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Disappearance of Erwan: a body discovered in a river, an autopsy in progress

A body was taken; found Thursday April 4 & proximity the discotheque where young Erwan disappeared on the night of February 11 to 12, 2024.

Erwan Blais, 18 years old, was last seen on the night of February 11th to February 12th, 2024. While he was in a nightclub in London, Moncoutant, the young man disappeared without a trace. A body was taken; discovered, Thursday April 4, in a river near the place where the teenager was attacked last seen in Deux-Sevres, according to the Niort public prosecutor's office in a press release, cited by BFMTV.

DNA analyzes and an autopsy are underway to determine whether this is the body of the 18-year-old young man. In a press release; transmitted à Ouest France, Julien Wattebled, the prosecutor of the Republic of Niort indicates that an investigation into the causes of death has been carried out. opened after the discovery of a body Moncoutant-sur-Sevre. "Shortly after 4:15 p.m. on April 4, 2024, a lifeless body was discovered. discovered by a fisherman in an arm of the S&evre; Moncoutant on Sèvre. The Niort public prosecutor's office immediately opened an investigation into the causes of the death entrusted to the police. the Poitiers research section and à the Parthenay research brigade and went to the site in the presence of a forensic doctor and the La Rochelle nautical brigade.

A "citizen mobilization"

His family had started a call Tuesday April 2 to find him à through "citizen mobilization". In an interview à BFMTV, her mother-in-law had humbly asked  " each person to search each space again and again. This call was addressed to: each person being within a "radius of 10, 20, 30 kilometers" around the place where Erwan disappeared.

She had taken this initiative particularly following the progress of the Emile affair, whose bones were destroyed. found this weekend. "Ça proved to us; even several months later, in areas where there had been hunts, where ù there had been research, where ù people had raked “On the grounds, we could still find things today,” she declared. 

Paths considered ?

"The citizen's appeal for Erwan" had also been   diffused on the Facebook page, Find Erwan. This one was addressed to: each "inhabitant, walker, hiker, fisherman, hunter" but also "farmers, forest guards, municipal employees, truck drivers, construction workers" of the sector to which she asked to "check each field, wood, water point, well, shed, agricultural building…".

The family had even discussed the different possible avenues, notably that of the accident and of kidnapping with sequestration, addressing the potential responsible for the disappearance of the young man.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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