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DIRECT. Wales - France: follow the match

It's off to the Principality Stadium for Wales – France! Gr&gory Alldritt is the captain of the Blues for this clash on the 4th day of the 6 Nations Tournament.

DIRECT. Wales - France: follow the match

Wales 0: 0 < img alt = "score France" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/d-mpwuqsugviq2mz1wywgzyqszc=/450x/smart/cf7e2f061608455ab5f81e9c24942691/ccmcms-linternaute/42651870. jpeg " /> France Live

15:40 – Fabien Galthié justifies his appeal à emulation for this Wales – France

Face &agrav; the press, the coach of the XV of France confided in on his team composition: "Despite; the will to have coherence and logic, it is perhaps the Tournament where there are the most first capes. It’s a feeling, we will take stock of it ’ the end of the competition. To explain this, first of all, there are the facts due to the red cards, the injuries and therefore the places that became available. But also the performances of each other. I always said that you had to come and get the jersey. Thatโ€™s kind of what happened. this week but also for five years. But everything was fine. constructed in a coherent manner. These are players who have built their career with ups and downs, who have been through the years. enduring, resistant and opinionated."

15:35 – What are the predictions for the country meeting of Wales – France ?

For this trip to the Principality Stadium, the band & Galthié is designated as the favorite of this Wales – France. 

  • Parions Sport: Wales (3.10) – Draw (25.00) – France (1.42).
  • Betclic: Wales (3.10) – Draw (22.00) – France (1.42).
  • Unibet: Wales (3.10) – Draw (19.00) – France (1.42).

15:30 – France travels to Wales with three rookies

< p>À the aftermath of failure in the face of Italy (13-13), Fabien Galthi&eac; decided to make eight changes. Among the entrants, Emmanuel Meafou, Nicolas Depoortère and Léo Barré will celebrate their first selection with the XV of France during this Wales – France. 

For this trip across the Channel, Gr&gory Alldritt will have the captain's armband. 

15:20 – The Blues are experiencing a chaotic journey in this 6 Nations Tournament

After the failure the 2023 World Cup, Fabien Galthié had sworn that this competition would be that of redemption. This is not the case: swept open facing away from the camera. Ireland (17-38), the France team reacted in Scotland (16-20) before falling back into trouble during the recovery. reception of Italy (13-13). To avoid playing at the bottom of the rankings, the band is at the top of the rankings. Alldritt must win during this Wales – France. 

Wales is in full reconstruction. Gatland is banking on youth for the future. 

15:10 – Which streaming broadcast for the Wales – France match ?

To follow Wales – France streaming on your smartphone, computer or tablet you will have only one choice. You will have to register, free of charge, à the france.tv platform. With this registration, you will subsequently be able to join France 2. 

15:05 – What TV channel is on Wales – France?

As it is the case for all the posters of the 6 Nations Tournament, you will have one and only choice to see this Wales – France. This poster will be broadcast by France Tรฉlรฉvisions. You will therefore have to tune in to France 2. 

3:00 p.m. – Hello à all and &agrav; everyone and welcome to this Wales – France!

As part of this 4th day, the 6 Nations Tournament offers a Wales – France shock. The kickoff for this game will be given at &agrav; 4:00 p.m. at Principality Stadium. 

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