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Disappearance of Emile: where is the investigation following the situation ?

This Thursday, a scenario took place in the Emile affair. This process did it help advance the investigation?

This Thursday, March 28, a simulation took place in the village of Haut-Vernet, where little Emile disappeared on July 8. Throughout the day, 17 participants supervised by investigators, judges in charge of the case and the police forces The order reproduced their actions on the day of the disappearance. Access to the village was restricted. blocked so as not to hinder the event and was not allowed to do so. reopened only this Friday morning à 8 hours. The objective was to compare the testimonies from the hearings with those of the public. reality field to possibly confirm information or, on the contrary, raise possible inconsistencies. Emile's family was present on site as well as certain neighbors and witnesses.

According to Le Parisien, each witness was followed by two investigators and each scene ;ne wasé filmed so that it can be re-studied later. It came to a head once unfolded; in the grandparents' house, where the little boy vanished into thin air after his nap, but also outside where he can relax. two witnesses claimed to have seen the child passing in the street.

No track was favored before this day. Accident, kidnapping, the mystery has remained unsolved for months. Concerning the trail of Emile's grandfather, assisted witness in an investigation into alleged sexual violence and assault in the 1990s within a private school ;, it is éstudied "at the same level" than the others.

Analysis à posteriori

So little information has been released. communicated on the possible conclusions of the scenario, it is not sure that it brings new éle& Jacques Dallest, former attorney general and specialist in long-term cases, explained sure RTL that "çit can obviously help the instruction, but it we must not imagine that at the end of the day, we will know the reasons for the disappearance of little Émile".

Remarks confirmed by Jean-Alphonse Richard, police-justice journalist, in C à you, the evening of the scenario: "I don'we are going to have guards & seen directly since the results of this scenario, we will sift them, we will review them, we will examine all the images, analyze the behavior of each person, “there is a smile, if there is hesitation, if the times match”. The investigators are therefore entering a new phase of analysis with the images captured during this day.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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