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DIRECT. Tunisia - Namibia: the Eagles push but are still muzzled, follow the match

Tunisia begins its CAN 2023 against Tunisia. Namibia this Tuesday January 16. Group E is affected. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Tunisia - Namibia: the Eagles push but are still muzzled, follow the match

Tunisia 0: 0

DIRECT. Tunisia - Namibia: the Eagles push but are still muzzled, follow the match

Namibia Live

19:37 – Ben SaÏd releases his fists (78')

The Tunisian goalkeeper is quickest in his area to push back the Namibian corner. The Eagles are scared at the end of Tunisia – Namibia. 

19:33 – Ben Slimane misses his control (74')

What work from the Tunisian captain, Youssef Msakni who eliminates two opponents before offering a superb ball to the net. Ben Slimane. The latter loses his control and wastes a great opportunity. 

19:32 – A new change (73')

Collin Benjamin proceeds to à a second change in this Tunisia – Namibia with the entry of Muzeu & the place of Tjiueza. 

19:31 – The second fresh break (72')

Even if night has fallen Korhogo, the heat is still present and the referee gives a new cool break to the players of this Tunisia – Namibia. 

19:30 – Achouri was offside (71')

Achouri is thrown offside in depth and tries to deceive Kazapua but the Namibian goalkeeper makes a good save. The assistant's flag then rises to signal an offside position. 

19: 28 – Kazapua had found himself (69')

For the first time in this Tunisia – Namibia, Kazapua is overtaken; and misses his exit. Talbi deflects Maaloul's cross with his head but the Lorient player cannot find the target. 

19:26 – Shalulile wins again (67')

The Namibian captain is a real poison for the Tunisian defense. He is still ahead of Talbi on a cross from the left. 

19:23 – Shalulile contré (64')

Very nice movement from the Brave Warriors ends with Shalulile but the Namibian captain's shot is blocked; by Kechrida who had returned safely. 

What anticipation from the Brave Warriors goalkeeper. Maaloul is requested to and has a boulevard but Kazapua had felt everything and supplemented his defense. 

19:21 – A first Namibian change (62')

Collin Benjamin brings new blood into this Tunisia – Namibia. Katua replaces Shitembi in midfield. 

19:20 – Hour of play (60')

60 minutes have passed in this Tunisia – Namibia and the score is still goalless. The Eagles of Carthage are a little better in this second act but still cannot manage to achieve their goals. find the fault and expose themselves to the Namibian counterattacks. 

19:17 – Jouini tries again (58')

The Tunisian number 9 is still dangerous on a nice move from his team. Jouini takes the volley with first intention but the target slips away. Ça is getting closer for the Eagles of Carthage in this Tunisia – Namibia.

19:14 – Jouini unscrews (55 ')

Msakni performs a brilliant chest delivery towards his attacking partner but Jouini completely misses his strike while he was in a good position. 

19:11 – Achouri's poor control (52')

The Tunisian winger was alone behind the Namibian defense but fails to achieve this goal. take the ball ideally. The Brave Warriors defense can come back. 

What an incredible opportunity! to open the scoring for the Brave Warriors! Shalulile takes a good cross but slightly misses his move. Despite everything, Ben Saïd is beaten but Montassar Talbi makes a sublime save. 

As during the first pé period of this Tunisia – Namibia, the Eagles of Carthage obtain a huge opportunity in the first minutes of the second act with a header from Talbi from the start. gag&eac; in a corner by Kazapua. 

19:05 – A change à half-time (46')

Jalel Kadri was not lateé à make a change in this Tunisia – Namibia with the entry of Laïdouni into the midfield & the place of Ben Romdhane.

After a first period without a goal, the second act of this Tunisia – Namibia has just get started & Korhogo. 

18:55 – Stats à the break!

À At half-time of this Tunisia – Namibia, the numbers speak for themselves. Indeed, the Brave Warriors rather dominated; this first act and framed three attempts against just one for Jalel Kadri's men. Possession is 52% for the Eagles of Carthage. 

The referee of this Tunisia – Namibia puts an end to à this first period! Tunisians and Namibians are back à back after a rather dominated first act by the Brave Warriors. 

18:48 – Shalulile's crushed strike (45+4 ')

The Brave Warriors combine à approaching the penalty area but Shalulile's shot is crushed and unscrewed. 

18:45 – Four minutes of added time (45')

The first pè This period of this Tunisia – Namibia ends in four minutes from now on. Still no goal despite; opportunities. 

18:41 – Achouri comes to his senses (42')

< p>The Tunisian winger took the ball in the face and à received treatment for the nose. Achouri got up again. and takes its place in this Tunisia – Namibia. 

18:38 – The Tunisians lack inspiration (38')

The Eagles of Carthage are rather ôagrave; the penalty offensively and struggle à be in half of the of opposing territory. The Namibians, as for à they seem more inspired by this level là. 

18:35 – The big work of Achouri (36')

The Tunisian winger defeats two opponents and manages to win the game. cross but his ball ends up directly in Kazapua's gloves. 


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