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DIRECT. Zambia - Morocco: the Atlas Lions qualify Ivory Coast, match summary

Thanks to à a goal from Ziyech, Morocco woné and secures its first place in Group F. A Moroccan success synonymous with elimination for Zambia, and qualification for the Ivory Coast.

DIRECT. Zambia - Morocco: the Atlas Lions qualify Ivory Coast, match summary

Zambia 0: 1

DIRECT. Zambia - Morocco: the Atlas Lions qualify Ivory Coast, match summary

Morocco Live

23:39 – Good night

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us for this match between Morocco and Zambia, closing the group stage of CAN 2023. The competition resumes next Saturday with & 6 p.m. Angola-Namibia followed by the clash à 9 p.m. between Nigeria and Cameroon.

DIRECT. Zambia - Morocco: the Atlas Lions qualify Ivory Coast, match summary

From 25 meters in the axis, Emmanuel Banda unleashed a heavy strike from outside the left. A missile which saw Bounou relax and slam the ball just above his crossbar. This was the only fear for the Moroccans in an evening where they will have been able to impose their technical ease and above all their collective influence on an opponent who is too limited; in his expression and who will have missed of character to force destiny. Much more would have been needed à Zambia that this distant and late attempt to hope to achieve a first victory in the African Cup of Nations since 2012 but could it really do so against Zambia? an opponent so sure of his football and his value.

The Atlas Lions only needed the first act to make the difference in the wake of the very restless Boufal. Not necessarily expected before the start of the competition, the former Angevin proved his strength. &agrav; his coach that he did well to take him to Ivory Coast. Untenable à left, he brought a complicated evening to life for everyone. Mwape and à the Zambian defense through its dribbles, its feints, its orientations and its movements. Also, it was very logical that he found himself at the same place. the origin of the only goal of the meeting. With a reversal of play, he destabilized the entire Zambian block to serve Hakimi. At the end of the run and volley, the PSG full-back straightened the ball in the center and found El Kaabi. The attacker came up against Mulenga but in the process, Ziyech took advantage of the confusion to finish with his left foot. A goal full of opportunism but which rewarded Moroccan domination.

The rest was only management à start with that of the captain and scorer of the evening, out à the break after receiving a blow to the left instep. Indeed, the Lions of the Atlas did not have a chance to win. force their talent and could even have escaped if Adli or Tissoudali had not failed. facing the opposing goalkeeper, or shows more realism in the game. the image of this shot à point blank off frame by Ezzalzouli, who had forgottené a single partner in the center. A lesser evil since Zambia against Avram Grant did not show any resistance. the character that had been invoked by the former Chelsea technician.

A lack of personality fatal for the Chipolopolos, éeliminatedé while a draw would have been enough for them to continue the adventure and invent themselves as potential successors to the 2012 champions. By falling against Morocco, they gave up on their victory. their ticket for the rest of the competition Côte d'Ivoire, a safe host country waters by the grace of the football gods but sent for his wanderings in the mouth of Senegal, title holder. For its part, Morocco has retained its position. his invincibility and was able to afford the luxury of resting a few executives like Saiss and En-Nesyri. Something to see coming in this CAN 2023.

23:15 – Amrabat's reaction

"I'm very happy with this victory, that's the most important thing. What matters is having won. our group and we want to go as far as possible", a commenté briefly the Moroccan Sofyan Amrabat, elected man of the match.

23:10 – The known Moroccan opponent

First in Group F, Morocco will not have &agrav; leave San P&eac;dro with a view to the round of 16 since they will play their match against South Africa, second in Group E, at the Laurent-Pokou stadium.

The misfortune of one person makes the happiness of others. The saying applies this evening to Zambians and Ivorians. Indeed, a draw was enough for the Chipolopolos to qualify for the round of 16 but by losing to Morocco, they gave up. the last ticket for the phase à Direct elimination to the Elephants of Côte d'Ivoire. The host country of the competition will see the rest of the competition despite the loss. two defeats, and will challenge Senegal, defending champion.

