalese surface.

22:14 – Diakité without relay

Côté right Diakité was successful, taking advantage of two favorable counterattacks to open a path to the Senegalese surface. He pushes his ball and is taken away by the good placement of Abdou Diallo. Its center is captured by Mendy.

22:12 – Krasso sanctioned

The Ivorian attackers put their heart into it to try to make the difference. After a Diakité &agrav; right of the area, Krasso makes the effort to take the ball from Niakhaté's feet. He succeeds and sets off towards the zone of truth. opponent before the referee calls a foul against him.

22:11 – The free kick returned

Côté left, Gradel is pushed by Diatta and adds just enough to get a free kick. He himself takes care of rolling it up to the second post where Abdou Diallo imposes himself in the air with his head.

Near the halfway line, Koulibaly quickly plays the free kick and sends Ismaïla Sarr deep behind Konan's back. The Senegalese enters the area and crosses his shot from the right which Yahia Fofana deflects for a corner.

22:08 – Ndicka intervenes

Habib Diallo manages à take the ball à right of the surface but it is tight up close by Ndicka, who does not let him pass.

Côte d'Ivoire launches the second period this round of 16 of the CAN against Senegal. The host country is carried out a goal by the outgoing champion.

Author of a thunderous start to the match, Senegal quickly took control on an authoritarian half-volley from Habib Diallo, who came to lodge under the helm of Yahia Fofana (1-0). The Senegalese then seemed to be in control. slow down &agrav; following a big mistake by Man, which could have earned him more than a yellow card, and left the initiative à more enterprising Ivorians but incapable of defeating the Senegalese bloc. The premises will have to  take more risks to dethrone the outgoing champion.

21:51 – Nothing on Gradel

On a cross from the right, Gradel comes to the far post and jumps before falling. He calls for non-existent contact and the referee doesn't flinch. The game continues with a counterattack. &agrav; right by Ismaïla Sarr. The Senegalese accelerates, crosses the halfway line and goes straight to the left. Mané. The latter fixes the defense and seeks to attack. return politeness à his partner who always makes the call right but Ndicka cuts the trajectory.

21:49 – Pape Sarr off balance

Yahia Fofana anticipates Jakobs' cross well and throws back cleanly for a partner who has the ball stolen in his half. ground. At 25 meters, Pape Matar Sarr with his right arm but off balance sends his shot well above.

21:46 – Additional time: 5 minutes

The refereeing body indicates that there will be a minimum of five minutes of additional time in this first & first period between Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.

21:45 – Fear in the Ivorian surface

Côté left, Mané control of the chest and achieves &eac;escape & Kossounou to overflow. The Senegalese delays and adjusts a cross to the right. level with the ground that Ismaïla Sarr comes to cut at the first post. Genên&eac; by the foot of Yahia Fofana, he cannot continue and avoids the goal kick, before retreating outside the area to the right. a partner. Finally, the flag rises to indicate that the ball is out.


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