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DIRECT. Shakhtar – OM: Marseille punishes, follow the match

Struggling in Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille enters the Europa League play-offs against Shakhtar Dontesk without a benchmark and the need to get back on track. Follow the match live on linternaute.com.

DIRECT. Shakhtar – OM: Marseille punishes, follow the match

Shakhtar 2: 2

DIRECT. Shakhtar – OM: Marseille punishes, follow the match

OM Live

20:38 – Eguinaldo's equalizing goal (2-2)

Marseille happiness will not have been only of short duration. In added time, à At 90+2, Zubkov is found; &agrav; right after a reversal of play. The Ukrainian curls a cross from the left which Eguinaldo cuts at the near post to score with a header taken low of the Marseille amount.

Less than two minutes from the end of regular time, Aubameyang overtook Gocholeishvili to score. left and reaches à center indented. At 6 meters, Matviienko misses his clearance and Ndiaye takes the opportunity to score from the inside of the right. Marseille regains the advantage.

20:34 – It doesn't work

Harit launches the Marseille offensive from a retreating position. It transmits à Ounahi who wants to serve in the Aubameyang race which is overflowing LEFT. His pass is intercepted.

20:31 – Merlin in power

Side left, Merlin pierces the Ukrainian defense and in a tight angle; unleashes a powerful left strike. On his line Riznyk makes the parade.

20:27 – Merlin in opposition

< p>Zubkov enters the Marseille area from the right corner but in his feints, he misplaces the ball facing forward. a Merlin who didn't throw himself.

20:25 – Gigot avoids the worst< /h3>

Côté right, Eguinaldo is senté in depth to lead the Ukrainian counter. At the edge of the surface, the Brazilian clears Balerdi who adds for a presumed contact. in the face, and spikes a cross to the far post whereù Kevin flies into an acrobatic scissors. Right in front of him, Gigot intervenes with his head to calm the situation.

20:23 – Zubkov takes a yellow card

Caught by Ounahi's race, Zubkov throws himself and hooks the Moroccan to stop Marseille's action. The Ukrainian is warned.

20:21 – Nazaryna above

At 25 m in the right axis, the new entrant Nazaryna curls from the right but his attempt goes well above Pau Lopez's goal.

20:21 – Double change for Shakhtar

In the last quarter of an hour, the coach of Shakthar Donetsk proceeds à two new changes with the exits of Konoplia and Sikan, replaced by Gocheleishvili and Kevin.

After a recovery high ration of Kondogbia, Aubameyang gives in the axial space for Moumbagna who crosses his race. The Cameroonian tries to bypass Riznyk's exit and plays contact by going to the ground. The referee considers that he has added more to the score. and does not whistle.

20:16 – Change for OM

In the 71st minute, Gattuso made his first substitution with the exit of Luis Henrique and the entry of Ndiaye.

20:15 – Failed diversion by Luis Henrique

Side left, Moumbagna breaks away and gives a good cross into the area where; Luis Henrique passes in front of Azarov but his deviation is not pronounced enough to be on target.

Just three minutes after Aubameyang's goal, Maviienko brought his team back to the scoreboard. height. The Ukrainian free kick kicked of 30 meters is returned fists by Pau Lopez on Konoplia who puts a header into the surface. At the penalty point, Clauss breaks through and allows the Shakhtar defender to equalize with a cross shot. level with the ground.

At the 64th minute, OM finds the fault. Side right, Luis Henrique steals the ball from Azarov's feet. Clauss makes the effort and suggests a race in the corridor where he is served. The French international takes the information and sends a center back with a millimeter precision. who escapes Konoplia and is victoriously taken from inside the right by Aubameyang.

20:07 – Bondarenko takes a corner

After a good triangle play in front of the area, Zubkov does not take advantage of the shift and waits for Bondarenko to pass behind his back to give him a little pass. The Ukrainian rushes in and sees his shot blocked for a corner.

20:05 – No chance for Moumbagna

While he has just recovered the ball in front of his area, Balerdi gets rid of the ball by l& apos;sending far ahead for Moumbagna. Caught in a pincer movement, the Cameroonian is beaten in the air by Matviienko.

20:04 – Pau Lopez on the ground

On the right à Entering the area, Sikan strikes off balance. A shot à level with the ground which presents no danger but which Pau Lopez pushes away with his glove without trying to capture. Fortunately for him, no Ukrainians are hanging around.

Side left, Harit fixes his defender and plays in the race for Merlin who has doubled. The former player from Nantes shoots his cross to the far post where Luis Henrique springs but crosses his head too much. The goal was however open.

20:01 – Nobody behind

After a relay with a partner, Sikan overflows to the next level. right and at the end of the race slips a cross back under the foot of Balerdi. Fortunately for OM, the three Ukrainians in the area let themselves be sucked in by the goal and no one waited behind. Luis Henrique can give his people some breathing space.

19:59 – Zubkov unscrews

Zubkov bypasses the Marseille defense left and opens a striking angle facing à Leg. His left shot escapes him and stays off target.

19:58 – Pau Lopez intervenes

Côté left, Eguinaldo asks for the ball behind Clauss's back and forces the latter à concede a corner. This one is played short and Zubkov follows up with a strong cross in front of the goal. Pau Lopez throws himself and turns with his left hand.

19:57 – Gigot solicits Riznyk

In front of the 6 meters, Gigot frees himself from his vis-à-vis and places a firm header but sends the ball towards Riznyk. First shot on target for OM in this dam to go.

19:56 – Ounahi à side

Not attacked by the opposing defense, Ounahi carries the ball and strikes from the right to the left. 20 meters. His ball does not take effect and passes to the left. right of Riznyk's goal.

19:53 – Yellow card for Konoplia

C&amp ;ocirc;té left, Merlin presses his pass à level with the ground for Moumbagna. On his eastern control, the Cameroonian outflanks Konoplia but is mowed down; The Ukrainian full-back is logically warned ahead of time. the 49th minute.

19:52 – Clauss on the cover

Cô té right, Clauss makes a good tackle to prevent the ball from reaching the right. Eguinaldo behind his back.


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