At the end of a match in half tone where ù he will never have been Really worried, Morocco ended the group stage with a victory against Morocco. Zambia (1-0). The Atlas Lions made the difference in a first period full of going wherever. Boufal will have been é the main detonator of the Moroccan game and Ziyech the opportunistic scorer. Too timid and incapable of rebelling, the Chipolopolos never gave the feeling of being able to do better.

In the axis à 20 meters away, Richardson hits from the inside from the left. Mulenga fails to succeed; captures the ground and releases what benefits Tissoudali. The latter shifts to the right but is hampered by the movement. by Adli, he sees his shot repelledé by the Zambian doorman.

22:53 – A bad shot

Servi pr& Egraved from the surface by El Khannouss, Ezzalzouli overwhelms Frankie Musonda but sees his left shot escape him completely.

22:52 – Extra time: 5 minutes

There will be five minutes of added time in this match as Zambia pushes harder to éequalize.

22:50 – Abdelhamid saves from a tackle

The second Zambian corner is repelled. at the near post but the ball returns to the feet of Daka whose first intention cross forces Bounou & come out with fists. The ball arrives at the far post where a Zambian tries his luck in law. You need a tackle from Abdelhamid at 6 meters to ward off the danger.

From 25 meters in the & apos;axis, Emmanuel Banda catapults a powerful strike from the left and Bounou is forced to divert the ball above his goal which was falling under the bar.

22:47 – Tissoudali à side

Served on the left in the area, Tissoudali hits low to the ground with his left foot and sees Chaiwa counter him. Despite this, he obtains a whole corner, which will achieve nothing.

22:46 – The latest changes

Grant and Benmahmoud make their last two tactical adjustments with the right side Zambian the exit of Mwape for Chama, and sideé Moroccan Ounahi's exit for El Khannouss.

22:42 – Yellow card for Hakimi

Adli gives into the area for Hakimi. The Moroccan full-back seeks contact with Lubombo Musonda and collapses. The simulation is not to the taste of the referee who gives him a yellow card.

22:41 – Musonda just above

Offset &agrav; right, &agrav; 30 meters, the Zambian shooter shifts in the axis Lubombo Musonda who fires with the right. His shot goes just over Bounou's goal.

22:40 – Cool break

In the 75th minute, both teams are invited to play. take advantage of another break to hydrate. It's still 28 degrees on the east side. de San Pédro.

22:38 – Ounahi misses his check

Hakimi has field à right and is served in space. It gives à inside for Ounahi who lacks control in the area.

22:35 – The changes are continue

The game is choppy; and the two coaches continue to rotate their squads. Fourth change for Morocco with the release of El Kaabi, which leaves its place to Tissoudali at the forefront. We play the 72nd minute.

22:32 – Change for Zambia

In the wake of the Moroccan coaching, Grant decides to release two of his players Kennedy Musonda and Chilufya to launch the team. the 70th minute Kangwa and Sakala.

22:32 – The cross does not succeed

In the central circle, Richardson wins the ball in the air and after a relay from Ounahi goes forward. It gives into space à right for Adli who passes behind Lubombo Lusonda. The Leverkusen player's cross is poorly distilled; and goes out of goal.

22:29 – Double change for Morocco

In the 67th minute, Rachid Benmahmoud proceeds – two new adjustments with the releases of Boufal and Saibari. They are replaced by Ezzalzouli and Richardson.

22:28 – Low time

The two teams seem to be watching each other and are struggling to achieve their goals. find continuity in their actions. Side left, Lubumbo Lusonda carries the ball and hits but his lateral pass into the Moroccan camp is intercepted by Adli.

22:22 – Chaiwa from afar

Tight up close by his defender, Daka retreats to Chaiwa. from 30 meters, the Zambian midfielder takes his chance from the right. Its strike from the outside is unscrewed and passes to the outside. side.

22:20 – Banda brushes against the post

Lamek Banda resists three Moroccans and takes advantage of Lubumbo Musonda's call to transplant. His shot from the left corner of the area is not curled enough and brushes Bounou's right post.

22:19 – Daka does not follow up

On a lost ball near the far line Diane by the Moroccans, Kennedy Musonda moves forward and finds a nice passing line in the area for Daka whose control is orientated. is approximate. This prevents it from turning properly and allows it to move around properly. Aguerd to intervene to relieve his loved ones.


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