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DIRECT. Tour of Flanders 2024: van der Poel as lord, summary and ranking

In the rain and in difficult conditions, Mathieu van der Poel deliveredé a show of force to conquer the Tour of Flanders. He equals the record of three wins in the Ronde joining Buysse, Magni, Leman, Museeuw, Boonen and Cancellara.

The essentials

  • 45 km from the finish, Mathieu van der Poel made the difference on the sodden cobblestones of the formidable Koppenberg whose slope & ;agrave; 20% had to set foot à land à all his rivals. Behind, the world champion dugé away and without ever looking back went achieve his 3rd Tour of Flanders in five editions.
  • At 29 years old, Mathieu van der Poel counts à present 5 Monuments to his prize list: Tour of Flanders (2020, 2022, 2024), Milan-San Remo (2023) and Paris-Roubaix (2023).
  • In the sprint, the Italian Luca Mozzato grabs the podium, his first on a Monument, and is just ahead of Michael Matthews, second in Milan-San Remo this year.


17:20 – End of live

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow this 108th edition of the Tour of Flanders.

DIRECT. Tour of Flanders 2024: van der Poel as lord, summary and ranking

Man finally grants himself the right to look behind him, to take a look to measure the gap or rather the world behind him. guarded against his pursuers, in the distance at the end of the endless straight line leading to Oudenaarde. Mathieu van der Poel finally relaxes and as he crosses the finish line he puts his foot down. earth, the one that all his rivals had put on the pavement; soggy earlier in the afternoon at the Koppenberg crossing. Girded by his magnificent iris swimsuit world champion, the Dutchman then grabbed his bike and hoisted it above his head in a sign of triumph. The perfect conclusion to a day that was just as perfect and he knew how to overcome his rivals, expectations and the elements.

Beaten à the regular by an irresistible Pogacar in 2023, van der Poel knew that everything depended on him this year in the absence of the Slovenian ;ne but also of Wout van Aert, carried away; mid-week in a heavy fall. And he did not fail. For his fourth day of racing of the year, he was able to achieve his goals. all his control, never panicking while Pedersen got excited and excited. forward by launching suicidal maneuvers & 100 km from arrival. While the Dane ruined his chances of performing well despite an impressive resistance to the effort, the Dutchman was patient, responding just to the question. some targeted attacks to stay in good position. As an experienced hunter, he awaited in ambush. the right time to pounce and hit the mark.

If he tested everyone in the second passage of Old Kwaremont without succeeding, To make the difference, he succeeded a little further into the Koppenberg. Having anticipated the most difficult mountain of the event, Garcia Cortina slipped on the pavement. sticky mountain of Flandrien and took off his shoes. At the height of the slope (20%), he was unable to get back on his bike and found himself a pedestrian. In his misadventure, he then saw van der Poel appear and pass him without a glance. With his power and agility, he caressed this covering from another age to fly away. Behind, there was a stampede, everyone skating and having to climb the climb with the bike on their shoulder in a road remake of a cyclocross race. A discipline over which van der Poel reigned supreme. in charge all winter.

From then on, no one saw the world champion again. In conditions made delicate by the rain which played its part perfectly, he offered an audience frozen in the cold by the humidity; a 45-kilometer solo adventure greeted by the fervor of a final passage through Old Kwaremont, there same where he had to give in in the face of Pogacar the previous year. This time, no one had the strength to prevent him from describing his legend a little more, and attaching his name to the alongside record winners in the Ronde (Buysse, Magni, Leman, Museeuw, Boonen and Cancellara) and reigning world champions winners of the Monument (Bobet, Van Looy, Merckx , Boonen and Sagan). A great company. One last look back, there it is! alone lord of the paved mountains.

16:45 – The classification of the Tour of Flanders

Here is the final ranking of the Tour of Flanders 2024:

  1. Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Deceuninck) in 6h05'17''
  2. Luca Mozzato (Arkéa-B&B Hôtels) + 1'02''
  3. Michael Matthews (Jayco-AlUla) m.t.
  4. Nils Politt (UAE Emirates) m.t.
  5. Mikkel Bjerg (UAE Emirates) m.t.
  6. Antonio Morgado (UAE Emirates) m.t.
  7. Magnus Sheffield (Ineos-Grenadiers) m.t.
  8. Oliver Naesen (Décathlon-AG2R) m.t.
  9. Dylan Teuns (Israël-Premier Tech) m.t.
  10. Albero Bettiol (EF Education-EasyPost) m.t.

16:40 – Van der Poel's reaction

"I want to enjoy this moment. I was really empty in the last 10 kilometers but I said to myself: “Keep going! Keep going!" It's a dream to win the Tour of Flanders with the world champion jersey"," in Dutch Mathieu van der Poel at the microphone of the organization.

