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Disappearance of É mile: a precise track? Dozens of searches in Vernet

Dozens of searches are carried out by the gendarmes in Vernet, this Tuesday, November 7, as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Émile which dates back to last July.

New large-scale operation in Vernet in the case of the disappearance of little Émile. The gendarmes had not been as mobilized since the first weeks of searching to find the little two-year-old boy. This Tuesday, November 7, at least ten houses were destroyed. searched in the commune of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, a total of around thirty "targets" was    marked and searched by the fifty to one hundred gendarmes deployed according to information from Parisien and BFMTV.

The different houses or areas searched were searched. located within a radius of several kilometers around Vernet thanks to digital and telephone investigations and geolocation data recovered since the start of the investigation. Among the targeted locations: homes and vehicles whose owners were present near Vernet on the day of the disappearance, some located near the village. only a few meters from the family home of the mother of the missing boy, others further away in mountainous areas that are more difficult to access.

< h2>Do the investigators have a lead?

"These are checks on individuals targeted by the survey. There is nothing to confirm this. “At this stage the perpetrator is among them, but the searches may perhaps help to identify a suspect,” explained the author. a source close to the investigations at Parisien. If an operation is carried out, investigators have not identified the person involved. of suspect. It is in the hope of finding or clarifying a lead that the searches take place.

Inside the searched places, the gendarmes exploit everything they can find, particularly on the digital side with seizures of computers, telephones or #39;other supports. "The objective was digital. We had the reinforcement of COMCyberGEND, soldiers specializing in the processing of computer data,” said a member of the gendarmerie mobilized in the field. on site at BFM DICI. Once the operation is completed, and if no significant element is found, In the meantime, investigators will be able to process all the elements, new or not, collected at Vernet.

Émile, aged two years old, disappeared on July 8, 2023 in the hamlet of Haut-Vernet while he was staying with his grandparents. The little boy escaped à the vigilance of his family while he was playing in the garden and vanished into thin air. near the home located in a steep area.

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