16:35 – The 6th world champion winner of the Round

Mathieu van der Poel became, this Sunday March 31, 2024, the 6th reigning world champion à winning the Tour of Flanders. He joins Louison Bobet (1955), Rik Van Looy (1962), Eddy Merckx (1975), Tom Boonen (2006) and Peter Sagan (2016).

At the end in a demonstration of strength and know-how on the cobbled mountains, Mathieu van der Poel imposes himself solo é Oudenaarde and wins the 2024 Tour of Flanders.

16:25 – The red flame (1 km)

Van der Poel is in the endless straight line leading to Oudenaarde. The world champion passes under the banner of the last kilometer and will be able to savor his victory.

16:25 – Another 2 kilometer& egrave;tres

Mathieu van der Poel is now only'à two kilometers from the finish to Oudenaarde. The Dutch world champion does not weaken and will go for his 3rd Tour of Flanders.

16:23 – Bettiol and Teuns will -they hold ? (4 km)

Bettiol and Teuns always get along à the favor of circumstances and maintain around ten seconds ahead of the group which threatens them. Both men are aiming for the podium.

16:21 – Van der Poel in management (5 km)

Van der Poel passes under the banner indicating the last five kilometers. The Dutchman stopped playing. to widen the gap that has fallen &agrav; 1'20'' and applies to properly finish his show of strength at the Tour of Flanders.

16:17 – Benoot changes bike (6 km )

Benoot has a mechanical problem and is rescued on the right of the road. The Belgian tries to leave but the mechanic has the wrong bike and gives him one with the wrong dimensions. The Visma-Lease a bike rider loses precious seconds.

16:16 – Bettiol has returned (9 km)

Slightly unhooked on the top of Paterberg, Bettiol has picked up again in the descent to Teuns. Both men must continue à get along because they only have ten seconds left over a group which is coming from behind, taken with them. by Matthews.

16:12 – Teuns lâche Bettiol (12 km)

At the top of Paterberg, Teuns comes off his Bettiol wheel. Behind, Matthews brings back a more consistent group. The Australian is unleashed; in this end of the race.

16:10 – Imperturbable (13 km)

Without ever taking off from his saddle, van der Poel digests the Paterberg and heads downhill. At this point, Bettiol and Teuns only reached the foot of this last difficulty; of the route.

16:09 – Van der Poel in the Paterberg (14 km)

Cautiously, van der Poel veers to the right to take the cobblestones of Paterberg. This is the very last climb of the Tour of Flanders 2024.

16:08 – Marked faces ;s (16 km)

Far from van der Poel, we see Madouas, Jorgenson and all the beaten men of the day passing by. They all have chiseled faces. by fatigue and the elements.

16:03 – Porté in triumph (17 km)

Mathieu van der Poel crosses Old Kwaremont with perfect control and lets himself be carried away by the fervor of the Flandrian public  admiring the demonstration of the world champion.

16:02 – Van der Poel in Old Kwaremont (18 km)

Van der Poel approaches the third visit to Old Kwaremont in a festive atmosphere. The world champion passes in force in the center of the road, on the top of the pavement.

16:00 – Regrouping in pursuit ( 20 km)

Behind the pursuing duo Bettiol-Teuns and the one Garcia Cortina-Wellens, a group reformed; with Rex, Jorgenson, Naesen, Pedersen, Skujins and Matthews. Its three stages of racing are completed in 20 seconds at a time of 10 seconds. hardly.

15:55 – Nearly two minutes ahead (24 km)

Mathieu van der Poel does not disunite and counts on present 1'45'' on a Bettiol-Teuns duo. There are still 24 kilometers until the finish for the Dutchman.

15:53 ​​- A first for van der Poel

Sil l' wins as he seems to be heading there, Mathieu van der Poel will become the very first runner à reach the podium of the Tour of Flanders five times in a row. In 2020, the Dutchman won the championship. as in 2022. In 2021 and 2023, he took 2nd place.

15:51 – Bettiol hurts (27 km)

On the top of Oude Kruisberg, Bettiol puts his pursuing companions to torture. Only Teuns manages to achieve this. hold on à its luggage rack. Behind, we find a Wellens-Garcia Cortina duo. Pedersen is once again in difficulty.

15:47 – Van der Poel high on the pavement (29 km)

Van der Poel continues his demonstration in the Oude Kruisberg. The pavement is slippery and soggy but the Dutchman passes with skill. in the center of the road. It has 1'36'' ahead of his pursuers.

15:46 – Pedersen hangs on (30 km)

For a while, Pedersen succeeded in achieving his goals. return to the chasing group. The Dane completed a very courageous race this Sunday.

15:45 – Garcia Cortina attacks (31 km)

In the chasing group, Garcia Cortina guns and tries to escape alone. Wellens hunts with Bettiol, Teuns, Pedersen and Jorgenson.


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